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Yes, "with respect to." It may not be an official abbreviation. My general chemistry teacher in college used it and it's stuck with me.
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Originally Posted by milosmomma View Post
Ugh, stressful! How are you feeling now??
Thanks, it's warn off. I gave the tp a thorough inspection this morning though lol (tmi, sorry)

I got other good news today. Last week a crown had chipped off a bit and I've been really worried that I was getting a case of "pregnancy mouth" already. But, it turns out it was just the crown that was an issue, not my teeth or bacteria or anything. Also means I don't have to shell out any $$$$ to replace it. So all around win for the day, methinks. I am super worried about my teeth this pregnancy, as I developed some problems after having my son and then he ended up with early childhood caries. I've bought 2, 500 piece bags of xylitol gum and we are both going crazy chewing it so that we don't give any bad bugs to the baby (and so that I can hopefully avoid problems this time around.) Teeth!!!!
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I had another clotty red bleed this morning. MW paged the OB who said with this kind of subchorionic hematoma, it can bleed red and/or brown on and off for weeks. Cheery! Stringy brown right now. My regular OB called back later and said she'll give me an u/s next Tuesday if I want one, but it's too soon after Monday's u/s to do another. I wish I could be more zen about this.

I swear I feel flutters, though. On my left side only, and the placenta, we learned at Monday u/s is on the right anterior, so I'll bet I'm right. It's also previa, which scares me about the bleeding.

But I've had two salads two days in a row successfully! I'm so glad. I missed vegetables, and so did my kids. Went to DD's new kindergarten's orientation yesterday, and they have a big garden and they do CSA! I'm excited.
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Had my second MW appointment today and we heard the heartbeat!!

It was 150 bpm.

DD was with and thought it was pretty cool to hear it too.

Oh, and I am actually cooking again tonight - making stuffed cabbage with things from my CSA. Looks like I might actually use my veggies for the last 4 weeks I get them. The last 6-8 weeks I was definitely not getting my money's worth (but my neighbors were!).

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11 weeks today!! first midwife appt on Monday.

Today is a baking day, taking care of a fraction of the green tomatoes out in the garden. Pie and bread All going into the freezer so that I just have to pull them out for our last scheduling camping trip of the season next weekend.

Yay for heartbeats
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We're ready for a new thread soon, aren't we? I'm in the second trimester now (Yay! ) and actually feeling pretty good today. It doesn't hurt that it is a 3 day weekend and I have been able to sleep in and relax a little.

Today I'm going to try to go to a friend's house and have a maternity clothes fix it day (hem pants, sew together sweater I knitted, and dye a couple of shirts) but she might have to cancel on me, so we will see. I bought some more used pants and a couple of shirts and I'm starting to feel like I actually have some clothes that fit.

How is everyone feeling?
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Looks like I'm 11 weeks along. I felt pretty good this weekend, too, Lousli. Of course, that makes me wonder if I'm still pregnant, but that's the way my mind works. We swam in a friend's pool yesterday, which was great, and everyone there knew I was pregnant, so I didn't worry about whether I looked a little bloated.

My clothes still all fit, but I'm starting to dislike "close" waistbands. I have a favorite, elastic-waist skirt that I can't wear anymore because it makes me feel "squeezed."

I have the scan for the nuchal translucency screening a week from tomorrow, and if all goes well I'll start talking to my employer and the director of my play about the fact that I'm pregnant. It shouldn't affect the latter much, but I'll just mention it before we have costumes chosen.

I started baby knitting today, with an organic cotton "flour sack" hat. You can see it on my Ravelry page if you're on that site. I'm "SpyKnits" there. My husband and I are trying to choose a baby blanket pattern for me to knit. Turns out we have fairly dissimilar tastes. Rats.
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heartbeat!!! 140bpm. i think that scientifically proves this is a girl

i just started knitting this week too. although for me it has been years since i've picked up the needles. first time with ravelry too, wow what site! i'll look for you N.
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