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Kismet - you're not the only one! Maybe we should get together more often so we dont feel so left out. 1 of the moms in my playgroup has a 4 mo, and another is due this month, so i know how that feels. We're also not trying/not avoiding, but until i get my metabolism moving, i wont ovulate, so its a moot point.

Today A decided he didnt want a nap. And when i tried to put him down fir the night (early), he didnt want that either. So i decided not to fight it, came back out to the LR, he sat down at my feet and a few minutes later, i thought he'd been too quiet for too long, peeked over my lap at him and he was passed out on the floor. We'll see how long he sleeps tonight.

As for food, we're completely rethinking everything right now. I started him on probiotics, and all of a sudden he seems to be tolerating dairy again. So, we'll see what happens. I did discover that while he wont eat plain beans, he did quite enjoy the beans out of the chili i made for the Super Bowl.
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Cristeen, what kind of probiotics did you go with. I'm trying to figure out which one to use.


We're trying to figure out if there is an issue with wheat or if it's dry skin right now. I realized, looking at photos last night, that this LO is so far behind on what she is eating compared to what I fed her sister. Now, her sis had molars by now, but I still haven't tried soy, so no bread and I saw for Thanksgiving that I let her sister have cherry pie, apple pie, ice cream when she was Bunny's age. I wasn't so concerned with introing things one at a time. I am trying to wait until she doesn't have a cold to try soy (which we don't eat a ton of, but soybean oil is in a lot). But she always has a cold, especially while teething.

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Still looking for time for a big update - but I read from phone daily! :)


We have a soy allergy and the allergist and pretty much everything I can find tells us that soybean oil, for whatever reason, is not a soy allergen.  Just thought I'd put your mind to rest with that one - it's hard enough to find soy-free foods!


Cristeen - I keep meaning to PM you for doctor recs and about possible playgroup times (us coming across to you - you coming across to us?)


Eventually, someday, I'll have more than ten seconds.  Right now, though, Niall has discovered how to open the more complicated, taller "pet gate" style baby gate we have (that many adults can't even remember how to open after being shown!)

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Cristeen--we'd love to get together with you more often!  I know the drive stinks for either of us, but maybe even once a month we can alternate driving to the others area to meet up.  Ladymeg and I haven't had much luck with a local parents group, so she's been trying to start a new group around here and you'd be welcome at any of our park days.  I keep meaning to try some new places with N . . .I've been wanting to check out Ardenwood. Is the Oakland zoo any fun?  There's a place near us I haven't been to yet, Coyote Point.  Anyway, just a few thoughts. 

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Hello everyone!  Ugh, I've been so MIA lately.  Early pregnancy is never kind to me.  Just wanted to pop in and say hello!  Also, wanted to see if anyone has started potty training?  How do you guage if your LO is ready?  I'd like to start soon with DS, he seems to like his potties (sits on them when I go to the bathroom) but doesn't like when I take his pants off and put him on the potty. 

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I was in the October DDC, but my ds decided to come early, like his sister, so he was born in September instead.  I haven't posted to your thread before, but saw the note about potty training.


I have barely started with ds -- it's weird because I was working on it with dd by 8 months.  The problem is that ds has always screamed and struggled when I put him on the toilet or potty seat.  He loves to lift the toilet lid and seat up and slam them down again, and he loves to climb all over the potty seat and put things in it, like his toothbrush. yikes2.gif  He likes to go bare, but I usually miss it when he pees or poops, so I don'
t do it often.  I do think that one time he came to tell me that he peed on the floor (he doesn't really talk or sign much yet.)  I guess I'm kind of waiting for the warm weather, so we can be outside.


We have had some times where he will let me sit him on the toilet or potty seat for a few seconds, but he's never done anything.  I don't know, I would put dd on the toilet after a nap, or after nursing, and she would pee...no big deal -- ds just hasn't gotten there yet.


I haven't read back through the thread much yet, but I am hoping to get some insight here.  Ds is not sleeping well (teeth?) and is nursing CONSTANTLY -- I'm thinking about reintroducing a bottle with something warm in it in hopes that he will give me a break!

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there have been some mom's with success on the potty so i'd like to hear suggestions as well.


we started very relaxed a few weeks ago and the first two times she peed on the potty (well....the second time was on the floor when she stood up but i'm counting it) but since then...nothing. she likes sitting on it, she was big into imitating mommy so that's why we started (and to get her used to it before she got all anti-potty), and she seems to know what happens since she's constantly looking down as if to see if anything is happening and touching herself where the pee should be coming out. 

i'm not stressing about it and i'm not about to go hard-core at this point but it was just so easy to get her to pee on the potty when she was an infant when we briefly tried EC for like...a week. all i had to do was hold her over the potty and turn on the water and out it would come. now it seems like the fact that she has control is working against us and she just can;t release. we read books, we sing songs, i try to get the timing right...nothing. now i wish i had started before a year but i thought i should wait until she could walk. now everything i've read says to start at like 9 months...well....too late.

