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Need a new fitness challenge and looking for ideas

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I was extremely motivated to workout the last few months b/c a)I had been super sick and was excited to feel better and b)I had a vacation coming up where I could climb a 100ft+ sand dune so I worked toward regaining strength/muscle mass and fitness to climb the dune.

Well vacation is over, I climbed the dune, indoor season is almost upon us and I'm feeling blah about exercise.

Any ideas for a challenge?

Losing weight Xlbs by Xdate does not motivate me. Losing weight for an event does not motivate me.

I like something physical. It can be a few months off, but I need something closer than next year's vacation (where I'd like to do the dune climb + hike).

I'm hoping someone here has a brilliant idea!

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Sign up for a race. 5K, 10K, whatever. Then you have a goal and a date. There are a ton of training programs to follow no matter what distance you want to cover.
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I have signed up for a 5k for a challenge as well. There was a Triatholon here last weekend, but I wasn't ready for it then. After the 5k not sure what my goal will be I like the idea of training for something as well.
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Not a racer sorry. Not built for it at all. I'm a horrible runner. I've tried.

Any other ideas?

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Deadlifting your bodyweight is a good thing to aim for!
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Your 2 year old is only going to get faster. Don't think of it as racing...think of it as keeping up! Have fun and good luck.
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Originally Posted by ambereva View Post
Deadlifting your bodyweight is a good thing to aim for!
Ya, how about a weightling goal? So, many squats? Do the pull-up program? I know you have push-ups down.
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A 5K and a 10K are both walkable distances. There are even half marathons people walk.
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Weight lifting---My neck flared badly (old whiplash injury) so I will be starting at ground zero with push ups again as it's been more than a month. That will be a mini goal, just to get the push-ups back. Otherwise that's a good goal, although I don't think I have the equipment for it.

Walking--I could already walk a 5k or 10k now so not much of a challenge. I am not going to run.I suck at it and the asthma no likey.

I was toying with the idea of creating my own Zumba routine and trying to put it on Youtube for other people to use. That might be fun and it would take a while.

Any other ideas?

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If your asthma is a problem when you work out, you may need some more meds. I had gone over 5 years without needing my inhailer more than a handful of times and then it suddenly got really bad (corresponded with my last pregnancy). I'm back on a daily steriod and using my rescue inhailer prior to working out and I'm feeling GREAT and even training for a marathon without ANY breathing issues. While I HATE taking medicine, this is truly necessary for me to live a normal life.

As for ideas, what kinds of workouts do you like? Find something you enjoy and set a date and a goal and then make a plan to achieve it (as you did with climbing the dunes!). I put my running schedule up on the fridge and it stares at me each day calling me to go for a run even when I don't want to. I LOVE crossing off each day and knowing I'm much more fit and feel much better because of keeping up with a plan. When I'm not training toward a particular goal, I feel like I'm wandering aimlessly in my fitness.

As for walking, being able to cover a particular distance may not be a challenge, but doing so at a faster pace is definitely a good goal. Some people can walk at a 10 minute per mile pace for a half marathon! Many can't even run that far at that pace.
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As far as a workout program I would recommend Power 90 and buy a few free weights at walmart if you don't like exercise bands. I just finished P90x and it is wonderful! I lost 10# and 18 inches! I gained muscle in my arms, abs and thighs. My back pain is gone and my asthma is greatly improved. I used to get short of breath walking around the grocery store! I am finally able to keep up with my kids!

Power 90 is strength training and cardio and the workouts are about 30 minutes long. I made my own recovery drink and was frugal with P90X and only bought what I needed. If you need a coach, I do the free coach thing at teambeachbody.com to help motivate people to reach their goals. PM me if you are interested.

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This winter I'm going to give the workouts from this website a try during the cold winter months when I can't work out outside.
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I stumbled across this new site called ChallengeLoop yesterday.  They have tons of health and fitness challenges to choose from.  I think I am going to do the Subway Super You challenge next.

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