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MMR at age 3? UPDATE post 8

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I'm about 90% sure we are giving ds his first MMR at his 3 year old check up (he is fully vaxed for hib and almost fully vaxed for dtap...all very spread out and one at a time).

Has anyone else given MMR at age 3? How did your child do? I hear so many negative reaction stories, so i'm hoping to hear a few of the "my child got it and was totally fine" stories too

Also, what should i do before hand to help him cope..in other words any special vitamins or anything?

He weaned two months ago so unfortunatly he won't be able to get any mama milk.
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DD1 and DS both started their vaccines around age 3 (it was a bit younger for DD2 because she was in daycare at 18mo; the other two I delayed until preschool.) None of them had any serious or noticable reactions to any of the vaccines. DS used to have a low-grade fever for about a day after each vaccine (until his last DTaP, when the injection site got hot and swollen instead of getting a whole-body fever. That made me nervous and none of us have had any vaccines since then.)
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DS2 had it at age 4. I made sure he was healthy and I gave him extra vitamin C and regular multivitamins for two weeks beforehand and about three weeks afterward. I also gave him a daily dose of the Carlson's CLO gelcaps that contain the natural vitamin A for the same period. Measles infection is linked to depletion of vitamin A, and the MMR is a live virus vaccine.



He was completely normal until about ten days afterward, then he ran a low fever for two days. I made sure he got plenty of rest. After that he was fine.

He had not had the second dose. I am putting that off.
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Thanks for the replies...any others??
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My oldest got the MMR at 15 months and got the measles from it (CDC confirmed) so we delayed it with my 2nd DD until she was 3. She did fine.

I decided to decline it with my youngest. He hasn't had many vaccines at all and I completely skipped the MMR. I also declined all boosters for my older kids so they never received their 2nd doses.
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DS got the MMR at 2 yrs. We did multivitamins for a couple weeks before and after. I observed no negative reaction. Not the day of, nor days/weeks after. I had been worried about it...a friend's DS did have the classic 2-weeks-post-MMR illness (fevery, feeling lousy), but DS was fine.
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We gave DS1 the measles-only vaccine just before he turned 3 (and just before they stopped making it). He was fine, even though he got chicken pox 8 days later.
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Just wanted to let you all know we did the MMR today and so far so good. No fever, no swelling, no anything.

He said "ouch ouch, i didn't like that" when the shot happened (no tears though) and then for a few minutes after complained that his arm was sore.

When I asked him a few hours if it was still sore he said "no" and hasn't said anything about it since!

I know reactions can happen up to days later with MMR, but so far so good
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