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homebirth midwife in Stamford

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Hi all
my friend is moving to stamford and would like to do a homebirth. is there any homebirth midwives in the area? if not, is there a birthing center or something like that?
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Stamford, CT? There is a freestanding birth center in Danbury. The closest homebirth midwives to Stamford I know of are Joni Stone (New Haven, I think?) and the Birth&Beyond practice (Madison).
She may want to look into midwives across the border in New York too. Unfortunately I don't have any contacts for you there.
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Martha Roth in Nyack, NY. I had a homebirth with her. We did have to travel to her office for appointments, but it wasn't bad at all. We went over on Saturday mornings when there was no traffic.

There may be other westchester midwives who will attend homebirths in Stamford. I'm not sure - but you could check here for more information on that:


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I have also heard that Mary Ellen Albini does births in this area.
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I highly recommend Joni Stone. My birth with her was wonderful and will be using her again for my current pregnancy. Mary Ellen was the second midwife and was also wonderful. I can't say enough wonderful things about these two lovely ladies. Joni used to come to the house for prenatals but now has an office in New Haven. She will come to you for two prenatals, the birth and postpartum visits during the first two weeks I believe. I am in Norwalk and and I'm quite sure she attends births in Stamford. If you have any questions feel free to message me.



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yup- Joni seems to be the one in CT and I think MaryEllen is not doing alot unless you birthed with her before.  I used Mary Ellen 4 years ago and am using her and Joni with our current one.  Love, Love them and I would be surprised that your friend would have an issue being in stamford as they travel all over the state.  She would have to goto New Haven for the visits though.  I used the Norwalk midwives for my tests and stuff and just didn't tell them about my plans, and "changed" providers at 25 weeks after the ultrasound.

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Don't know, but I have a friend in the area who had a home birth.  Her name is Cynthia, and her website is hypnobirthingct.com.  She is very open to sharing information!

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