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If my baby was born today, he would be a micro preemie....

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I am 23 weeks and for some very strange reason, knowing that he would have a 50% -66% survival rate is comforting. I did this last time. I would go, "hey, Aiden's lungs are developed enough" or "if I went into labor now, they would not stop it because he would be ok".

I have no family history of micro preemies (just a lot of babies born a wee bit too early and needed a short stay in the NICU). And I went into labor with DS on his due date.

But for some reason, I like knowing these things. I guess it helps me to imagine holding him in my arms and doing all those baby things I can't do with my 3 year old!

Am I weird?
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I think about this too, but more in a worried/relieved way. As in, "Yay. The kiddo would have a chance!" and simultaneously, "Oh, heavens, I hope he stays put!". I think it's actually 24 weeks when they say the babe has reached the "point of viability". I hold my breath a little bit longer until 27 weeks, when the odds are considerably greater. We decided, last time, that a 24 weeker would likely only be given comfort measures, versus a 27 weeker where I would fight my little heart out for the most groundbreaking treatment. Awful to even think about, really. I also have no reason to fear a preemie, or anything else going wrong, and yet, I am a record breaking worrier.
Anyway, I get what you are saying, and it is exciting to think that babies born around now would have a fighting chance.
We're coming in to the home stretch!
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Ive been thinking of this too. When I went for my first OB apt they had me very worried about all sorts of things and told me my cervix was slightly opened. I switched shortly after to a midwife and I'm so much happier. She put my mind at ease, but there is still a nagging voice in the back of my head that is worring.
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Just popping in (saw this on my Windows 7). I've always done this too! It was comforting to me as the days went on. And, when I had my twins, it was even more comforting to me since the chances of early delivery go up.

Thankfully all four of my babies were full term. But just knowing that medical science has come so far and can help such precious little angels is so great.
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I started thinking about this more when I found I was leaking colostrum yesterday (I'm 26 weeks). It was happy and really sad at the same time. I know their chances don't approach 90% until something like 29 weeks but its comforting to know we're in the 'beginning of the end'.
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I always celebrate hitting 24 weeks, because it's "age of viability". Not that I expect a preemie, but yeah, it does just feel like an accomplishment. It's easy to visualize the baby at this stage too, all small and wrinkly and curled up in there.
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I try not to think about it too much but yes, in the back of my mind I always celebrate each week that brings the baby closer to full term.
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I had a micropreemie- Zoe was born at 30 weeks but was growth-restricted, so only 2 lbs, 1 oz or 965 grams, right under the 1000 gram cut-off to be considered "micro". To be honest, even though Zoe had a relatively uneventful 7 week NICU stay, the whole experience was so traumatic that my worst nightmare would be to deliver a baby between 24 and 27 weeks. I think a miscarriage would in some ways be less traumatic than having a baby with potentially severe disabilities spend months in the NICU on the verge of death, all with a toddler at home. I think my husband and I would crack seeing another baby go through that horrific experience.
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As a NICU nurse, I'm heading into panic mode around the issue of "viability" At my hospital parents have the option of refusing intensive care until just past 25 weeks. I'll be 24 weeks tomorrow. After 25 weeks it seems there is no choice but to go ahead with heroic measures. I really don't mean to rain on anyone's parade, and admittedly, I'v never parented a micro-premie. It's just that the torture that I have to dish out, and those precious little babies have to endure is horrendous!
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This is a topic I have a lot of conflicting feelings about. On the one hand, having a baby that can survive outside if needed is comforting. On the other, the quality of that life (both potentially now and in the future) is such that it is really not very comforting to me. I do not feel that feeling of "ok, if it has to happen it will be okay" until about 32 weeks. For some reason, that is just where I get that feeling of comfort of avoiding most major premie complications.
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Yup, have definitely been thinking about this. I officially hit 24 wks today.

I have no real reason (based on my own or the baby's health, thus far) to be concerned about preterm labor/birth, but my husband was a micropreemie. He was born at 24 wks. His parents didn't know they were having twins, and his twin brother died at 5 days. My husband's chances of surviving were so slim (in 1976) that he was baptized and given the Last Rites immediately.

But he had a few ounces on his twin, and survived, though his weight dropped to 1lb6oz and he spent about 4 months in the NICU.

I have so much empathy for his mother, now that I'm here at that same point in my pregnancy. We talked to her two weeks ago and she re-told him the story, sobbing. She'd never told him before that she wasn't actually there when his twin died (she was in bad shape herself). God, it makes me tear up just writing it.

So, yes, very glad to have made it this far, and will be ever more thankful to make it to December!
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Relatedly, I ran across this heartbreakingly lovely story a few days ago:


Can you imagine!?
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Had to reply on this, as it crossed my mind too.

I agree with a lot of the OPs....Its a relief and a worry at the same time. I find myself thinking "its reassuring to know that if she was born she has a fighting chance at survival" but in the same breath adding "but please stay in there and keep growing, sweet girl!"

We cant wait to meet her, but at the same time, we CAN wait, and would prefer that she focused on growing big and strong so we can take home a healthy baby!!

Plus, I dont know that Im ready to give up feeling her kicks yet.
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This has hit me hard this time around. Usually, my babies come super late and practically have to be blasted out. But with twins, it's been tough knowing statistically, they could come early. Every week they're inside seems like a little victory.
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Originally Posted by Dichotomy View Post
Plus, I dont know that Im ready to give up feeling her kicks yet.
If it makes you feel any better I get way more kicks from my 17 month old than from the baby in utero. Sometimes I think the two of them are fighting with each other...that doesn't bode well.
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Definitely crossed my mind, there was some pregnancy tracker that tagged, 8/25/10 as my baby's viability date. I was glad to move past that. My lil sis was a preemie, 6 wks early but my mom was also in her late 30s. No worries on my end with this babe.

Still, I think the guidelines of 24/25 weeks need to be revised. I remember recently learning that measures were being taken to not conduct scheduled/elective c-sections before 38 weeks because new research showed that the baby's brain develops and grows up to 40% after the 37th week.

Give that, the # of weeks that equal viability don't seem as compelling.

What haunts me more are the stories of others read in pregnancy books or learned from the experiences of friends and such. These are the dates that I look forward to moving past:

28 weeks: Because a friend of friend lost her baby at that point, she knew it was coming and it was tragic (of course) particularly because she had already began to feel movement. I think it was trisomy.

34 weeks: When my lil sis was born

37 weeks: My DD was born at 38 weeks so that's my 'magic' number. Also a friend had a still birth around this time with her 1st pregnancy. It was determined that the placenta was infected. I am paranoid that my placenta is infected because I had/have GBS.
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My sister gave birth to twins at 23 weeks, 5 days. Today my niece (formerly a 1 lb. 6 oz. micropremie) turns 4, and we are so grateful to have her with us!
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I noticed I did the same thing- as soon as I passed 24 weeks I was almost relieved- just knowing statistically, should I go early, that there was a chance for survival.

It scared me a little because I realized how absolutely heart broken I would be to lose the little peanut at this point. I love him so much already!!!
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so know what your saying
but refleaf that i am able to carring babies to end
but my mind does think about what if....
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