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Holy Lactation, Batman!

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So apparently I'm a super lactator. I've been leaking for the past couple of weeks but its gotten more and more umm apparent. I just brushed my arm past my breast and realized my shirt has a big round wet spot on it. Yay, breast pads here we come! Anyone else?
I'm hoping this means that maybe the baby might be coming sooner rather than later but that is probably wishful thinking!
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I started leaking back around 22-ish weeks. It seemed like a lot back then! It tapered off, but now it seems to be ramping back up. I have no idea if it actually means anything or not -- I just chalk it up to boobs being kind of weird like that.
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I leaked a ton (from my left breast only!) with dd1, but I got induced at 41 weeks. I never leaked with any of my other pregnanices, including this one! I can express some colostrum, but no leaking.
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CherryBomb, did you go on to produce more milk from your left breast? I've wondered about that since most of the time it's my right one only. Someone once mentioned that she only leaked from one side and it ended up being a better producer, but I have no idea if that's a common correlation.
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wishful thinking I guess
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APBT, it's hard to say, because I didn't nurse her very long and she was supplemented right away, so I never had a very good supply! I never noticed that breast producing significantly more with my other children (who both nursed past 2 years!) But since leaking in pregnancy isn't consider to be any kind of indicator of supply after birth, I would guess it's just coincidence if that breast seems to produce more

Dirkey, sadly leaking during pregnancy really doesn't mean anything! It's normal to leak, it's normal not to leak, either way doesn't seem to have any relation to when you'll go into labor or how much milk you'll produce
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I didn't leak at all with ds and had him at 34 weeks. I produced a ton of milk, in fact my problem was producing so much that he wasn't getting enough of the good fatty hindmilk at first.

This time I'm still not leaking, but if I squeeze after a shower I can express a tiny bit.

I don't think leaking has anything to do with labor or as an indicator of milk production. But it will give you a chance to get used to breast pads!
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