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Step into my paradigm (LOL)...

I am a teacher at a childrens home and a hs mom. Since I live on campus, the demand for help, or open this quiz, or tutoring is almost non-stop. Plus keeping larry moe and curly on task at home is an ever increasing chllenge!

I am looking for WAHM work for when I am home-- mornings, weekends, during our generous breaks that will help me get closer to debt free (the student loans are killer).

I'm pretty sure using school (and thus home since I live on campus) net for my own profit is against our acceptable use policy. Thus any virtual work would have to justify the expense of adding my own net in (very) rural OK! And prolly upgrading my pc, and adding a phone line-- yikes!

I am not looking for a carreer or anything-- I don't need to find fulfillment-- I love love love teaching; just want to do my time and get a tidy paycheck to kill the debt quicker while not taking (too much) away from my current obligations.

I saw many lists of opps on here, and they're great. I guess what I am looking for is specific input from moms who have tried certain opps, and their opinions on how it fits my criteria.

Thanks in advance for any and all suggestions!