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anyone taking prenatal classes? we are. I don't feel I need them but Dp is really wanting to go. It's understandable. This is his first baby. I hope we get a good teacher.

Still super tired. LOL I think it is starting to be real for me now!! I am planing where to put Jayde's stuff at my house. I haven't actually moved anything or washed anything but I can finally think of her as a real person and not just some abstract baby I am going to have in dec.

Holy 3 babies?? I hope mommies and babies are doing well.
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I have to start soon but DH absolutely has to take some kind of parenting class (I guess his boss 'says so', army...) so he's probably going to do some 'Daddy Boot Camp' thing through the base.
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How is everyone? Reading a little here to catch up after a month away. I've been off trekking in the arctic wilderness for a month with my 19 month old, which has been awesome. I carried the kid (maybe 22lbs?) and about 5 more pounds of stuff, but my poor husband had to carry all the rest of our gear (around 8 days out in the wilderness between villages, which is quite a bit of food on top of everything). I think being a pregnant adventurer worked OK - at least I know I grew out of my rainpants and the baby has been kicking away, though I haven't been to an appointment in nearly 2 months now.

I haven't been thinking much about pregnancy during that time, other than the fact that it made me a bit slower. Now I suddenly realize that 3 months until this next baby is looking pretty soon indeed! The main thing I'm worried about is transitioning my son out of our bed, getting him comfortable with dad putting him to sleep, and nightweaning him before the next one comes. Ack!
Wow, I just read some of your blog entries and the NYT article - you and your family are amazing! And now I feel like a huge wimp
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We start our "birthing classes" on October 4th and we are going through the 5 week program for "first timers" because this is DH's first baby and it's been 7 years since i've had one. DH is really looking forward to our every monday classes. The only thing i'm not looking forward to is going to the classes after working all day every monday. OH WELL it will be worth it!!!

I'm finally starting to get over my nasal congestion but it's moved down into my chest and i cough EVERY morning so bad that my abs are KILLING ME right now!!! Baby girl has also decided that my ribs are still her favorite place to hang out these days!!!!

I went to my 28week appointment this past tuesday and everything is looking good. I've still only gained 5lbs since this whole adventure started but the nurse told me that as long as I'm not dieting or trying to lose weight then i'm good. So that made me feel good lol. I did my glucose test and I guess everything came back okay because i haven't heard from the doctor's office yet...so i'm keeping my fingers crossed. I start going to the doctor every 2 weeks from now until november so this should make things go by a LITTLE bit faster from now on...at least I hope it does. The only thing is i'm still so behind on getting everything ready for Emma to be here. At least we have put all of the hardwood down in most of the rooms and gotten the old carpet pulled up.

I hope everyone is doing great!!! I hate not having the internet at my house anymore...(well until i go to pay my bills and realize that i'm saving a LOT of money without cable and internet) At least I still have access here at work and I'll beable to use my mom's computer when I go to the hospital because they have WIFI!!! YAY lol....
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I turned 28 weeks on Wednesday and it still hasn't him that it's time for the 2-week appointment schedule. My next appointment is 10/6 and includes the monthly u/s to monitor Julian's growth, he has a SUA and a cleft lip and palate. So far all has been well. My next appointment after that is Nov. 3 which I need to move up a week because I will be traveling from L.A. to NYC for the launch of our newest site, it's a work (www.iridesentlearning.org) trip, that's super exciting.

So I will start on my 2-week schedule at that point, my EDD is 12/15.
I figure this is what I can do:

Then I will go to weekly for all of December!
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raspberry.swirl: That does seem strange that he hasn't started your 2 week appointments yet since you are one day behind me.

counting my last appointment this is how we have my appointments set up:

Sept. 21st (28 wks)
Oct. 5th (30 wks)
Oct. 19th (32 wks)
Nov. 2nd (34 wks)
Nov. 16th (36 wks w/ u/s to make sure baby is in the right place for
my VBAC we have planned)
Nov. 23rd (37 wks)
Nov. 30th (38wks)
Dec. 7th (39wks)
Dec. 14th (40 wks and due date and DD#1's 7th birthday!!!!)

If i go more than 40 weeks i don't know if they are going to allow me to attempt my VBAC...we just have to see!!!
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soglad - thanks! but you're not a huge wimp. I've been doing expeditions for 10 years, which is a lot of time to work up to things. It actually felt slow and relaxing taking all the breaks for the toddler!

