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New Potatoes

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We've had them in our CSA box the last 3 weeks, and we are overloaded with them. What can I do with them? They are a white fleshed potato, I have 2 pounds of larger ones and 2 pounds of nugget sized potatoes (we are veg*n)
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Mmmm. They make excellent potato salad. Also, you can steam them w/fresh green beans, mmmmm. Use the tiny ones for that! Steam and toss w/dill and margarine or olive oil and sea salt.

I'm jealous!
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Just puttin' it out there. You can't mash new potatoes. LOL.

Dinner was complete fail.
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scrub them and cut up (like in half or quarter) any larger ones
lop the tops off a few heads of garlic
put potatoes on a baking dish (like a rimmed cookie sheet or something) and arrange garlic heads amongst
drizzle garlic and potatoes with white wine and evoo (abt a third cup of each)
season well with salt and pepper
sprinkle on any fresh herbs you have cover with foil and back at 375 for abt 45-1hr then uncover and bake for abt 25...

you can squeeze the roasted garlic out onto the potatoes or you can let people do it for them selves onto whatever they would like
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That sounds awesome.
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I'm probably too late, but I made an incredible potato salad a few weeks ago that called for new potatoes. I didn't have any and just used Russets, and it was still amazing. Really easy, too. And vegan if you use egg-free dairy-free mayo (I get mine from TJ's).

My CSA sent an adapted recipe that they got from AllRecipes: http://allrecipes.com/Recipe/Tangy-D...ad/Detail.aspx
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