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I went through the toys in the toy box and got rid of broken toys.

Now to turn on the dish washer...and collect a bag of stuff to donate. (summer maternity clothes etc.)
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Out to potluck breakfast this a.m. while DH stayed w/ LO!

Laundry's almost done....I think it's load 5 in the washer? One more load, then sheets - probably tomorrow. Also scrubbed the kitchen floor. Not much more is going to happen today or tomorrow; we're out to a friend's house tongiht, and off to the states tomorrow primarily for a stock-up on nonperishables before baby comes! I am hoping to get the kitchen counters tidied up and wiped, though...and a quick tidy in the living room. Depends on how soon DH arrives - he's running some errands and then we're off!
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Sara- I always say Im going to stock up on non-parishables in my last month for after the baby is born and I never do. Did you get your stocking trip done?

Well church was awesome today. The kids did so well, they actually stayed in the service the whole hour (usually I have to take them into the mother's room because they get to hard to take care of by myself.. they want to go visit people and the room is just to crowded for that) and went to nursery (at our church its ages 18 months-the January after their 3rd birthday). They had so much fun my 3 year old couldn't stop talking about what she did the rest of the day.

I did almost accompish everything and now its bedtime. Im going to post tomorrows to dos so Im not tempted to come on tomorrow morning and waste time reading threads instead of getting things done.

- Clean kitchen
- organize fridge (its like a bomb went off in it!)
- Organize pantry
-maybe just maybe remember to actually MOP the kitchen.. oops I keep forgetting.

-track down all the library books so we can return them
- visit library to get farm books for the tour we are going on later this week
- trace patterns for girls dresses (really truely this time )
- wash the two blankets that are used in the master bedroom.- one in the wash, one in dryer
-maybe remember to put the office supplies away that still haven't been put away.- Yay! I finally remembered to put them away
- Take a trip to this place called Bios on the Hill that Ive been wanting to go to. It has the two things my daughter wants to see: flowers and animals.

Im waking up early to work out and hopefully since Im doing an easy breakfest I can do most of the cleaning before the kids even wake up.
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I'm back! Overall the house is...well, decent, and I'm still making progress with the decluttering/deep cleaning stuff.

Today, I HAVE to tiday up the fridge. It's not terrible, just getting a little chaotic, and I need to make sure I know wat's in back and to have a greater sense of visual organization than I do now.

Also have to do some rearranging in the storage shed - some stuff from the last day or two's decluttering is sitting on the deck waiting to go in there, and it's gonna rain tomorrow!

Would *like* to finish emptying the car trunk of pantry stock-ups so I can get the donation stuff back in the trunk and *out of the house.*

We're out this a.m., so other than that I'll see what else I get done. Those are the big ones for today. (Oh - and bring hanging laundry in, and fold/put away was isn't yet!)
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My house is a disaster I was doing really REALLY well. I spent most of Monday cleaning out our garage and then rearranging the guest room closet to fit the extra things. We can now park two cars in the garage(we could only just barely fit one before) and everything is organized and put away in the right place.


Then DH decided yesterday(which is one of his days off) that we should spend the day buying him a new computer. It did, truly, take all day. And then set up of the new computer made a huge mess at home. And I never had time to do dishes. And I had to stay up late making food for him to take to a work potluck today.

So.... Today I'm exhausted, and have a million and one things I have to do. And I have my friend's baby today.

-Meal plandone
-Grocery listdone
-Grocery shoppartially done
-Put groceries awaypartially done
-Unload, reload dishwasher
-Make dinner
-At least two loads of laundry
-Fold four baskets of laundry
-Clean vacuum

3:45 update: Never made it to the main grocery store. We just too late of a start and wouldn't have been able to make it home in time for DS2's bus. I'm not sure if I'll go later this evening or tomorrow. I'm going to have to think about it.
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love this! i hope it's okay if a newbie joins in.

i have a very strict housekeeping schedule that i keep to......something i got out of a vintage homekeeping book from the late 40's. of course, it's the weekend now, and i give myself the weekends 'off', unless one of my kids needs uniform stuff washed for school.

will check back in tomorrow though!
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Hi guys. My weekend was a bust. I got horribly, horribly sick on Friday and am only today beginning to feel human. My house is a MESS. We were supposed to be getting the carpets steamed tomorrow, but I'm going to have to call in the morning to reschedule because nothing got done over the weekend to be ready for it. Ugh. Such a disappointment.
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vm - how very neat, the housekeeping schedule from the 40`s! I am really curoius about that - do you mind sharing? There is not the slightest chance of my sticking to any sort of a strict schedule, mind you, but the idea of seeing a list from way back when intrigues.

as for me -
It is monday night here, with today having been a holiday, and Saturday having been a work day, and yesterday having been spent half at the combined pre-school and elementary school field/sports day and half at the after-hours dental clinic

So, I haven`t got much done this weekend, either.

