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whoa! congrats kismet!!!


our number 2 was born last week wednesday...so almost one week old.

it's a girl, golda "goldie" dina. only 3 hours of labor from start to finish and recovery is a breeze second time around (or maybe it's just because i got a full night's sleep, woke up, started contracting, took a shower, went to hospital, got epidural, and there she was!)


i'm still trying to remember how to operate these newborn babies. so much comes right back to you (nursing was easy) but i have no clue how her sleep works and i think this one is gassy. i dunno, there seems to be more crying than i'm used to but i could just be remembering wrong.


ada is very excited about "baby" but there has definately been more acting out/negative attention seeking. i'm trying to make a big effort to put her first and we have had some time alone in the am since she wakes up earlier than the baby so far.


i'm thinking about looking into 1,2,3 magic although i'm not into time-outs so much (i'm not sure if teh 3 = timeout...i'll have to see). i think we just need some heavy consistancy here, maybe more than with other kids cause she's so strong willed and independant and i think her moms and pops need a system more than she does! anybody tried it? heard anything about it?

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Thanks guys! orngbiggrin.gif


And congrats to you tzs on your little Goldie!  So sweet, was the gender a surprise?  Sounds like you had an awesome fast labor. . .I am so hoping for that this time around.  I'm sure you'll get your stride with her and the newborn thing again, each newborn is so different, I think you always have to learn all over again.


I'm sure I'm be asking for hints from you mamas with a toddler and a new baby as the next 8 months go by!  I haven't even begun to think about all the things I'll need now like a double stroller! eek

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Congrats to the mamas with new little ones! I can't even imagine having another one, I feel like my Bunny is half Octopus and half Monkey right now. She has to touch everything! She hates wet diapers, but I can't decide if I am ready to tackle the potty with her just yet, especially since we will be away from home a lot in the summer. She is finally sleeping a lot better. Her mattress is still next to mine on the floor, but dh has been putting her to bed and she has been sleeping through, thankfully. I weaned her, and I am still bummed about it a month later. felt like I had to because I had to have an almagum/mercury filling replaced. I didn't go to the holistic dentist around here because he was too much of a salesman. I trust my traditional dentist who doesn't drill unless he has to, and this one was deep and a possible root canal. So I keep wondering how long the mercury is in my system and whether or not I should see if she wants to nurse again. But according to some, there still is mercury in my system, and my milk is dried up pretty much. I think we are done, but I am still bummed. 19 + months is nothing to be ashamed of, and she does sleep much better, but I miss being able to calm her down and the security that it provided. On top of that, she is getting too heavy for me to wear these days. My arms and legs were tingling when I was wearing her in the Ergo a lot. I have been able to handle brief carries in the sling, but she does make me pretty sore. She still needs the snuggles though.
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I still wear Rowan a lot, although most of the time he's on my back, unless he's super sleepy. He's 34lbs, but at least on my back in the ergo, I don't feel it too bad. I have a kelti back-pack that, in theory, is a great thing. but something about the weight disbursement, it pulls on my shoulders which really starts to ache. It's like it doesn't get down to my hips the way it should - the way the ergo does.


Congrats tzs!!!!!!!! I haven't heard about the 1-2-3 magic.... but sounds interesting!

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We don't do timeouts at all... we really haven't needed them.  We were babysitting a kid for several months whose family used time outs heavily basically from the time the kid could crawl.  We watched him from around 18 months to 2.5, and at that age, I really didn't feel like the time outs worked for him at all.  Most of the time he was MORE upset, MORE aggressive, etc, after the timeout.  We stopped using them after babysitting him for a few months and tried a few other things that worked a lot better.  So... I don't know that time outs are the right answer for all kids this age.


Congrats tzs!  I browsed through 1-2-3 Magic when Grey was way younger and what I got out of it was that you tell the child, "I want you to do X, and I am going to count to 3.  At 3 I am going to do Y."  We actually use that idea fairly regularly.  Grey is resistant to diaper changes and will run away when it's time for one... I tell him, I need you to come over here and get your diaper changed.  I'm going to count to 3 and then I'm going to come get you.  At 1 he usually starts whining, but at 2 he generally gives up and comes over for his change.  It is rare that we get to 3 and if we do, I just do what I said I was going to do with no drama. 


