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Hello there I am searching the web for somebody who had the same intuitions than me. I was introduced to doterra at a yogafit training, I was interested in essential oils, so i went to the workshop. Well, surprised surprised, the sells rep didn't know much about essential oils at all, just trying to sell products that she didn't know anything about... They lost me at "Lavender from High altitude in France", well I am french and raised in Provence, where the lavender is grown, and I can assure you it is not high altitude at all. So I had a question mark, but like everybody else I got caught and bought 3 products On guard, Breathe and slim and sassy. My husband said you should not ingest essential oils, and like a dummy I did, used half of the bottle of slim and sassy (the other half leaked out during mailing, god saving grace) as they recommend it, 3to5 drops in a glass of water, 3 times a day. Well well well, I kept on reading and searching essential oils materials, not sells Representative but real scientific books, and we should never ingest essential oils, who are at their pure state which means not diluted in a carrier oil, it would cause serious damage to the liver. Well nothing happen to me so far I feel fine, so it makes me believe that slim and sassy is far from being pure essential oil, it has to be mixed with something else for doterra to cover themselves up. The scary part is if someone decided to use their method of ingestion with a real pure essential oil, tictictic, time bomb ready to explode, really scary. And when i call their office, all they said oh yeah you can ingest them, I do it all the time and I am fine. That was powerful, don't you think ??? any way I don't sell oils, and I have no intention on doing so but I found a supplier that i trust, because I believe in the power of the essential oils to heal if used properly. An other test is if you dump some drops into the water, is the oil staying on top or is it disappearing ??? If it is gone and you can't see it, then it is not pure. And their so called CPTG, they made it up, there is no aromatherapy association that recognize it, it is just a marketing nail. I don't trust them and won't buy their products anymore.

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The reason why you haven't seen anyone post on here defending DoTERRA that doesn't sell the product them self's is because so many people love the product enough to stand behind it and promote/sell.


I am buying solely for myself right now and am going to become a consultant in a few months when I free up some time after school is over. -----No one has actually " put down" any other product that I have seen, they just stated the obvious fact - other oil companies arent selling "PURE" theraputic grade oils-- just oils with fillers... wich means you cannot ingest them-- AKA they contain poisons... Sorry but I am not going to drink poison.  


If you want to make your house smell pretty use what ever company you desire but if your going to put it in your body or yours kids body, be wise enough to research what those companies are selling. They say on their website not to ingest, they said it not just me.


I respect if someone is a skeptic about any product out there- thats good because that means you are not gullable. I am a major skeptic, and a really bad speller... but any how, that is why I took the time to look deep into the company to see how the oils are processed, I have been using the oils on myself first to see if they really do what they do... so far the Ongaurd got rid of my sore throat in less than a day and a half  and  2 other oils- (that i will not promote- so you dont think i am selling them)  have helped me get over my insomnia.  That is a miracle in itself and that is why I am no longer skepticle of the product.   I hope that every one finds a product they like, and dont forget to do the research. joy.gif

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There are only 2 oils that you should not ingest and that is the birch and the deep blue... an essential oil doesn't mean it is a greesy oil like the one you use to cook, its a micro oil meant to absorb into your skin and into the blood stream in about 30 seconds... think of it like  skinny oil and fatty oil.. i am a visualizer. thats why they use olean in chips because the oil cells are bigger than regular oil so they are harder to absorb in the digestive track.  so essential oils are even smaller than regular oils.


also if someone is saying not to ingest them it's most likely because most oils have filler and checmicals in them but this is pur from the plant.. you eat an orange- no different than ingesting the oil from that same orange.  I hope that helps

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Uh, yeah it is. The oil in an orange is in the rind. Perhaps you do, but I don't eat orange peels. Furthermore, see how much oil you can squeeze out of a single orange, you won't get much. Actually, you'll find about 0.2mL of extractable oil per average orange. That makes 5 oranges/mL and there are 30mL/oz so to get one ounce its just like eating 150 orange peels.
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It is a MLM scams and there is zero scientific evidence why it would work for any of the illness and conditions it claims to work.



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Originally Posted by swd12422 View Post

I noticed that, too, which is why I never made the leap. I'm generally suspicious by nature, but when I posted the OP, I didn't realize it was a MLM scheme. Not that MLM = poor products, but it makes me leery if I can't find any satisfied customers.

wow!  VERY BAD generalization based on ignorance of the industry.  MLM is not a "SCHEME" or a "SCAM", and many have EXCELLENT products. Do you know Avon is MLM? Arbonne? Mary Kay? AMway? tons and tons more. An MLM simpley means multi level marketing where you earn a small percentage on anyone who joins your team. 

