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Anyone ever put a highlight or two in their kids' hair?

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So, I get chunks of colour all the time, have fun with it...red, blonde, etc. etc. DDs of course want to be like mama and have been asking for a little teeny tiny strip of colour as well. Today I grabbed a home 'frost and go' kit, with the intention of doing a small highlight or two, away from the scalp (ie. not touching their scalp, but starting further down) Don't even know if the colours will show up but they will love it..

Anyone do this? Or am I a wierd and terrible parent for doing so?
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If they have light hair, koolaid is a super easy and safe option.

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I would do it - it's only hair. My guys have bright red hair so it's never worked for us but we have done colored gel.
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We just did colored gel the other day. The kids loved it!
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weird or terrible? Not at all! In fact I think your coolness factor goes up a few points IMO, it's just hair and I don't see why people get so worked up over it. DD wanted blue hair when she was 2.5 so I humored her, though it was temporary and I did it with koolaid.

Since children can change their minds so much I might try temporary at first and if they really love it then go permanent.
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I put some red streaks in my 8 yr old dd's hair earlier this summer! She loved them and I knew that red fades pretty quickly so even if we didn't like it wasn't a big deal.
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For some reason I'd be more comfortable doing a bright rainbow color like blue or green than a subtle hair color like blonde or auburn.

The former seems fun, the latter seems to be veering into pageant-ish territory to me.
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At ds's grade school there's always a boy or two or three, even as young as the Kindergartners, with bleached tips. It looks good.

At ds's school, in the sea of boys with non-haircuts, shorts and endless t-shirts, seems like there's always a fourth or fifth grade boy whose hair is bleached and coiffed with 'product' and he's never without his necklace from Hawaii. I liked those boys when I was in grade school. You gotta admire a boy that young who wears jewelry, even if it's just hemp and shells.
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Yes and I even put a pic up here

We used temp color

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Ok cool

My DDs hair is dark brown/black so unfortunately Kool Aid won't do (although what a fantastic idea!!) hence the auburn/blonde, ie. the only colours that will show. (I mean technically I could bleach some hair THEN apply a red/blue colour, but I'm not that committed )

Thanks mamas! PS the little pic is cute
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Last year, just after kindergarten, we put blue and purple streaks in dd's light brown hair. Just some vegan goop that washed out in a few months.

Over the winter her hair was reddish brown. It was a boxed, temporary tint that I'd actually bought for myself, but it just sat in the bathroom closet for months, so I asked dd if she wanted to use it her hair. It was a bit like abimommy's dd's hair, and she got tons of compliments on it.

I sort of agree with lima bean though, too. Subtle highlights actually seem more adult-ish, but just going nuts with some more unusual colors seems more childlike and playful.
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my mom use to do lemon juice and sunshine. she has black hair so she loved that my hair was blond
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I would do it! I've thought about doing it, and ds is game for it, we just never got around to it.
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