And congrats Kismet!  I am due with #2 mid-January as well.  My son only nurses at night now, which is going to have to stop when #2 comes, if not sooner.  I am not at all opposed to tandem nursing, but there is no way I am tandem nursing in the middle of the night.  No thanks.


I am still wearing Grey in the Ergo on my back every day.  We do it for shorter and shorter stretches because he's happier being down and walking most of the time now.  I am amazed at this kid's endurance.  He is still holding tough at 31.5 lbs (going on almost six months here) and while I have had days of total exhaustion during this pregnancy where I thought it would be impossible to carry him down the block and back, I don't realistically think he's too heavy yet...


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Hey mamas! I haven't been around in FOREVER- that's what happens with having a 21-month-old and a 6-month-old to chase around. So exciting to hear about the new siblings coming along. Just wanted to check in and say hello :-)


Incidentally, we are still tandeming. I did nightwean Lucy while I was pregnant, but she nursed until Junie was born (same day)- then went back to nursing 3-4 times a day.

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coldandsleepy--are you over on the Jan ddc board?  And I'm in Palo Alto, so not only are we both due with #2 in Jan, but we're neighbors! :)


ein328--good to see you!  Glad to hear you are surviving the two under two and tandem nursing as well!  Yay, go mama.


Man, ds has decided he cannot possibly fall asleep before 9:30 at night and it just seems to take away this chunk of my "me time" (I know, I know, what's that?!) and makes me feel so busy.  And no, he's not ready to give up his nap (thank god), but he just will not turn off at night. I have tried it all. So I"ve just decided 9:30 can be bedtime.  Also, he's just not happy at home anymore so we're always on the go finding things to do that he enjoys (mostly parks, he's not good at restaurants and only has so much tolerance for shopping).  So I am busy! Busy getting nothing done. . .well, except for raising my precious boy of course.  He's really talking now. . .all day long!  It's fun. He's finally putting words together and even commenting on things we did during the day (before he was always in the moment and I couldn't get him to recall the things we had already done).  

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HI Mommas!! I JUST realized this was here! It's going to take me some time to read through, but boy-oh-boy I am happy to see you all here :)

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omg ladies!!! I can't believe you're all still here! Haven't checked the boards in forever!! 

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I'm still around too... just a lot less of me than there used to be. LOL

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Hi mamas
.. Strongfeather let me know everyone was here. So nice to hear from everyone.
Lets see.. Coraline Mae is awesome. We had our second daughter Arya Jane 10/11/11. Strongfeather and I shared our second pregnancy at the same time, having our #2 s within weeks of each other again.
Coraline is an awesome big sister.
What else... We bought a house and moved in. It needs tons of work. In vice president of Boston babywearers.
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So happy you are all here too! I just had dd2 four wks ago, I follow that ddc but not as much as I did with ours. So nice to read up on you ladies!
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I haven't seen this thread in a looong time. My little girl is doing great. She is shocking me with how fast she learns to do things. She's very independent, likes to do things herself and is quite capable of doing many things her older sister wasn't doing at this age. She definitely tries to keep up with her big sister and all her friends. Even though they are 5 years apart, they play really well together. She is our last baby, and I am trying to enjoy it. Although, I find myself looking forward to being able to get rid of some of the gates that we never needed with my first. Because my 2 YO is so independent, she likes to be off in other rooms tearing things apart. My older one basically followed me around and we took the gates down when she turned 2. 2 very different personalities and a whole lot of fun.

I'm still on here, but mostly reading and nowhere near as much as I used to be. Just don't have the time, I guess.
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what, did everyone just decide to take a 1yr hiatus... and then all come back at the same time?! Funny!!  :-)

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Hi Everyone. My toddler girl became a big sister a month ago. She's dealing with this fairly well. 


I saw this thread pop up in new posts or I probably would never have thought to look for it. 

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