However, for the remainder of this evening, as dd fell asleep early and I told dh I am in desperate need of some alone time, I am puttin gin a dvd and decluttering the toys, the dvds and my office corner. done, with the dvds sorted into "keep" and "sell" piles - yay!

I have no idea. hmmm...I thought if I tried to write out a list, something would come to me. Well, at the very least:

pick up the house enough to vacuum done
vacuum not done, my excuse being that dh was asleep in the middle of the living area most of the day
errands - need to pick up more nighttime pad/diaper thingies for dd, and some GF snacks for me (I am starving lately!!) done

and...errrr...umm...maybe I`ll think of more later. got a few extra jobs squeezed in - the old clothing for recycling is bundled up (though it can`t go out for a few weeks yet), the old cotton clothing is cut up into rags, and I washed masses of laundry and sheets, but none o it is dry yet
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Originally Posted by wallabi View Post
vm - how very neat, the housekeeping schedule from the 40`s! I am really curoius about that - do you mind sharing? There is not the slightest chance of my sticking to any sort of a strict schedule, mind you, but the idea of seeing a list from way back when intrigues.
I would love to see it too.
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Originally Posted by wallabi View Post
vm - how very neat, the housekeeping schedule from the 40`s! I am really curoius about that - do you mind sharing? There is not the slightest chance of my sticking to any sort of a strict schedule, mind you, but the idea of seeing a list from way back when intrigues.
Originally Posted by clutterwarrior View Post
I would love to see it too.
no problem ladies! just give me some time to get it all typed up.....it's literally in a book, not online. i'm happy to pass it along though!
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I managed to get in some laundry today and put some beans to soak, but my baby's been a total clingermonkey lately so it's been tough to get a lot done...

ETA... We had a garage sale this weekend and were able to ditch a whole lot of stuff so at least there's that
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[QUOTE=OkiMom;15834030]Sara- I always say Im going to stock up on non-parishables in my last month for after the baby is born and I never do. Did you get your stocking trip done?

Sorry, OkiMom - I didn't see this until now! I haven't been 'keeping up' w/ my few threads here at MDC lately.

We did get down to th states that weekend - went to church where we got married and did our stocking-up. A lot will probably go to feeding the freezer for post-baby, though...I'm headed down to visit my family next week, and DH will follow nine days later, so we'll bring back a little more then.

The week's been a little 'off;, as LO is teething and needing more one-on-one attention. Company for supper tomorrow, so a good chunk of tidying to happen, MW appt tomorrow morning and I have to take transit, which will take a bit longer, and DH is outof town on a work trip tonight...but we'll make it all work!

Enchiladas for supper tomorrow...I have some leftover chicken, and will be thorwing some more chicken pieces in the oven after 9:00 tonight (when elec. costs are lowest). If I feel really motivated, I might make up the filling, too....but I think if I have that energy, I'll put it towards tidying/cleaning tasks. Am making two big pans; that should make enough for a meal or two for DH and DS14 while I'm gone, as well as a meal or two worth for post-baby.

I may get some 'extra' time tonight - LO has asked for 'night-nights' a couple times now, but I want to hold out another 30 min, at least, so he's not ready to take on the day 4 in the morning tomorrow!
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Joining in here. My house has gotten seriously out of control lately. My dd's have been sick with a nasty virus and wanted lots of Mama love and I haven't gotten much of anything done this past week. Here's my to do list:

fold and put away laundry (two massive piles) -DONE!!
clean hamster cage -DONE!!
pick up living/dining room -DONE!!
vacuum -DONE!!
clean out fridge
clear off kitchen counters -DONE!!
load dishwasher -DONE!!
put away printed out recipes
change sheets on all beds and wash -1/3 DONE!!
clean out car -DONE!!

I'm being ambitious and hoping I can get most of this done today, starting with the car in a few minutes if I can keep dd2 entertained.
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Joining in.

I need the accountability to go into the Room of Doom.

Also must get laundry done today.
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okay ladies.....for those interested in my 1947 good housekeeping manual's weekly cleaning schedule, here the book's overview. there are sections within this for each day's jobs, but this could get very lengthy. i'm happy to copy those in additional posts if anyone is actually interested.....otherwise i'll save my fingers.

i'm copying this verbatim, so if things seem a bit 'outdated', well, they are. but this schedule WORKS......with a few tweaks for your own lifestyle.

spend most of your time looking ahead for the week. put your household back into the groove after the weekend break in routine. check up on your staple supplies and plan meals for tuesday, wednesday and thursday. use all the time you need for marketing for these days and for putting food away. wash and trim fresh vegetables and put them in the refrigerator ready for use. clean kitchen thoroughly.