If there is no product line, then it can be a "scam" but Doterra, Young Living, Xango,Shaklee, Trivita, all of these are MLM's..I'm sure you have heard of them and agree they make wonderful products....

The problme is that a comapny of these proprotions cannot regulate what the independent reps say or do so you can hear some false and hypy things. 

But many are with BBB and DSA, so they are all "legit" and make regulated and fantastic products

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When a company makes more money from recruiting new members than from selling their products they are flirting with the definition of a pyramid scheme. Yes, I do realize Avon, Mary Kay, and Amway are all MLMs. Amway is the mother of them all and even they don't make more from their products than from new members. The whole business is based on what you said they, "cannot regulate what the independent reps say." People will say anything they think will get you to sign up. They is no ignorance of the industry here. They don't care about their products, they want new members. I challenge you to find a member who has made a reasonable wage on selling the products alone.
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Originally Posted by debraferrie View Post

wow!  VERY BAD generalization based on ignorance of the industry.  MLM is not a "SCHEME" or a "SCAM", and many have EXCELLENT products. Do you know Avon is MLM? Arbonne? Mary Kay? AMway? tons and tons more. An MLM simpley means multi level marketing where you earn a small percentage on anyone who joins your team. 

If there is no product line, then it can be a "scam" but Doterra, Young Living, Xango,Shaklee, Trivita, all of these are MLM's..I'm sure you have heard of them and agree they make wonderful products....

The problme is that a comapny of these proprotions cannot regulate what the independent reps say or do so you can hear some false and hypy things. 

But many are with BBB and DSA, so they are all "legit" and make regulated and fantastic products

Thanks for the compliment, but I'm not ignorant. The word "scheme" simply means a plan, design, or program of action to be followed. That's the context I was using. It IS an MLM scheme, as are the rest of the companies you listed. They have a set program that they follow, almost like a formula. You sign up x many people, you get y. You sell x many products, you get z. That is a scheme. I never said anything about it being a scam. They are not the same words. But I bet my ignorance didn't allow you to realize that.


And no, I don't agree that all those companies make wonderful products. I'm only familiar with Avon and Mary Kay products, and I'm not impressed. The rest I have no experience with and can't say if I agree that they do or don't make wonderful products. But thanks so much for putting words in my mouth and assuming I'm a moron.


Since I'm the OP, I'll just say what I said upthread: I have decided not to purchase from DoTerra so I can't provide anyone with any resolution to my original question. I appreciate all the helpful info that some of you have posted on here. And to this day, I  STILL have not found any satisfied customers outside the realm of this forum. That, to me, says a lot.

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High five! However, I think scam would work too. ; )
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I don't know. Scam isn't quite right. Dishonest, disreputable company that gives dangerous advice and produces a mediocre product at an unjustifiably high price...is more like it. You do get the product you pay for though. So, not quite "scam".... Even if they were of the quality they claim, I wouldn't be willing to do business with that company, though. I'd feel guilty by association or something.


I have known people in the past that used DoTerra, and know one person that's really into it now. From what I've seen their quality is about like Mountain Rose Herbs oils. Some are better than others, but all are decent and the quality is consistent. I used to use Lavender Lane, but they appear to have gone out of business, so I've been using Mountain Rose until I find something better. They're downright good enough (and some are as good as Lavender Lane), and fairly priced. I certainly wouldn't pay DoTerra's prices for their quality, though! lol 

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Doterra essential oils are 100% natural and potent. I use them for a variety of health concerns, and they seem to be very, very effective. They are a bit pricy though. If you are interested, the website I buy them from sells the oils for much cheaper http://doterraoils4sale.com

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I order from ananda's apothacary.  Wholesale prices always.  With DoTerra, Young Living... I don't understand why you would want to pay extra for the MLM.  There actually no official grading system for theraputic EOs, so that whole thing is kind of a joke.  What matters is the information they give you about how it was grown, distilled... I picked ananda's because of those things.  The bottles should not say to not ingest them either.

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Yeah, I think no one should be ingesting essential oils without doing a lot of research and thinking very carefully about it.  The "oil" that comes from each plant is a specific chemical (or blend of chemicals).  Yes, it's "natural," but it can also be harmful if used inappropriately.  I think it's reckless for doTerra to claim that you can ingest their oils just because they're "pure."  Yeah, they're the pure chemical from the plant.  For example, much of peppermint oil is menthol.  Menthol can be toxic in large enough quantities.  Just because it's natural doesn't make it harmless!!

