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Favorite Double Stroller?

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Our daughter will be 3 & half when our baby is born. Looking for thoughts on double strollers. Side by side, jogging, sit & stand, etc...
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Jogging - Bob Revolution Duallie Double

Tandem - Contours double
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At three and a half a stroller which converts to a single might be a good option. Either that or a single with a buggy board or similar.

I wouldn't go for an expensive double as you're unlikely to get much use out of it.
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I don't really need another single, I have 3 already! I've heard going the side by side route is difficult to get in and out of doorways!
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I got a peg perego aria twin and love it. If my daughter were a bit older I would have loved to get the joovy caboose sit and stand stroller..
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I don't think I would consider a double stroller for children 3 1/2 years apart, personally. My 3 1/2yo definitely still rides in the stroller a decent amount, but my 22 month old is still worn 90% of the time that we are out and none of my kids have really had any desire to sit in a stroller before age 2, so personally I would plan on wearing the baby and hanging on to my single strollers.

I have a phil and teds double, which I love, but I don't thik it would work very well for a 3 1/2 yo and a newborn. It might be a good option once your baby is a little older though and can ride in the toddler seat instead of laying down.

You might look into getting a buggy board for one of your singles, or one of the Peg Peregos that have a little stand on the back for an older child to stand on. A sit and stand type might work too, but when I looked at them (when expecting #3) I fond that the seats were very small and didn't work well for my 3 1/2yo and 20mo.

In general, most doubles are made with twins or closely spaced siblings in mind, so it's hard to find something that will work well for a larger age gap, at least until baby is sitting up.
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i really loved our kolcraft contrours stroller when i had a small baby.. the seats are SO versatile and it worked great for our older DS as well.. this is a link to the new version.. it's even nicer than the one we had.. but seriously.. i dont think i'd be happy with a different tandem stroller! http://www.walmart.com/ip/Kolcraft-C...erine/13004573

i have two boys 14 months apart and both are toddlers now and i love love love my littel cheapy jeep side by side stroller... but it wouldnt work well for a 3+ yo and a newborn!
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I love my baby jogger city mini, but I don't know if it would work well for kids with a huge weight gap. My kids still use it a lot. They are three and nearly two. I think they do sell an attachment that makes it work with a bucket car seat.

I bought it because of the extremely narrow profile and have found it easy to get through doors, wind through crowds, etc.
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I have a Phil and Ted's with the doubles kit. I love it because DS doesn't sit in a stroller much anymore, but I'll have the option if I want it once the new baby comes.
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