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Just a quick "Hello!" before I go to sleep - I noticed that M does not want to sit on potty now (but had fun on it when she was 7, 8 months old). We have Baby Bjorn chair type, and she used to have chunky thighs (now melting with her evergrowing activities), so maybe that one is not comfy for her atm?

It's this one: http://www.viewpoints.com/images/review/2007/356/17/1198366180-96772_full.jpg

Show me your little ones' fav potty seats/chairs/etc, please please please!



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We have the Baby Bjorn, but just the tiny one, without the full back.  I actually bought a Safety First brand potty, much bigger with a cushioned seat and a lid and then returned it. . .it was too tall for N and just wasn't worth all the "extras".  So we are sticking to the simple potty for now. Seems to work well, b/c DS has learned to get on and off it himself.  Our potty successes come and go with his willingness. . .a few weeks ago he was showing interest and had a few days where he got maybe 50% of his pees into the potty (some at his own prompting and some at mine).  But lately he is teething and doing a lot of new talking and seems to have no patience/interest in the potty.  So I just leave it in sight and don't force the issue.  He loves to be naked, but when I do that he seems much more interested in peeing on the floor than in the potty. . .quite a little man about watching the stream he is. LOL  He definitely understands and even holds his pee during naps and such, but I'm waiting for him to want to do it, b/c I don't want it to be a power struggle.


As for the mention of sleeping poorly and nursing constantly--we are so there. Ugh.  I think it's the combination of teething (molars) and learning to talk.  The past few days he hasn't wanted any solids, just to nurse, nurse, nurse. And he has been hard to put to bed and then waking at 6am. . .once this week he woke me at 6am by poking me in the eye saying "eye", "eye".  Yeah, that's my eye. Thanks.  The new talking is fun, but always hard to get through these phases of something new--he seems to get so hyper-revved-up during these times. . .while I get more and more tired.  


But the fun part: he now says [in addition to his standbys of mama, no-no, abba (dad), ball, and down], (ba)nana, berry, more, juice, potty, doll, apple, box (as in toy box), bye, night-night, moon, eye. . .and I know there are more I am not thinking of right now.  This is huge for us, as all of these have appeared in the past two weeks.

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Hi ladies!  Lake has shown some interest in using the potty but he has a hard time actually going on the potty.  We're not doing much right now though.  I think he's going to have a hard enough time once his brother arrives so we're trying not to introduce too many changes.  We're not having any sleep issues though (knock on wood!).  He still wakes up once around 3 AM but he usually falls right back to sleep after a cuddle.  And somehow he's dropped his mid-night bottle!


We are dealing with "no, no, no" head-shaking independence AND serious separation anxiety. He even cries if he's left alone with family members that he's known his whole life.  It doesn't last long with them but you'd think Lake were in real pain from his cries.  It is so hard to watch.

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Originally Posted by kismetbaby View Post

once this week he woke me at 6am by poking me in the eye saying "eye", "eye".  Yeah, that's my eye. Thanks.  



OMG, this is Ethan EXACTLY!  He especially does this if he doesn't go down right away for his nap.  I'll walk in and pick him up, and he starts in poking me in the eye, grabbing my ears and saying "uhr"  or sticking his fingers in my mouth and saying "mahw".  Gah.


He also is in the revving-up-instead-of-sleeping club.  It seems like every 10 days or so he'll have a few days where it is dang-near impossible to get him to nap.  He doesn't get upset, and will even close his eyes and lay still for a bit.  Then he starts singing, kicking, pulling his blankets all over the place, throwing things out of his crib, and just generally NOT sleeping.  He'll have bags under his eyes, be exhausted, and just impossible to settle down.  I wear him in the carrier for a while, then go lay him down again... And it just starts over.  VERY frustrating not to even get a few minutes to myself.  Even though he's not upset if I just leave him in his crib, I feel obligated to get him to nap since he's so tired.  Or I feel like I should be interacting with him because he's awake.  I'm not quite sure how best to handle that situation yet.  Thankfully he goes to sleep easily at night, though he sometimes is restless and gets up a zillion times.


