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can i join in? today i washed the entire downstairs floors with a soapy wet rag on my hands and knees. a couple hours later it was dirty again though. we have two golden retrievers and my husband won't take his shoes off at the door. still it felt good for the moment that it was done. i also did the same for the stairs going upstairs.

i loaded, washed and unloaded a load of dishes. later i loaded and washed a second load.

i cooked a "sunday feast" of chili, chicken drumsticks, baked beans and sweet corn, as well as special "Dora" sugar cookies with my daughter.

i did several loads of laundry, up to and including folding. these have yet to be put away.

i mowed the grass; we have two acres, this took about two hours on the riding mower.

i walked the dogs, along with the kids, around the block, it's a half mile; while not technically "housework" i count this amongst my chores, as the dogs depend upon it for exercise and to do their dog business. the new dog still has to be on a leash. this is hard work while pushing a stroller or carrying the baby.

i also puttered with putting away a few things, such as children's clothes today. i usually don't get too far with it, but i just got three bags of very nice hand me downs for my son, and i'm in the process of reorganizing my kids' closets using the "closet genies" i got at dollar tree. also weighing heavily on my mind is the need to start pulling out the winter clothes and putting away/sorting out the summer things to keep or give away for the kids.

i also found and added in my address book three new addresses that i've been saving on slips of paper.

i washed dog vomit off the front porch. yuck.

ugh. a woman's work never ends, especially when she is a SAHM. i'm sure i could think of more if i spent more time trying. at least i didn't have to go to the store today.
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Kitchen's in pretty good shape cleanliness/tidiness-wise. Need to tidy up from after breakfast, and have one load of dishes to do sometime before late afternoon. DH decided we're going out for supper to celebrate DS first day of high school (we have BOGO coupons) so there won't be supper disehs!

Today, I think I'd like to put the living room to rest. It's come so far in the past week or so, but there are little things - checking under the furniture, getting donation stuff out of the 'donation pile' corner, etc. It's possible it'll take into tomorrow, and that's okay.

Other than that...

floor of our bedroom clear
sort DS19mo clothes - cull, put away, store
two boxes + probably some other little stuff out to storage shed
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Need my Mommas support on this thread today. It's been a long weekend while we get our house ready to sell.

What I need to get done today:

Touch up paint in DD1's room, put her room back to rights.
Gone thru DD1's clothing, weed out summer clothes.
Vac DD1's room.

Vac Master Bedroom/make bed/pick up.

Clean hall bathroom, sweep and mop floor.

Vac. Hallway.

Clean kitchen and dining room.

Clean and organize family room/ Ground Zero of all of our packed boxes .

Find the energy to shampoo carpet in living room.
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New Here. I work from home two days a week and am off today as well. The kids are in school. Yay!!! I need some motivation to get stuff done today.

I've gotten my kitchen clean and dishes done and a load of laundry drying. A pot of seven bean soup is on the stove.

I still need to

Make my bed - Done and about to get in it. lol
Clear the floor in my bedroom - Done
Vacuum bedroom - Done
Put my laundry away - Done
Put kids laundry in their rooms - Made the kids do it
Mop my downstairs (massive undertaking, sigh) - Put it off to long and had to leave for school.
Finish my homework...blech - done
And I would love to get the beading done in my bathroom and to go through the clothes for goodwill that are in what used to be the bottom of my closet. lol - Not even close to getting this started.
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I need to do so much today hopefully if I write it all down (or type it all down) I might be able to get it all done.. I need to:

Like to dos
- trace patterns for both girls' dresses
- iron fabric for both girls' dresses
- cut out both dresses

Waiting till tomorrow
-Make ultrasound appointment (need to wait till DD's nap time) tried, closed until after 1pm so I need to call back then
-make prenatal appointment (need to wait till DD's nap time) tried, closed until after 1pm so I need to call back then

