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Go Figure...


So I'm allergic to exercise, go figure...

Thank you for the information. I'm so sorry for you and your husband. Cancer is such a tough thing to deal with (especially with everything you guys have on your plate). My thoughts and prayers are with you.


I also could not be happier about the break in heat and arrival of fall. This has been a tough summer without AC and the cooler nighttime temperatures feel like a huge gift.

Hope everyone enjoys their holiday weekend .
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Well, I had a small drama with my midwife encouraging the anatomy scan. I had decided to do it if I could find a gentle doctor who would only scan for serious anomalies like missing organs - things that would make a home birth more risky than a hospital birth, for the baby.
The one gentle doctor who used to do ultrasounds no longer does them Anyway, we are moving forward without the scan now.... I was on the receiving end of arrogant unhelpful medical professionals with my last pregnancy, and I just am not comfortable with going in and not having my request honored. Routine interventions just do not make sense to me.....

Anyway, I am getting my knickers in a knot about taking the responsibility squarely on my own shoulders. It is my responsibility anyway.... but yeah, it is so hard going against the expected behavior, even if I know very well what my reasons are.

For any other Jewish mama's Shana Tova u'metukah! Chag Sameach (Jewish New Year starts tonight)

Eid Mubarak and Ramadan Kareem for those who are celebrating.
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Qbear'smama, I'm sorry to hear about your MIL. I wish you all comfort as you go through this.
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Thanks for the well-wishes ladies, I really appreciate the thoughts and prayers. Poor DH...

ema-edama, Happy Jewish New Year! What are the celebrations like? Sorry for my ignorance! Lots of food, I hope. Also, good for you for sticking to your convictions on the US. I hate coercion from the medical community to do anything and I tend to do the opposite of the expected bahaviour if it makes no sense to me.

Gucci, haha, now you have an excuse to avoid exercise, just remember what the 'illness' is called and you can whip it out whenever anyone tries to make you feel guilty for not exercising!!
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psst, the first baby was born in the October DDC!
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Whoa! The babies are coming, the babies are coming!!!
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We have two months and a day until the first of the December DDC reach 37 weeks.
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Originally Posted by WifeofAnt View Post
We have two months and a day until the first of the December DDC reach 37 weeks.
I hope we won't hear a peep from any of you December moms until then!
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WifeofAnt::: WOW our times are REALLY getting closer!!!

That just makes me realize that I have SOOOOOOO much left to do and SOOOOOOOO little time to do it in!!! We still have to finish replacing the carpets in our house with hardwood (which thank GOD is only 2 more rooms) then we still have to go pick up the baby bed, and get the bassinet put back together and put up in our bedroom. I also still have two baby showers coming up that i'll have to go through what I get and start washing clothes. (i'm REALLY short and I know that if i don't go ahead and start washing now i'll have problems getting the clothes out of the washer because my belly is getting bigger by the day!!!)

It also makes me excited to know that our journy is getting closer to being over and that my little one will be in my arms soon enough!!! Her big sister is waiting not so patiently for her to get here too lol.
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Yikes! Well I have had an interesting week! Woke at 4.35am on my birthday morning to a 7.1 earthquake! I have never felt an earthquake before so I wasn't too sure about why the bed was shaking, but DH was in the San Francisco quake so he did not waste too much time getting us to a door frame as it intensified. It was crazy! Rocking and rolling, but no damage to us. We were about 100 miles from the epicentre in Christchurch, the poor folk there tell me they could not even walk to the door frame! Amazingly, no one was killed although lots of buildings fell and there are big cracks in the road. And I really felt for all the poor women who just delivered babies, hanging out in that hospital while it swayed all over the place.

Then drove up to Christchurch yesterday to get my dairy sheep. Christchurch is still suffering all sorts of frequent aftershocks, of 4 and 5 status, and nerves are rattled all over the place. On the way my husband asks me "remind me again why, in a country of 40 million sheep, that we are driving 4 hours into a still active earthquake zone to buy a sheep?..." An interesting question! One I ponder myself! All I can say is that I realllllllly want raw milk again (I used to have goats) and it is just not safe as a preggie woman to drink raw stuff unless you can monitor the hygiene yourself. So don't stand in the way of a pregnant woman with cravings! But we spent a night in that town, supposedly to cheer up our friends, but the aftershocks just destroyed our nerves as well!

