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Housekeeping support!

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We used to have a few threads around here where people posted their lists of what they were working on and we all supported each other. I got so motivated doing that!

Anyone want to do it again?

Today I have to clean and steam the tile floor of our foyer and my kitchen. I'll also be cleaning our guestbathroom.

I need to clean out our worm bin and get it ready for fall.

All week long, I plan on attacking the basement and the kids' rooms upstairs.

The hamster needs a clean cage. I'd like to get some bread baking. And for fun, I'd like to set up our Triops tank again.

What are you planning on doing today?
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I managed to vacuum the house, boil chickpeas for hummus and start pita bread. I also did two hours of lessons with my kids.

I am going to clean to kitchen now (just finished lunch), vacuum and mop it and then fold some laundry. Then we have friends coming over (which means the kids and I will have to clean up all the toys after they leave.
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i have a long list to get through for work today, but i cleaned the bathroom, as per the usual Tuesday morning rhythm.
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I have to undo the tornado that went through my house for the last 2 weeks when DS didn't have any school and was home ALL.DAY.LONG.

My routine just doesn't include having him underfoot and wow, my house is a mess. Like, my kitchen, master bedroom and downstairs family room are embarrassingly messy and dusty. Very very unusual for me.

And I'm about to tear apart the kitchen and guest room to paint so I really need to get the rest of the house back in order before I do that. This also means our carpenter guy was just here doing some major wall prep so I have drywall dust in 2 bathrooms on top of the normal dust. He cleans up well but drywall dust just gets everywhere.
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so many things to do it is hard to know where to begin!
`kay, first and foremost, need to do my MM chores for the day, whatever they may be. before first and foremost I need to find the right MM sheet, as 4yo dd was using my planner to write letters this morning. That plus some extra laundry (kitchen mats and then dd`s bedding) should cover the regular chores.

Beyond that, I am trying to get the sunroom/entryway/tool storage space into some sort of useable condition. I have lots of stuff that has got to go - mostly recycleables and non-combustible garbage, both of which are only collected once a month and which, on account of my often forgetting the date, really pile up. If I can get that cleared out, and packed ready to go next week, that would make a huge difference.
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Great if we can make it a regular thread, I always find it very motivating too.

Today I first have to shop for food and post parcels for things sold on ebay before starting anything round here, then I plan to do my MM chores, unpack suitcase from weekend away, and then do some decluttering hopefully.
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Before I go to bed tonight, I must clean up after supper (had no energy after eating and then had to put Ladybug to bed) and neaten the living room. It's not bad now, but if I don't do this: it will be.

1) Regular daily routine
2) Put away all the clean laundry that got done today.
3) Iron DH's work clothes (I am so far behind on this, it's not even funny...)

That doesn't sound like much, but it's three weeks worth of laundry. I will definitely be decluttering the clothes as I go along. We don't need enough clothes to last us three weeks, if we have less, I'd be less tempted to procrastinate to do laundry!!!!

Off to do the dishes.
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OK so far today I bought the groceries, mailed parcels, washed sheets, made beds, cleaned bathroom mirrors, cleared out two fridges.
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It's Tuesay...so time to strip the beds and wash linens. Lessons with the kids and a trip to the library this afternoon. The downstairs could use a god vacuuming as well. Not sure I'll get to that one.

First, the beds.

Okay, beds stripped. First load is hanging on the line, second is in the wash. Kids are doing school work and breakfast dishes are washed. Next up? Another load of wash, a bit more schooling and then....? Not sure.

Back again. Second load is on the line, third load in the wash. Kids have done a lot of schoolwork this morning. Off to make lunch. Then......vacuuming!
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OK, today I need to ......

Unload, load again, run, and unload dishwasher. (have to wait on this until DH gets up)
Run about three loads of laundry.
Fold all laundry. (everything that gets washed today, and I have three baskets waiting to be folded)
Change sheets on boys' beds.
Vacuum main living areas.
Mop kitchen.
Make dinner. (baked pasta)
Pick up trash in backyard. (we had company and it didn't get cleaned up well, ick)

If I can get that done today, that'll be great. But I'll have plenty more for tomorrow!

So I did run the laundry. I didn't fold all of it, but I did fold about half. I did unload and run the dishwasher, waiting for it to finish drying to unload again. Dinner is about to be done. I took off the sheets in the boys' room but haven't put clean ones on yet.... about to.
The day got all jumbled up. DH asked me to go with him to his appointment, then he wanted to go pick up his contacts, then he wanted to go look at weights, so I lost about four hours in the middle of the day. And then he asked me to go to the post office and pick up his prescription, so lost over an hour there.
Oh well, more to do tomorrow!
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Oooh, good thread. I wasted my day today We're in the middle of putting some new, more functional furniture in the kitchen, and the related chaos is knocking me for a loop *sigh* The last piece should be in tomorrow night though, and then I can put everything AWAY where it belongs I'll check in in the morning with my list of things--hopefully the accountability will force me to do them!