-make banana nut bread for breakfast tomorrow
- Do rest of laundry
- remake bed after linens are done. needs to wait until after the girls wake up
- put away books in bookcases
- finish putting away toys in playroom
- finish cleaning kitchen
-sweep kitchen
- put away pattern books except the one I need (I took over a shelf in the bookcase so I don't have to pull them out of the storage closet every time I need them!)
- wipe down dining room table
-finish cleaning living/dining room
- sweep living/dining room
- Call housing maintenance and get them to come fix the dishwasher again (this is like the 6th time since March and second brand new dishwasher thats broken)- Have an appointment for tomorrow.
-made chicken for chicken Ceaser salads (lunch for the rest of the week)
- make a list of to look fors for DH (Hes going to Guam, which is an American territory, so he can get things that we are looking for that we can't get where we are).
-make a list of what the commissary didn't have so I can run by another commissary tomorrow and pick them up
-cut up salads for lunches
- finish packing DH's bags for his upcoming trip
- put away DDs stuffed animals
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OK, so I sort of fell off the wagon I did manage to maintain my house. Nothing is a complete disaster, but I STILL have not cleaned my own bathroom! LOL. It's hard to justify doing it when the only people who see it are DH and I, and DH absolutely does not care. But it's bugging me!

Whoops! Forgot to put my list for today. It's grocery day!

Make meal plan. Got this done.
Make shopping list.Got this done. FINALLY. That took way WAY too long.
Go grocery shopping. Done
Put all the groceries away(this is undoubtedly my least favorite part). Done
CLEAN MASTER BATHROOM. lol! Not done. Only did the toilet.
Wash all master bedroom bedding(comforter, pillows, the whole shebang). Done
Vacuum living room, dining room, and kitchen.
Stay on top of dishes. Done
Make dinner.

And..... I'm off!

11pm update. Ugh, still didn't get the bathroom done! I barely made it home from the store in time to get DS1 from the bus. It was just a rushed day, and then a friend came by after she got off work and stayed a while, so my evening wasn't spent being productive. There's always tomorrow!
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What a productive day, OkiMom!

We are out this morning, but I might get some dishes done before we leave.


Tidy/wipe down all kitchen surfaces
Spot clean ktichen floor

Clear seating surfaces in living room - cleared out under furniture yesterday, and some of the stuff that didn't belong is waiting to get a home.
Sort through a few bags of msic stuff in living room.

After these two jobs are done, the living room will be pretty much done. I realized yesterday there's one shelf I sort of missed, but that's about it. I will start the hand-mending in the evenings so it can get washed and out of the living room!

Do some filing?

Make supper - don't know what, yet
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Okay- this is now SEVERAL days ago, but the day I posted it I got locked out of my house and I found out DH is going to be gone a LOT longer than planned, like I'm alone for the next 6-9 months with only a few visits here and there, so I had to fight off a little depressive episode.

Girls' room closet and dressers, both need straightening/thinning

have to take those donation clothes back in that got rained on today, re-wash and dry, then DONATE IMMEDIATELY gone

find a better spot for sewing machine [COLOR="rgb(255, 0, 255)"]not yet [/COLOR]

hmmm... not sure why my color isn't working... oh well
bathrooms- tubs, toilets and mirrors [COLOR="rgb(255, 0, 255)"]pretty good, one toilet and one tub left I'll still call this [/COLOR]

sweep patio [COLOR="rgb(255, 0, 255)"]THIS task is how I ended up getting locked out... check your other doors if you decide to do this one, so you don't end up SOL![/COLOR]

water plants

gather cuisinart parts together for attempted exchange [COLOR="rgb(255, 0, 255)"]new one is getting shipped to me now[/COLOR]

find dillards gift card for afternoon outing, look up location in city of outing [COLOR="rgb(255, 0, 255)"]didn't do this... next field trip to the big city[/COLOR]

milk pick up

pack snacks/drinks for outing [COLOR="rgb(255, 0, 255)"]cheated and got junk food, partly due to the depressing news [/COLOR]
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Today I heaps to do:

make phone calls...DONE

take stuff to St Vincent de Paul

tidy lounge room and entryway for visitor this afternoon

clear one kitchen bench and put things away

Wash out the trash cans

mop kitchen and bathroom floors if I get time

clean bathroom sink DONE

clean shower and shower ledge DONE
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Echospiritwarrior....hang in there, sending you hugs, for what it's worth.
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Thanks so much Cee, I'm much better now. I had to mourn my husband's presence and today I finally got my act back together, enrolled in 10weeks of prenatal yoga, got a babysitter and had a little time to myself... I can do this and it's much easier to do with a clean home!!!