ETA - Forgot to say that we still have zero interest in the potty... Other than playing in the water. bigeyes.gif

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isn't the talking so fun?????

i was just remembering today how at like 9 months i had wanted to "freeze" her at that age. but now i'd love to freeze her again. everyday it's new ones and sometimes it's just so funny or cute. i loooove it! and she's got some real random ones too. "purple" (my least favorite color!), "ding ding ding" from the fireman book, and "hobo" since we were planning on getting her a baby shopping cart and filling it with cans for purim (not that she knows what "hobo" means and it's definately not PC but the kid is a serious hoarder so i'm thinking "bag lady" is an appropriate costume for her.)

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We haven't tried any type of potty training here. My older dd was late (just after age 3 before she was confident), and I'd rather just wait. She does say "Boop" if I ask her if she has poop. She ignores me if not.

Sleep here is bad again. I am so ready to get more than 2 or 3 hours at a time. I need to night wean, but I just don't have the energy.

She's a ton of fun right now, though. We had a beautiful day today, so we went outside when big sis came home from school, and she rode her little balance bike (with help) while her sis rode her bike. She drew with sidewalk chalk, went for a ride in the wagon and kicked the soccer ball around. My older dd was thrilled that she is able to play with her now.

DH scheduled an appointment to discuss a vas. with the urologist. It's weird that the last time we went to him, it was to be checked out for fertility stuff. Even though I am sure we are done, it made me feel a little panicky for a second.
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Originally Posted by mkksmom View Post

She's a ton of fun right now, though. We had a beautiful day today, so we went outside when big sis came home from school, and she rode her little balance bike (with help) while her sis rode her bike. 

which one do you have? i've been wanting to get one for ada but thought maybe she was too young and/or too short. we had gotten the skut for our nephew for his 3rd birthday and it was a huge hit (his parents think he has extra special physical talents b/c he is their only kid who can ride around without training wheels and putting his legs up at a younger age....i don;t have the heart to tell them that's the magic of the bike!)

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We are really lucky with her sleep - she has a two hour nap in the middle of the day and she'll fall asleep 8:30ish and sleep for the next 12 hours (she still nurses once or twice, usually around midnight-1AM, when I go to bed, and then in the morning maybe an hour or so before she is fully awake. She is become quite an adventorous eater, wants to check out everything from my plate! :)

I think it's a good idea to find a potty that she will like and sit comfortably in, and just leave it around and casually offer it to her, without making a big deal.


One thing that she is not willing to experiment with - walking without holding our hands, or holding onto something. She is just very very careful, and so far, she did not have a bad experience (terrible fall, etc.) that would make her do that.

Is there anyone else in this group that is a careful walker?


Big hug to all the mamas & babies! hug.gif

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We asked for the YBike because it says ages 1.5 & up. She definitely needs help, but was getting the idea to walk her feet. She wants to be like her big sister, so it works. She's more adventurous than my older dd. My 6 yo was so nervous riding her bike again after the winter. She makes me nervous more so than my toddler. The LO is so confident that I don't worry quite as much. She's also really good at catching herself and protecting her head form hitting the floor. My older dd was a cautious walker. We had to let her hold something. I think it was a teething ring-- and we'd hold the other end and then slowly let go to convince her she could do it on her own.

I seriously need to night wean. I'm getting to the point where I don't trust myself to drive. I have so much anger and frustration that I take out on my husband. Not good. I need more than 2 hours in a row. She was giving me 4-6 not too long ago, but only a night here and there, so not enough to catch up. Definitely need to do something, but I don't have the energy to night-wean. I'll have to just try to nurse less and less, I guess. I'm ready to cut back during the day too. She had been nursing 12 times a day still, and she's cutting back just by me not offering so much. I have to have a tooth worked on, and it has an amalgam/mercury filling. I think it would be easier on her if I had her down to once or twice a day when I need to not nurse her after having the filling removed. I have been putting it off for a year. But I'm going to need a root canal soon if I don't do it.
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Hellloooo ladies. Wow, I've been MIA for a long time. Me personal stuff is insane - I started a new job, I'm starting my thesis, and DP and I are splitting up. Obviously the latter is the biggest news - he's moving out, but will remain "daddy nanny" during the day, here at the house, with Rowan. lalalala, just not ready to babble too much on that yet, except to say that it seems mutual and we're rather "happy" about things. No arguing, no drama, and actually rational conversation like... "hey, I moved a bunch of boxes today so I'll help you put that shelf up". Weird.