Right now, though, I have to go put two bored girls into the pool
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It is a new day here, so a new (but strikingly similar) list of things to do. Yesterday I managed to get my MM chores done, wash, dry and fold (but not put away - for shame!) the laundry and made some progress on the sunroom/entryway, put the regular garbage out and close up one bag of non-burnable garbage to go out on the proper day next week (but I need to patch up some holes in the bag due to broken glass).

For today, again, the MM chores (some window washing and curtain cleaning in addition to the daily cleaning stuff), more decluttering and cleaning in the entryway and moving the storage structure thingy to a more convenient location so I can better store some of the farm stuff that is now sitting on the porch and in the sunroon. Oh, and also soak the garbanzo beans for dinner - should have done that last night!

Finally I am working on labeling all the shelves and cabinets and storage containers in the house and work areas, and also making a map of them, because I am sick of hearing dh complain that nothing has a home when, in fact, most (admittedly, not all) things do have a home and he just won`t put things back where he found them. aaaaaaaaggggggghhhh.
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wednesday night here:

invoicing, wrote two brochures, made bed, called parents via skype for birthday greetings, made two meals, did laundry (including putting two loads away because one was in the dryer when i started laundry today), swept the floors and did dishes as per usual, and all the general work stuff.

tomorrow, a list of about 25 things for work, including more invoicing, and then hopefully i'll get ahead again.
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Good morning! I have coffee in hand and I am fighting the sleepiness to be productive instead! (or so I say) Oh, and I did get all the laundry folded last night. I only have a little bit to put away that I couldn't because the kids and DH were sleeping.

Lots to do today! But I can do it! I really WANT to do it, because I will feel soooo much better once it's all done.

-Unload dishwasher Done, reloaded, run again. Will unload in the morning
-Run about two loads of laundry, fold, put away One done! Got those done, and more
-Make grocery list/meal plan Done!
-Grocery shopping Leaving now! Done
-Vacuum main living area Done
-Mop kitchen Done
-Make dinner Done
-Make guacamole (yay!) Done
-Clean up master bathroom Didn't get this done, because we're unexpectedly having an overnight guest. So I spent the time on the guest bed and bath instead.

It's doable. I just need to DO it.
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OK, DH was just in here asking what he could do to help me "get organized around here" Normally, he just stays out of my way and lets me do my thing. So I'm guessing I need to get my butt in gear! The problem is that I haven't quite figured out how to accomplish anything significant with the kids underfoot all day long, undoing my work! But we have my parents coming over tomorrow and a house appraisal (for a re-fi) on Friday, so today's the day.

General goals:

Clean up and vacuum living room and dining room
Go through the mail pile and file what's left
Unload and reload the dishwasher
Do my MM chores
Buy a birthday gift

Specific goals:

Clean out and reorganize linen/medicine closet (I already went through and Freecycled our extra linens)
Clean out at least three of the "this goes in another room" baskets laying around the house
Make meal plan for next week or so


Done with dishes/dishwasher, even scrubbed out the sink (stupid cement cornflakes). On to baskets while kids are plugged in...
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I am going to keep my list short and manageable (I hope):

- do two loads of laundry
- wash diapers
- vacuum house
- make ciabatta bread
- sort through one box of last seasons clothes
- homeschool the kids a bit
- empty shoes and clothes out of RV from out last trip in it
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Working on getting the house cleaned today and tomorrow before we go on vacation so that I don't come home to a mess.

I need to:

- finish all the laundry, pack it or put it away
- straighten up ds3's closet
- help dd straighten her room
- straighten the bathroom closet
- pack toiletries for trip (Friday AM)
Done - scrub down bathroom
- have kids clean upstairs
Done - thoroughly clean kitchen
- straighten school shelves
Done - straighten regular bookshelf
- sort out things to be donated
- declutter living room
- clean out/vacuum van
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I need to be productive today...

- make pumpkin muffins
- wash and hang (inside since it's raining ) 2 loads of laundry
- clean/declutter living room
- load/run dishwasher
- make an actual meal for supper
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Originally Posted by phathui5 View Post
Working on getting the house cleaned today and tomorrow before we go on vacation so that I don't come home to a mess.
I thought I was the only person who did this! My mom's therapist commented to her (about someone else) that she thinks that cleaning the house before you leave on vacation is a sign of OCD. I think it's just good planning! Who wants to come home and unpack AND clean the house? Frankly, when we're on vacation in a place with a washer/dryer, I do all the laundry before I come home too

Originally Posted by Jenn_M View Post
I need to be productive today...

- make pumpkin muffins
Mmmmm, I've been meaning to do this forever...
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I'm going to clean some closets!
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