I appreciate the love

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Sara- Thanks!
Echo- Im glad you are feeling better about things.

I just finished dropping DH off at the airport. In an hour base housing is suppose to be coming to fix the dishwasher so I need to:
-finish putting away the dishes
clean the living room (again)
clean the hall
wipe down the hall bathroom (they have never asked to use my bathroom but I always like to have it clean just in case)

Other than that I need to:
-make ultrasound appointment- also closed for the day, guess everyone closes at 11 on Thursday
-make prenatal appointment- the clinic is closed. I might just stop by tomorrow to make an appointment, its easier a lot of the time.
-help DDs' make a countdown chain (we do one every time DH leaves)
-at least trace the patterns for the girls dresses. Ive been promising DD1 for weeks (actually months) that I will get those dresses made for her.
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sorry to go OT but Okimom, tell me about the countdown chain. My DH is only here for a week before leaving again, so I think I need to do this for next time.
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Okimom- if you have the website for your clinic, the open schedule is usually pretty easy to find - look for the grid with circles and x`s - usually it is laid out with days of the week along the top and times of the day along the left-hand side (that is, assuming you are going somewhere off-base).

yay - got the garbage - the big junk that I couldn`t throw away on regular garbage day and the smaller once a month non-burnable garbage - out of here!! some of that stuff has been waiting YEARS to go.

It is thursday night here and I didn`t get as much done today as I wanted to - laundry is pretty much caught up with only one basket left to be put away, so yay there, and the kitchen is cleaned up from dinner, but beyond that...

Friday list:
bale up the old clothes for recycling day Sun.
load truck with recycling and hazardous waste (batteries `n` stuff)
vacuum entry, sunroom, utility room
wash and PUT AWAY laundry done
wash the pile of junk that has gathered in the sunroom sink a little bit done
dry bedding and wash master sheets (and, probably dd`s sheets too) sunned them all, but didn`t get to the washing
keep on top of dishes done
do large pot of something for both Fri and Sat dinners Thai curry done

and, not housework but must be done:
find a place to store bales of hay for goats done
fix up goat roof before weekend rain done

and...aargh...find the dishwasher manual and figure out what Error 3 is done, and I am an idiot not to have figured it out sooner - it was just that dd had turned the water to dishwasher off while helping me in the kitchen
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Yesterday - cleared the *entire* desk and top of file cabinet...filed much paper, culled files, made new folders (the old ones were beat up/bent), culled pens/pencials, wiped everything down, moved the computer desk to sweep/scrub behind, etc., etc., etc. ...happy with my progress!

I have a little paper/etc. to tidy up in the living room. Other than that, I'm gonna let the day flow and accomplish what I acocmplish. That seems to be working pretty well for me right now, as I have a good momentum going. I'd *like* to get through the moderate-sized pile of office and misc stuff next to the file cabinet. I'ts a lot of fiddly stuff, so if I get through it all, it will be a good day. That will mostly put the office/playroom to rest, too. I've let a few bags of misc. accumulate in one corner, but I'll deal with those as I'm able.

Skipped dishes yesterday - I should make sure they happen today!
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Eco Ill e-mail you what I did. I do it every time DH leaves, it helps the kids be able to "visualize" when Daddy is coming home.
Walla- unfortunately you can do that back stateside but tricare over here sucks and you can't make on base appointments on the computer. I hear if I went off base I probably could, assuming I could read Japanese. Which I can't. Seriously need to work on that. Maybe I should take my friend up on her offer of lessons. I miss being back in the states where I could make all my naval hospital appointments on the internet, the receptionist here is a bit of a pain (she doesnt' mean to be Im sure she just doesn't speak english all that well) so I dont' like making appointments over the phone. It took 20 minutes yesterday, it would have been faster to drive to the clinic, go in, make the appointment and leave.

I did finally make the prenatal and ultrasound appointments! Both for when DH will be back so he gets to be there for them (well, he gets to be child care for them). I love it when hes able to be there even if he can only see the tail end of the ultrasound. They dont' allow kids in the room until the very end then they let you bring back the children so they can see the baby and hear the gender if you choose to find out.

