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Originally Posted by amo4piano View Post
MW said I'll have to wait three cycles whenever by body finally gets back on a regular rhythm.
This advice is purely for your own psychelogical health unless there is any reason to suspect a molar pregnancy (which in your case I would not suspect). Has nothing to do with you physically especially for a pregnancy that only lasted a couple weeks. If you end up pregnant again right away, you will be fine. (although you will be even more paranoid about losing it than you were the first time)

When I had my miscarriage (13 weeks) I was told I could start trying right away if I felt like I could handle it mentally.

My cycles went right back to normal, if you count the first day of the actual miscarriage as the first day of a period.

My son was conceived 2 months later.

The bad part is I almost lost him too (placental abruption at 17 weeks from a car accident, NOTHING to do with the miscarriage) and ended up on bedrest with severe depression due to it.
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When my friend miscarried at 7ish weeks, she still had pregnant hormone levels and went one for a week or two thinking she was still pregnant! I'm only writing about her because... she found out she had actually lost the baby so late in that particular cycle, she was going to "try" again but didn't have to "try" - she turned up pregnant the very next cycle! Never had a normal period between m/c-ing and getting pregnant again. There is hope!

Also wanted to ask, have you actually miscarried yet? It's not over until the AF sings. My getting pregnant story was crazy (you can read it here if you want, but it's long) Anyway, my hormones were low all through the first weeks, so low that I was told I would miscarry and to wait around for it for two weeks, then call for a possible ectopic if I didn't lose it within that time frame. Turns out, they were wrong, and that baby is now my 3 year old. Now, I didn't have bleeding at 7 weeks, only during implantation, so this isn't you. But I'm just saying, it's not over, 'til it's over.
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I would read some of the MC stories in the Birth Loss section. They helped me immeasurably when I realized I had an impending MS. You can go to that forum and search your number of weeks and get stories of miscarriages right around your stage of pregnancy.

One of the things I remember reading is that if you want wait it may be better to let it happen on it's own. There is some opinion out there that it takes longer to heal from a D&C.

My MC happened on it's own (but I didn't have to wait longer than about 12 hours) and my cycles returned to normal right away. Without trying very hard I was pregnant again in 5 months.

One thing that would be good to do after the MC is take a pregnancy test a few days later to be sure it was complete. I opted for an exam about a month later just to be sure.

Mama, I know how hard this is!! I hope you heal quickly (I did) and get all the support you need.
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I am so sorry.
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MovnMama, thanks tremendously for this post. I think I am the only one in the whole situation that hasn't given up hope. We were at a wedding yesterday and DH even suggested I let loose and have some cocktails...NO WAY. I understand that ALL the odds are against me, but I am not giving up hope until I know there is none to hold onto.

The very strange part is that I still "feel" pregnant. My breasts are sore, I'm tired, and I have increased appetite. I know that all these symptoms can last until my hcg levels go completely away, but I guess I'm in complete and utter denial at this point.

I am going to read your conception story right now. Thanks again for this tiny ray of hope.
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Originally Posted by amo4piano View Post
MovnMama, thanks tremendously for this post. I think I am the only one in the whole situation that hasn't given up hope.
Hey, Amo4piano

Sometimes it's hard to read where a person is "at" on-line so it can be hard to tell what a person needs to hear about. I have read many, many stories of almost certain miscarriages that ended in happy healthy pregnancies. For me, I knew I was having a miscarriage and I think many of us know what's happening to our bodies. Having hope is a *good* sign!!

I will hope for the best for you and the baby!!
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I'm so sorry that things aren't looking good for this pregnancy. I hope everything works out and you have a healthy baby in there but if not, I just want to chime in on what others have said- you don't have to wait to try again. I had an early m/c and had it naturally. I conceived DD on my very next cycle. Like a pp's friend, I didn't even have a period in between (which confused the doctors as they seem to NEED lmp dates to figure out a pregnancy) That pregnancy was completely normal and uncomplicated and my daughter is now a crazy 3 year old. Whenever you feel ready, you should try again.
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I'm sorry for your loss; I miscarried in early May and had a D&C. The doctor told me i had to wait one complete cycle and i could then try again (providing emotionally you're up to it)...6 weeks later i had concieved again...
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