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I am a massage therapist so I use doTERRA essential oils as part of all my sessions. I spent months trying a researching products that I could use in my treatments as well to sell as a retail option for my clients and doTERRRA was the best option for my business. And the product line is selling well in my office.


The reason I went the MLM route as a small business owner is because I can't compete with the big box stores when it comes to retail. With an MLM people have to buy the products from a rep and that can have a lot of advantages for a small business owner who wants get into retail without dishes out $1000's of dollars and have that money tied up for months maybe years.


I also teach classes on how to use the essential oils at home. My classes are not about getting people to sign up, doTERRA is hardly ever mentioned in my classes. 


I do think MLM can be a great business for those that want to work from home, but it takes work ! And I always have a good long talk with people if they are interested in signing up, I want to make sure people understand the $$$$ commitment it takes to build a business. The MLM business model isn't the problem it's reps signing people up who shouldn't be in business that's the issue.

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I am a doTERRA rep so I realize that what I say here has no real influence... as you will assume that my invested interest clouds my judgment. However, what I am about to say has nothing to do with inspiring you to join an MLM or even buy from doTERRA, it is simply an invitation to explore the scientific data further before you assume that all oils are created equal or that it is potential harmfully to take oils internally. In Kurt Schnaubelt's book "The Healing Intelligence of Essential Oils" he addresses the safe practice of the internal use of essential oils. Kurt is not a doTERRA rep and he does not use doTERRA oils as far as I know.  I think he actually has his own oil company.


As far as the lack of grading on oils, that is true. There is no regulation and that is all the more reason to be 100% positive that you are purchasing oils that are pure. Otherwise you run the risk of using oils with additives, synthetics, pesticides, and heavy metals. Plus the whole focus for doTERRA is on scientific research and discovering the ways that oils can be grown and distilled to yield highly potent medicines.


I am just saying that you should really research essential oils, their chemistry and the industry practices before you blindly purchase and use any old oil, especially before you take it internally.


Side note, essential oils are in lots of foods and drinks to flavor them, so I am sorry to inform you but if you ever had a coke or enjoyed a peppermint candy you have ingested essential oils.


Check out this cool site: http://www.aromaticscience.com/

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Yes, EOs are in foods, but they're HIGHLY diluted. Some things are not poisonous when ingested in small enough quantities for your body to deal with.
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It is really nice to see so many intelligent people speaking out against both MLMs and a dishonest, unethical company like doTERRA.


Part of the reason I lost all respect for mothering.com was because of their endorsement of doTERRA in an issue of the mag right at the time Mothering quit delivering their print subscriptions without any notice.


Since then, I have actually told people I am buying their product in spite of them showing they are endorsed by mothering.com.


There is a lot of science behind essential oils.  In many places in Europe you go to a pharmacie first where it is more like a naturopath, not the doctor, and they give you things like homeopathics and essential oils.  They are more widely used and respected.  $50,000 - $100,000 / year boarding schools in Switzerland require the parents to supply homepathics for their children's use (if necessary) during the school year.  Medical doctors also give homeopathics and essential oils to treat various illnesses. 


It's in North America and England where people have come to buy into all the advertising dollars and the bad advice given by medical doctors who are paid by the pharmaceutical company to say something is good that winds up being taken off the market later.  Then the westerners think they stupid European doctor is crazy and they try to find an anglo doctor who will write them the prescription they want.  I can't tell you how many times I have seen this.


For every illness that exists, there is something in nature to treat it.  Burdock (crushed leaves, which releases the oils, directly applied) is the best treatment for poison ivy and burdock grows right along-side it.  Nature is amazing.  Pharmacology only attempts to replicate it in a way that is actually toxic to our bodies.


Do your own intelligent research.  Try some stuff.  Learn from your experiences.  Surround yourself with others and learn from their experience.  Don't trust people who's motivation is the almighty dollar they want out of your pocket and into theirs.  That includes any MLM or corporate entity.

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By the way... Does anybody else notice that the people who say doTERRA is so great only have two or three posts?

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I'm not a doterra rep - though I have bought a couple of their oils once online and was impressed despite the price.

Didn't even know it was an MLM.

There is a wholesaler in Portland where my parents live that have some good oils but the pure and organic ones are expensive too. I know it's not always true but sometimes higher prices and better quality do go together.
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Its a waste since once you try to start selling you realize people are just getting information from you then buying it on amazon since they allow the larger sellers to under sell and screw over the little guy by selling the item at cost or less...The products are not to bad, and the company is alright, except for the fact that they allow the little guy to get walked on like most companys now it seems, the little guy means nothing to them.... 

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