So crazy ass country here, all in this last week we have had big earthquakes, huge wind storms, floods, and lovely warm sunny days! Agh! Take me back to Alaska!

The battery hens are starting to look a bit better, but still a little like turkeys with their plucked necks and bald patches and long knarley nails, but they are figuring out how to be chickens more and more every day.

Big hugs to all mammas!
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mahiisland: Sounds like you really have had a LONG and trying week!!! I hope everything clams down soon!! And lots of prayers go out to those effected by the earthquakes and floods!!!!

OK, i know that we are all getting closer and closer to the end...but last night i went to a viewing for one of my cousin's grandfather who passed away from cancer this past week. Anyways, I was standing in like waiting to get up to the family and three or four people who knew my grandparents who were standing with me asked me how much longer I had before my baby would be here. I was like "december 14th" and then they said "God Bless your heart!!! You look like you are already ready to pop!!!" I just felt like crap the rest of the night because of that thought lol. I know that my tummy is getting bigger from baby but i've only gained 6 lbs so I don't feel like i'm really THAT big for as far along as I am. I feel like i'm average. But with comments like that it makes me feel like i'm as big as a house and just bound to get bigger!!! I've already come to terms that this baby will probably be bigger than my first dd...and I'm totally okay with that...(because DD #1 was small when she was born!) I just don't need a reminder from strangers (even if they know my family i don't know them) that i'm going to be getting EVEN BIGGER!!!! LOL. Okay, i'm over it...I just know that I'm sure there are others of you who have gone through stuff like that and I just feel like if you don't have anything really nice to say to a pregnant woman please don't say it at all.

I hope that everyone is doing good!!! I'm approaching my 27th week (which means only one more week before I go back to the doctor then start my every 2 week appointments YAY!!! And only 10 more weeks before I reach the point where i went into labor on my own with DD #1...which happens to be the week of Thanksgiving!!!). I'm still tired a lot, but i've been having to work crazy, messed up hours at work...I guess that's what I get for working at a 911 center where we never close and we are down one employee. I just wish they would hurry up and hire the next person so that we won't have to work other people's shifts and so we can stop working over time.

Have a great week ladies and I know i might be crazy but i'm SOOOOO happy football season is finally good and on it's way!!! It gives me and DH something to do together other than obsess over all the baby stuff that needs to be done!
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Sometimes I doubt the general population knows what a full term pregnant woman really looks like. If they did they'd know that we aren't 'ripe' yet!
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Wow! I forgot how hard this can be. My last child is 7 so is has been a long time since I was pg. Little Jade is moving so much these days. Sometimes it feels like she is running or something in there. I am still having trouble with what postion she is in. I think she is head down most of the time but flips from side to side, as I feel a lot of the movement on either side.
Dp can feel her now which is great. He is falling more in love everyday with his daughter.

Nothing makes me feel more stressed out than money trouble. I am waiting to get into a low income townhouse. We are next on the list. But I was scared I couldn't pay the rent next month. I did alot of praying/meditating. I realized it is not in my hands... and guess what?? DD dad paid his child support so we can get food and pay the rent and maybe have something left over.... I feel totally blessed at this moment.

I have had an appointment to get my liscence again for about 2 months. I let it expire and I had to redo the road test. Well it cost 125$$ Which we didn't have. But it totally worked out. Dp got a side job to pay for it. .

Is anyone else just not feeling hungry?? I have no appepite. and I get full really fast!! I didn't gain any weight at my last midwife appointment. the baby is a little behind too!! but she says that she is not worried. I guess because I started out bigger its ok??

