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the best links for friends situation?

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So, i have a friend who is having a boy in late October. I have known her a long time, but we are more e-mail friends (once a week or so), we went to each others weddings and baby shower kind of friend...

I have asked her about circ, and if she has discussed that with her H. Her H is a 30ish white american male, of course cut. He has never been a very good husband, there is alot of fighting ect. He is VERY easly offended....don't talk about his mom and how he was raised!
She is of a culture that does not normally cut baby boys, her brothers are intact. But she does not really know anyhting about it, because its more of a "ya no one does that" not "ohh thats so bad fight against it"
I know that if it was up to her, he would be left intact (she did say, "oh good" when she found out that i left my DS intact), but, he is adament that the baby will be cut. And i think she is going to go along with it to keep the peace.

I have asked her if i can send her some info, and she knows where i stand on this. She has said that "yes, its always good to be informed" so i can send her some info.

Sorry this is long, but i have never done this, and i don't really know what the best info to send in this particular situation is? I would guess the functions of the foreskin would be good, maybe the risks? Since they tried for a long time and had 2 IUI to get preggo. Not sure what might sway this H? Not sure what would help her stand up to him? (she does stand up to him normally though, thats why they fight so much)
I guess she needs to know more about it in order to have more of an opinion about it?

Thanks guys. I don't want to bombard her with so many links that she does not look at them, i want to give her like the 2 or 3 BEST links for the situation.

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What do you think about these?




http://www.circumstitions.com/Complic.html ...there is a link somewhere that deals w/ complications that I like better but I can't find it right now.

Hope some or all of those help.
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My favorites are:




Also, feel free to point out that the most recent stats say that only 1 in 3 American boys are circed in the hospital at birth! The numbers are falling every year. In case there's a "locker room" argument -- intact will be the majority if not the vast majority when her baby goes to school.
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Thanks for the links i will look though them and pick the best. We live in Ohio, so the circ rate is still like 85% here. ugh.
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seriously, i would give her the link to this forum. OTOH, since you just posted details about her situation, maybe you don't want to do that anymore. but it IS such a great font of knowledge on the subject, for anyone who wants to know more (and more) about why babies should not be circumcised.
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