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I'm trying to find the kid books about 1)becoming a big brother and 2) describes homebirth in kid-friendly terms (I think it says something about "mama roaring like a lion"

Do you know the titles?
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I have been wondering the same thing about a good sibling book. DS just turned 3 and I think he would really be into it.
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BUT..."Welcome with Love" is $49 on both Amazon and Alibris. And that's USED. I think it must be out of print.
I've had the same question...
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Runa's Birth is another great one. That one must be out of print, too. Also $49 on amazon. Ugh!
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I'd love some books about the same subjects. So far we have read the Dr. Sears one about Mom being pregnant and having a baby and watched the DVD Gentle Birth Choices. I put Welcome with Love on hold from the library - too bad it is out of print!
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Here are a couple of options:

We're Having a Homebirth

My Brother Jimi Jazz

I can remember when a friend was over and saw my copy of Welcome with Love just sitting on my kids' shelf with all their other books. She said, "Ummm...you know this is out of print now and worth $$ -- you might want to put it in a safe place."
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