Qbear'smama; I hope you all peace in this heartbreaking time.

mahiisland; soo cool about the sheep. Not so great about the earthquake
please let us know how the milking goes. what do they eat?

brichole1214; ditto on the washing of baby stuff, I have a whole tote full of diapers that need to be prepped, better get on that, lol

MoonStarFalling; I hear ya on the emotional thing too! . I can go months without crying when not pg. But everyday something .... err or someone (DP) makes me cry. I guess it goes with the teritory. its nice to know Iam not the only one.
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I am I a thread killer??
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Haha, no I think we're all just quietly gestating, our DDC seems quiet at the moment. Thanks for the sympathy, poor DH has been working like a dog the last little while, I am glad we're going away (Disneyworld ) in a few weeks because he reaaaaaallly needs a vacation. He should be going into nesting mode soon, which was intense last time, but very cute.
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corysmilk - i always hesitate to post because I am a thread killer FOR SURE!

This is the quietest DDC that I've ever been a part of... perhaps because most of us have little ones. I've noticed that in the past, the DDC with TONS of first timers is much more active.... or because we're all in the "calm before the storm" stage

Qbear - how fun that you're going on vacay!! My hubby has been working like CRAZY too and he deserves a vacation and time to PREPARE for the birth - he likes to talk about everything and really feel like he's caught up on reading and research and emergency situation and the whole 9... I more or less trust my body to do what it needs but I know that I need to TALK about it with him to make him more at ease...he's a big communicator and I am pretty reserved which is always funny during a birth because he talks to me nonstop and I am simply in my zone.... He's the best though - big mouth and all
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I don't think my DH is as involved. I like that he's leaving certain things up to me but I'd really like him to be a part of the post-birth planning! I think he's hesitant because he'll be deploying in February... I couldn't even imagine leaving this LO for a day after he's born. Leaving him for a whole year must make him feel like the worst dad ever or something. He loves the army though and we should be able to put $10,000 or more into savings while he's gone if we stick with our budget.
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This DDC is so quiet. I kinda feel like this is pg 4 so it's hard to be that excited.

My DD woke up today saying all babies get cut out of belies with scissors (lol) so I had to show her my Veronica Wagner Birth dvd. It is super graphic and DD (3.5) did say "gross" one time as they're pouring oil over a crowning baby head. I realized although it's a pro homebirth movie they are very aggressive with the perineal massage which is a little disturbing. I need to show the kids some more birth movies (DS has seen them) and she asked to see a cesarean movie.

I go back on the 29th for my GTT and 3rd tri u/s (I'll be 28wks). I'm so happy this OB doesn't require fasting and I can drink it at home. I can make sure I eat some protein before hand and get a little walk in after and it won't be so bad hopefully. I had refused it the last 2 pg.

corysmilk, I have been freaking out a little about $ now that we have our own business and things got really slow this month. I need to relax because we always find a way. I haven't been hungry much and had lost a couple pounds last week.
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ahh happy tuesday everyone. Dp is working now and I am so bored. Yesterday was a very stressful day for us. He had a court thing. It all turned out, they dropped the charges. But after we were walking back to the van and he says I can drink now. ???? umm no. your an alcholic remember?? well I can have one on my birthday. no hunny you can't have just one.
He's been sober for 8 months and I am scared that he is going to drink again. He mentioed it many more times yesterday. I asked him to come to a meeting with me last night and he said something like I don't need to go to meetings anymore.
I am just praying that my relationship is not going to go down the toilet. I have worked hard to have this relationship. And i really thought he was commited and he has worked hard. But all these doubts are coming up for me now, Like- did he just do all this to avoid going to jail?? was it all an act? even loving me? I am already depressed so these thought are not helping at all.
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Corysmilk I've BTDT my ex had escalating substance abuse issues and I know exactly how that uncertainty feels and how much work you end up putting into it. It's hard! I'd even been to court with him, too. I don't want to say it will all be fine, but given your situation you have to take it day by day and hope for the best; he knows you're there for him and hopefully he sees all of the great things he has going for him and what he could lose and hopefully he'll keep making the right choices to keep all the things that matter more than alcohol. I feel for you, mama.
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