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Skin like a teenager!

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I have breakouts on my breakouts. I have pimples that I haven't seen in those spots since I was like 20. My last 2 pregnancies, my skin cleared up so much I had nothing going on. Hardly even a blackhead in sight. Now I look like I'm 16. It's awful. And I don't wear makeup so I'm just hanging all out there shining for the world to see.

Does this mean it's a girl this time since the last 2 were boys?
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My first (boy) my skin was beautiful, hair grew long/strong/shiny, STRONG long nails... and I puked like there was no tomorrow for 36 of 41+ weeks.

My second (girl) my skin was a mine field, my hair got limp/dull/broke easily, nails broke as soon as they grew off the skin... and I was sick for 3 total hours.

So, in *my* experience, I'd say it could be a girl. But unlike most of the world, I don't claim to know gender before birth for certain =)
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Have you tried to add blood cleansing agents to your daily diet, like odorless garlic or cinnamon capsules or lemon juice in water, pure (for fish oils, meaning research your needs and only take from a company who sells open fresh water, low or no mercury fish oil... (dirty oils and mercury can cause other skin/health problems) look for a PURE oil company - fish oils or other forms of omega's if you're vegan... Oh and salt... check out some bideos on the differences of salts. I only use pure unrefined sea salts now , google the benefits and see if that interests you... helped my skin a lot really since they're very cleansing but not destructive salts like other salt is..

And also drinking a lot of water daily (too much can cause trouble too, but its hard to reach the "too much" water limit, research what your opt level is for your size and activity level), Oh, and also, not touching your skin if you can help it is actually VERY significant... I used to poopoo that concept but its very true! Don't touch your face unless you're washing it, is really helpful advice.

Oh No! Just realized that I crashed a due date club... sorry, I just scan the new posts... please dismiss if this doesn't fit you!!
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Originally Posted by number572 View Post
Oh No! Just realized that I crashed a due date club... sorry, I just scan the new posts... please dismiss if this doesn't fit you!!
No worries - we're friendly =)

Thanks for the advice!
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Well, I have 2 girls, and never really broke out when pregnant with them, but now I am breaking out like crazy. I'm just gonna call it hormones.
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My skin has been yucky this pg. I think it doesn't help that it is summer and I'm more oily as is. I've been using sulfur and glycolic acid products to keep it under control.

So far it looks like we may be expecting a boy.
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I'm really broken out too. My last pregnancy I was broken out in the beginning and then my skin cleared up. I started using the oil cleansing technique and thought that was what was helping--but I recently gave that up because I didn't feel like it was doing the job anymore. Now I don't know what to do. I'm just trying to accept it for the moment.
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Hey well, at least when I wear a red shirt I can match!

The salt thing is interesting. I recently started using crap table salt again because my grinder broke and I haven't gotten a new one yet. Need to do that asap i guess. I do miss my good sea salt!

Hopefully this will go away as the pregnancy moves along. If not, ah well, I have decent enough skin the rest of the time.
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Ugh, I've got a cluster of whiteheads at the outer corner of my left eye. I usually hold the phone on the other side, so it's not that. It's been there was 3 weeks now and I thought it was just something I was noticing, but yesterday DP looked at my face and asked if I was breaking out.
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I'm also breaking out like there is no tomorrow. I do know that chocolate is one of the culprit but hormones sure play a role too.

I never broke out like this with my other pgcies, so I wonder if this is a boy. lol
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I had a girl last time and my skin was great. This time I have a goatee of pimples around my mouth, and they are BIG pimples too. I have been eating a LOT of salted butter though, so wondering if perhaps that's the issue? Interesting... will try and cut back, but am still so picky about food that I might not be able to!
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Anyone found something to help? I am dealing with this too.
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I got an interesting article in my mdc newsletter that linked to a discussion some where on this site about natural facial wash remedies. One that struck out for me was honey! I have yet to try it. I've tried the oil washing before and it just takes too long though I got good results, who has 15 minutes a night just to wash their face? With the honey you just wash in the shower like normal. You can leave it on while you wash and rinse of your face last too. One lady said shed been using that, plus apple cider vinegar diluted as a toner and olive oil as a moisturizer! Sounds good to me and it doesn't get much more 'natural' than that.

Of course i haven't actually tried it yet! . But i want to and it sounds like a good idea.
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Do you have a link to that article?
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My skin is breakyouty lately, too. I think it always is around this time, regardless of baby gender. What helps mine, which is a weird oily/dry combo, is a nice pat with olive oil when I get out of the shower. I swear it helps it dry up without drying it out.

Does anyone else get random, tiny red dots on their face and arms when pregnant? Like pen-dot sized bright red, flat dots here and there? I always do. It's a mystery!
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OOh!! I'm gonna try it. It makes sense, because honey is a natural anti-fungal. I would guess it has to be raw honey though, right? This baby is wrecking my skin!
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I tried the honey tonight. If nothing else, it sure smelled yummy! It felt like it was sticky on my face so I had to rinse after I washed my hair but it also felt like it didn't rinse off for a while. I'm sure it did it was just weird and different. I reserve final judgment until I do it for a week.

And no raw honey was not necessary and I will try and find the link for y'all.
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I did the honey when I was pregnant last time. It did not work for me. I never felt it cleaned properly and didn't rinse off nicely. Funnily enough, I still have the bottle of it in my bathroom cabinet though.

Last week I gave up on my organic, natural face wash and tried a bottle of Cetaphil that was in the cabinet and things are looking better, the full pimple goatee is now just a pimple petit goatee.
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Can't find that article anywhere btw! I swear it came in an email newsletter thing but I must have been wrong. It's just a thread in a discussion group around the site somewhere here!
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Mamas, I've been meaning to use raw honey and benonite clay on my face, but like so much else, it's gotten swept under the carpet . My skin is a wreck!!!
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