I'm intrigued by this potty training idea. Rowan has yet to FIND HIS PEEPEE. I'm serious. He's never pulled, tugged, touched, nothin. Maybe cause his belly is so big, he's never seen it :-)  I talk about poop all the time, and he will follow me into the bedroom when it's time to "change his diaper" - he gets what that action is. But he has Zero knowledge that his body is doing anything. The minute we give him naked time, he pees on the floor - which I'm suddenly OK with because it gives us a chance to TALK about peepee, you know? But, nada. No recognition that anything is happening. He is not the kiddo hiding in a corner to poop. I think we're a long way off.


Maybe we should get a potty. Your kiddos seem interested - maybe that would be something to get the conversation going. He comes into the bathroom with me and I talk - and he hands me the toilet paper and flushes the toilet. He understands the toilet functions, but I still don't think he gets anything about His Own Body.


Can I ask about Change? I remember my sister saying that about 18months, her daughter became really resistant to change. I'm wondering if his recent rampant shaking of the head NO, like, NO I don't want to eat, NO I don't want to go outside, NO I don't want to come inside, NO I don't want to take my shoes off.... is it because so much change is going on in the house with furniture moving around and me switching bedrooms? Or is it a natural thing going on at this age? He seems to be increasingly upset at any change.


The new thing here is the climbing. Not that it's NEW, but it's just So Much More. he has so much energy - is crazy everywhere. Inside every cabinet (getting Inside, not to pull things out); he is up high, as high as he can possibly climb before I get to him. He just wants to be UP :-)


Tzs... I love that you said how you wanted to bottle 9months, but now feel the same way about today. I feel that way All The Time! I still think about the lil guy who didn't know how to sit up and how much I loved that learning stage.... but I love these days Just as Much! It's all so amazing.


Big hugs to you all. Sorry for being so MIA.

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Jordan--so sorry to hear about you and DP splitting. Even if it is amicable it must be painful and stressful. Many hugs to you.  On that note I have two thoughts regarding "change", first I'd say very normal. Or at least it's happened here too. It's like DS figured out the routines and now he gets a bit unglued when those routines don't happen or get interupted.  He went from loving novelty from about 6-12m to suddenly wanting things to all be the same. He even acts weird when we go to a new park--and he loves parks, but it takes him about an hour to warm up and start exploring if we go to a new one. And yes, he too says "no" A LOT. *sigh*  Second, your guy must be sensing the disruption btw you and your DP. Even if things are amicable, it's still a big change and Rowan is bound to be sensitive to it. So he may just be even more upset than he would be normally.  I'm glad that his dad can still be such a big part of his life, that's gotta make the transition better for Rowan. 


Seriously though, he hasn't found his peepee?  Count yourself lucky. The day will come and then there's no turning back. :P

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Originally Posted by kismetbaby View Post
Seriously though, he hasn't found his peepee?  Count yourself lucky. The day will come and then there's no turning back. :P

This is exactly what his Ped says, which is weird, cause then you start thinking about your male Pediatrician also having a penis and being a human, instead of just a practitioner :-)


Thanks Kismet about the change thing. We are really very laid-back people. And DP is still in the house. I really don't think Rowan has internalized too much - there hasn't been much to 'see", other than me switching bedrooms, which now he loves because we've started sleeping together in the mornings and having good mommy-baby boy bonding time. He definitely loves my room. I think a lot of the "change" issues are normal for the age. Just figuring out that things change during the day... and not being too accepting of it.



Where are your kiddos on talking?

Rowan babbles constantly. This past week has reached an all-time high of constant, neverending babble. Tonight in the bath, it was da-da-da, 1000 times playing with a duck. he doesn't say words, but he has inflections that sound like conversations, even when it's the same sound over and over. He understands, follows directions... and definitely has words... down, cat, more, done, out, thank you, hi, Yeah, etc. Probably 25 words that are distinguishable as words. But the babbling... it's crazy! he is Never quiet :-) (I love it! he definitely is giving a narrative to everything he's doing, even if it's only one word repeated)

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Jordon,  so sorry to hear about your breakup. It's no fun anyway you look at it.  I would sense that Rowan has picked up on it more than you know, not necessarily a bad thing, but something  I have learned are these kiddos are really tuned into their surroundings! It sounds like you and DP are minimizing any negative affects on Rowan so that is good. But Hugs anyway!


Question for you Mommas... We have had a potty for a while now. Just a couple of months. Sam showed interest in it at first, but now it's turned into a toy of sorts. he will carry it around the house, turn it over, etc.. Basically anything BUT sit on it. I have to beg him to even sit on it for  a minute, and after that I cheer and say "hooray for Sam" clapping and such. I feel like I missed the boat on this starting early business. He just wants nothing to do with sitting on the potty. I am considering doing a couple naked days when the weather warms and seeing if I can open up the conversation and make it click a little for him from there.


Anyone else have a good ideas?

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