i follow this one to a 'T'......i love grocery shopping twice a week (see friday), and my kitchen is always clean and ready to be used.

tuesday is the day for doing the major part of the laundry; that is, the clothing such as men's shirts, children's dresses, aprons, house dresses, etc. table cloths and napkins also should be included. leave sheets, pillowcases, bath towels, knitted underwear, etc., which need little to no ironing, for thursday. try to iron the clothes you wash so that the entire job is over and done with in one day.

i follow this one to a 'T'.....although in my household of school uniforms, sports uniforms, etc. i can't relegate laundry to just once a week. i tend to also do odd loads on thursdays with my bedding/towels and also on sundays if things are needed.

make wednesday the day for thorough cleaning of the bedrooms and bathrooms. use the early part of the afternoon for the cleaning of silver or other metals.

this one i follow almost to a 'T'.......i have no silver to polish.

thursday is a good day for changing the beds. if guests are coming for the weekend, make up the guest room too. take sheets, bath towels, underwear, and anything that needs little to no ironing to the laundry and wash them. while those pieces are drying, clean the living room thoroughly. use the early part of the afternoon for any ironing and putting away the laundry you washed in the morning.

this one i follow to a 'T'........i usually have a small load of regular clothing to add to this as well.

immediately after breakfast, defrost and clean refrigerator. plan meals for friday saturday and sunday....making provisions for monday as well. do the marketing and put away the food. give the dining room a thorough cleaning.

i follow this one almost to a 'T'......i clean out the fridge on mondays with the kitchen so i skip that, but i do grocery shop on friday mornings and find that only having to meal plan a few days at a time really helps our food budget.

after a week well spent, saturday should be fairly free. use it for relaxing with the family, for picnicking, for special baking, or anything you wish.

note: sunday is not included on this schedule as i believe it was still considered a day of rest back then. but i use the same guidelines as saturday.

well, that's basically it in a nutshell. i'm happy to also include each day's more specific 'jobs' if you'd like. there's a section for each room of the house and what daily cleaning should include, as well as those jobs for the weekly cleaning list above, etc.

ETA: if anyone is at all interested in purchasing this book (i LOVE vintage 'house' books), i picked it up on amazon for SUPER cheap. you can find more here. The Good Housekeeping; Housekeeping Book
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vm - thanks for sharing! that is fun to see - I like "knitted underwear" - wonder what that might be. I am going to take a look at the book, it might be a good companion to my old Joy of Cooking.

Today I got most of my very modest list done, but I think I have a few MM chores I didn`t get to, and since it is not 11:20pm, I don`t think them very likely to get done.

Therefore, tomorrow:
work away from home morning and after dinner
catch up on missed MM chores
try to get the two front rooms arranged a little better so there is somewhere for the people coming over on thursday to do stuff in the garden to go in case it rains
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grocery shopped
dropped off CFL's at the hardware store for recycling
went to the dump/dropped off recycling
picked up my inter-library loan book
went to the bank
did a load of dishes
had the kids clean their room, then I vaccuumed
left some buttermilk out to make a culture so I can make cheese on Tuesday
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Ive been feeling a bit overwhelmed lately. Ive been trying to spend extra time with the girls (my oldest is getting really clingy fussy tantruming the last week or so) and the house is not as clean as Id like. I just keep telling myself at least the clothes are clean and the dishes done.. DH returns tomorrow so Id like to be able to get a few things done before that.. I need to:
Mop kitchen, living room, dining room
Sweep/mop girls room
clean play room
sweep/mop playroom

sweep/mop master bedroom
clean both baths
sweep/mop both baths.
clean/sweep/mop hallway

Work on homeschool plans since I told DH Id have through January done before he gets home.. I haven't even started, yea Im a slacker.
I have the patterns for the dresses for the girls traced now I need to cut the fabric out (yea, the fabric is finally ironed too). I haven't done much sewing lately and DH has been asking me when I plan to start again.
Make Christmas/birthday idea lists.
Make to-do list for before the baby comes times two one if we do move and one if we don't.
Make a to get list for the baby
make a to make list for the baby...
Add on: Wash master bedroom linens. My baby exploded out of her diaper last night so it needs to get done ASAP. Luckily I didn't have anything in the wash.
Drop off the stuff to the thrift store since its on the way (was going to wait till Saturday but I figure if I wait it won't get done) The drop off hours kind of stink so I won't be able to do it today. They will be closed when I go by and I need our limited trunk space for DH's luggage so doing it on the way back isn't going to work.
Stop by the PX and manage to pick up a shirt with a monkey on it for my youngest without her seeing. DH forgot to pick her up anything in Guam and now he feels bad so he wants me to try..
Get Gas
Clean out car
And DH returns tomorrow at around 1430, the airport is at least an hour away, longer if I dont' take the expressway... I say maybe half will get done.. half wont.
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