Off trekking, I went 2 months between appointments. So it was a big surprise to show up on Wed and be told that it's time to go every 2 weeks again! I bargained down to 3 weeks for the next one, then going to 2. I think it's a good idea to go, and gives me a chance to do errands (prenatal appointments are in the next and larger town, and state insurance pays for the plane flight), but sometimes it seems so pointless. They don't do anything at appointments!
With less than 3 months to go, I'm not sure I'm ready for this baby to actually show up.
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for all of the mamas that have joined the yahoo bead swap group - wanted to see if we were still planning on doing that?!?! Our DD are rapidly approaching
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Can I just pop in and veer off topic for a moment to say that I had an awesome appointment today? My midwife sprung the GD screen on me (well, not really SPRUNG, I just forgot that it was supposed to be today). She does a random blood test and I consent to it gladly because even though I hate the test itself, I have a lot of diabetes in the family and I want to be cautious. She tested hemoglobins, too, because I am usually anemic during pregnancy. I passed both tests with flying colors...in fact my iron was pretty much perfect. She told me that whatever I'm doing, I should keep doing it, which means I will continue to ask DH to make his delicious stovetop popcorn on a regular basis.
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Lol. I just got my results back too. My glucose test came back perfect but I'm slightly anemic. Oh well, looks like a good reason for steak!
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Originally Posted by WifeofAnt View Post
Lol. I just got my results back too. My glucose test came back perfect but I'm slightly anemic. Oh well, looks like a good reason for steak!
Exactly ~ when I found out I was anemic in previous pregnancies the first thing I did was arrange for a babysitter so DH could take me on a steak date.
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So yeah this chat is pretty quiet. September is coming to a close and we only got 4 pages of chat... Can you believe that October is starting like THIS Friday? You know what that means? It means we only have a month and a half before the beginning of this DDC start entering 'full-term-land'! If that makes you panic... I'm sorry. Just remember to add a few weeks if you're due more toward Christmas and the New Year.

A month and a half (7 weeks actually) and some of us may be holding babies... Mine better stay in for his entire prison sentence though so his daddy doesn't miss it!

Just for a visual there are:

Days left until the first December DDC member reaches 38 weeks as of September 29th.
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Way to freak us all out there! Though I doubt my Dec 17 baby will come early, so I guess I have a little more time.
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I had my 28 wk appt today, 1 hr glucose and ultrasound. Everything looked great, babe estimated at 3 pounds. He's laying transverse though and has been for quite a while. I really hope I passed the 1 hr. Can't wait for him to get here!
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yes this chat is quite. I don't know what to say most of the time. I just feel like I am whinning, lol!

Today has been a stressful day. I could not fall asleep last night. I was spotting a bit and had a lot of pain, not contractions but pain. I finally feel asleep around 3:30. I wake up at 7:30 to get ds ready for school. Dp's mom has been really great, helping out with EVERYTHING. SHe made his lunch today so I didn't have to. Even on my semi bedrest I have been getting up and doing mornings with ds. Dp is a sleepy head, much to grumpy to do mornings.
I Am not sure how much of my story you ladies know, but I have weekly appointments with a family support worker. (my children went to live with family then in foster care for ds and I went to get help for a drug and alcohol problem) anyway, dp just unloads on this lady, saying I never disapline or interact with ds. that even thou I have to take it easy I should be playing with him and all this crapp I have been doing everything I can. I am still doing bedtime. I made dinner tonight and last night. I sit and play cards with ds and read him books- or he reads to me. I totally freaked, I said, " can you stop? it makes me look like i can't do this, they might take him away." I understand that dp is frustrated. But come on! later he told me,"you wanted to be pregnant, so suck it up" I am feeling so hurt and just..... not loved or cared for right now. i thought we were in this together and now I am not sure. I feel very alone. I am dependent on him I can't leave him. Plus I don't want to leave him. But its not a nice feeling to think that one day I *might* have to. ahh....

anyway sorry about going off AGAIN! I don't have many good friends IRL. I guess I just needed to get it all out.

oh and I am spotting again, but not any more pain, well its not different.
stay in baby.
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I know i've been quiet lately because i've gotten rid of my internet at the house...so work is the only place i'm able to get on line right now. I'll get to update while i'm in the hospital after having baby girl though at the end of november/beginning of december because my mom will be bringing her laptop for me to use while i'm there!!!!

Corysmilk: Big hugs to you!!!! I'm sorry that you are having to go through that especially with the bleeding and pain that you've been having too!!!! Maybe he will chill out soon...i hope so...because you need his support right now.

I go to my 30 week appointment this coming tuesday and we start our birthing classes this coming monday!!! I'm really looking forward to both! I haven't heard back from the doctor about my glugose test yet but i figure No news is Good news!!! I just can't believe how close we are all getting to giving birth to our little ones!!! If i go early like i did with DD #1 i only have like 8 weeks left!! And even if i go full term to 40 weeks i only have 11 weeks...so that really isn't much time left at all!!!! (I thought this pregnancy was going to last forever but turns out it's actually flying by pretty fast!!)

I hope everyone is having a good day! I'm really excited that the weather here in Alabama has finally decided to cool off!!! I'm sooooooooooo tired of the hot weather lol.
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So I went shopping a couple days ago for an outfit for my baby shower that will be October 16th and decided I needed to get a new bra since my others are starting to "floweth over" !!!! Well, I about cried when I got to the maternity store and tried on the size i thought I should wear and it was too small!!! So i had to go up another cup size!!!! I was DEVISTATED lol...DH is pretty happy about the bigger tata's...but I'm only 5'0'' tall and i'm now having to wear a size 40 F !!!! I was wearing a 36DD right before I got pregnant and then shortly after went up to a 36DDD. I guess i didn't ever see myself wearing a 40F ever a day in my life!!!! Especially with as short as I am and with as little weight as I've gained with this pregnancy. I'm almost 30 weeks and i've still only gained 5lbs!!!! (which is pretty good since i started out way over weight for my height!)

ANYWAYS, i'm almost over the shock of the size and I REALLY hope that it doesnt get much bigger because it's really hard to find bra's that big to fit!!!! Especially without paying an arm and a leg!!!
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