So, I didn't do anything really yesterday but run errands. Today I need to:

-Pick up the Maya sling Im getting for the new baby. It was my favorite carrier for quick trips with DD1 but it ended up with a tear I couldn't mend (I almost cried, it caught on the x-ray machine at the airport )
-Go pick up toilet paper which I keep forgetting to do. I went to the store yesterday and forgot.. again.. my DD isn't going to be happy if she doesn't have toilet paper to use

- pick up a fun toilet seat for DD2. She wants to potty train but is so tiny she can't seat on the big seat. I have a toilet seat but it doesn't fit Japanese toilets so I need to pick up a Japanese one. Oh and while Im there I need to pick up pull ups to because I don't think potty training is going to go quickly this time I picked up pull ups at the PX but didn't make it out for the potty seat.
- Sign up for the farm trip and get tickets for the other things around the island we want to do while DH is gone
-cleaning wise I need to:
-pick up the playroom
-do a load of laundry
- press clothing for church tomorrow
- pick up front room/wash rug
-pick up master bedroom
- clean both bathrooms
- put away the two boxes of office supplies that were boxed when we moved the desk out of the playroom
- get rid of the extra microwave, bag of books and shoe thing Im going to do this on my way out tomorrow. Im tired tonight.
- Maybe I should actually move the dining room chair back to the dining room instead of having it in the bedroom.

Update- We ended up taking a trip to the zoo today spur of the moment. The girls had SO MUCH FUN I can't regret it even if I didn't get what I should have gotten done tomorrow. After all the mess will be here tomorrow (or a new one will replace it) but how often does a 3 year old get a close viewing of a hippo out of the water (there is like 3 feet maybe between the viewing area and the hippoes, if one of the girls wanted to they could probably have touched them since they were sticking their noses out of their pen).
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Okimom - sorry not to have been any help! For future reference, though, should you ever need to go to the doctor off base - the box I am describing is what to look for on a Japanese clinic/hospital website - once you find that box there is not much reading to do, just the characters for the days of the week along the top, but since they go in order and start with Sunday or Monday, it is pretty easy to figure out even if you can`t read a thing (I am in Japan, too, though a ways north of you).

Friends kids coming over today, a 4 yo dd`s best 4 yo friend and her 8 year old brother are coming over, so I don`t know if I`ll get much done around and under them, but here`s hoping:

pick up outside before our store (right next to the house) opens this morning done
vacuum the entry/workroom/sunroom (`cause I didn`t get to this yesterday) still not done...this has been on my list for how many days?
properly pack and load up the recycleables for collection tomorrow (ditto) half done - batteries and lightbulbs left to load
pick up in the office/den disaster of a room a teensy bit done
make some soup to feed the kids for lunch success here, at least - soup for lunch, then noodles and tofu into the soup for dinner
also, got the kitchen mopped (after dd spilled juice)

If I get that, plus my mm chores for today (and, ahem, yesterday) done, today will be a sucess!daily mm chores - clean the kitchen, wipe out sinks, do laundry and bed, etc - done. weekly chores catch up plan...not finished
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Wallabi- Thanks! Ill remember that if I ever have to make an appointment out in town.

Im going to post tomorrows to do list, its basically everything I didn't get done today.

Only errand isn't really an errand, we have church in the morning. Its a 9 though so we have to get up, eat, get ready and go by 815.

TO dos:
-pick up playroom
-pick up master bedroom
- pick up girls room (should be easy its hardly ever gone into when DH isn't here, both girls sleep in bed with me)

- put away office supplies Didn't happen and the girls are sleeping (the computer area is in the bedroom) so its not happening until tomorrow.. hopefully.. if I don't forget or run out of time again.
- make a list of to dos for the week. Seperate by day
- make a list of meals Im doing (I have a month meal plan but i seperate by week so if something just doesn't sound good we put it off) and pull things out of the chest freezer/put them in the small freezer
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I NEED to do SOMETHING today! I will set my timer for 15 minutes and come back and report!
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I tidied the beds, put away a bit of clothes, put dishes in washer, etc.

I am sitting down for a snack and milk and then I am spending the next 15 on finding stuff to declutter.
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