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First Tooth Loss - What age??

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I am so nervous right now We just got back from eating ice-cream and my 4 yr 9 month old has a loose, bottom tooth. It looks like it's ready to come out. My question is isn't this too early to lose a tooth? I thought kids were around 5 1/2 to 6 when they first lose a tooth.

Is there anything I need to do or just let it come out on its own. What if he swallows it at night can he choke? I'm sorry I'm so alarmed, I have OCD and I want to nip this right away by having the facts and not let the negative thoughts start ruminating in my head. TIA mamas!!! Kate
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I wouldn't worry about it. The median age is 5-6, but some children are as young as 4 and as old as 8 when they lose their first tooth. Your LO is really almost 5, so on the early side of normal.

Also, I've never known of anyone who has choked on a tooth. I have one friend who *thinks* she swallowed her first tooth, but that while she was eating, and she's still not sure that it didn't just fall out of sight somewhere.

I'm sure it will be fine! He'll be the envy of 5/6 year olds everywhere.
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Thank you theatermom! The tooth came out tonight when he was brushing his teeth. We couldn't find it so either he swallowed it or it went down the drain Oh well, at least it's out and I don't have to worry about it wiggling and getting swallowed . I feel so much better now knowing that he's not too young for this to occur .
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my oldest daughter lost her first tooth at 4.5 years and then another three soon after that. My son lost his first around the same age and spent most of his senior kindergarten year with the top two teeth missing (how cute!). My youngest is a a bit past five and all her teeth are rock solid in her mouth. The youngest also didn't have any teeth til about 11 months so I figure they'll probably be later to fall out.
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