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Here is My Personal List. I am 37 Weeks Tomorrow, and almost all of this is Complete. The room is ready, decorated, set up and stocked with supplies. (I set up a spare room as My Birth Room. It has a Birth Pool in a Box, our old queen bed, twinkle lights and focal points, Birth Supples, Candles...It's Perfect!) I have tie dyed, and sewed all the stuff I really 'needed' to. All I really have to do is Pack the Kids bags, Restock our foods(For some reason they keep running out!)....And the 'last-minute-Cant-do-before-labor-starts-anyway' stuff. I have a few more things to sew, but they aren't super pressing. Just stuff to keep me occupied until the Big day. We also need to install the Carseat base, but it's so easy it take a minute or two tops. We have a hose for the Pool, (The drinking Water Safe Kind) But want to buy a 2nd one to hook directly to the water heater (It's in the spare room. Convienient!) and the other one to hook up in the kitchen (20 feet away) to the cold water to double the amount that is pumping into the pool and fill it up twice as fast.




Twinkle lights
Candles; lilac, cut grass, vanilla, fresh linen
Flowers:artificial and fresh
screw hooks
bath rug
Towel racks or hooks
Pretty Pictures and frames
Clear Jar with Orange and blue glass stones to hold flowers

Make a rice Sock

Supplies to buy:
2 Big Storage Bins
Hose Suitable to Drink from
2nd Drinking Safe Hose
Dim Light Bulbs
Nursing Tops
More undies
Witch Hazel(No alcohol in it)
Large Cheap Bowls
Thank You cards
Popsicle molds
LARGE Pot(s) {Borrow?}
Bath Rug

In Actual Supply Box
Newborn Diapers
Bulb Syringe
Large Garbage Bags
Baby Hats
Receiving Blankets
Newborn Clothes
Olive Oil
Tub Supplies (Hose, Pump, Liner, Attachments...)
Ziploc Freezer Bag(s)
Paper Towels
Hair bands and clips
Baby Wipes
Measuring Tape
Chap Stick

Food to Have:

Raspberry Leaf Tea
Waffle Mix
Cheese Sticks
Refried Beans
Spanish Rice
Almond Butter
Coconut Water
Silk Brand Coconut Milk
Vitamin Waters
Capri Sun (Pacific Cooler)
Orange Juice (Pulp Free)
V8 SPlash
Real Coconuts?
Pasta Salad (Supplies)
Fruit salad stuff, canned fruit+Strawberries/Bananas/Apples/grapes
Crackers-Wheat Thins, Graham
Meatloaf stuff?

Have Coconut Water Pops and RRLT Pops ready made

To Do:
Organize Entire House.
    •    Top of Fridge
    •    Washing Machine Area
    •    Microwave Shelf
    •    Kid's Closet
    •    Hall Closet Bottom
    •    Hall Closet Top
    •    Bathroom Cabinets

Make Up Sign For front Door
Lists for helpers regarding Birth Plan/kids/laundry/food...
Set up room. Bed. Pool. Music. Computer. Stations
Make Up Beds
Decorate/Organize Room
Sterilize all Xtra Sheets towels Receiving blankets & store in a bag in a bin.
Tie Dye Baby things!!

Wash and Install Infant Carseat

Pack Overnight Bags for the Kids

To Do in Early Labor:
Shop for any Food We Don't Have (See Food List Above)
Cool Room Down (Turn on fans, open Window...)
Turn up Water Heater (140°)
Charge Batteries for cameras.
SET UP TUB (Drain, Dry, Put on Liner, Refill)
SET UP ROOM(Put things out, within reach)
Move Computer to room and set up iMovie camera.
Make Food (Boil Eggs, Fruit Salad, Pasta Salad, Cookies...)
Pick Flowers
Last minute Chores, (Counters, Bathrooms, Kitchen Floor Swept and Mopped, Dishes, Laundry, Vacuum...)
Light Candles
Fill Pots with water and Boil
Call Helpers

Make Coconut Ice: Equal Parts Coconut Water and Silk Brand Coconut Milk, add a couple of drops of Coconut flavor. Freeze. Shave in Snow Cone Maker

"Make your own flexible icepacks by combining rubbing alcohol and water.
Use one part alcohol to 3 parts water. If you increase the ratio of alcohol,
the frozen mixture will be slushier, gentler. Put this mixture into a
condom and tie the end closed like you would a balloon. After it is
frozen you may want to put another condom over it. This can then be
wrapped in soft flannel. The idea is that this shape would be more
ergonomic. It is to be applied the same way you put a hot dog in a bun."

Make a sign for your door. :

"At homebirths we mother the mother. Please do something helpful/useful while you are here. Sweep the floor, quietly do the dishes, wash a load of laundry, or take out the trash."

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Brittany- Ok, your setup sounds amazing! At least what I am picturing in my head lol!



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Originally Posted by mistiblue02 View Post

Brittany- Ok, your setup sounds amazing! At least what I am picturing in my head lol!



I'll Have to Add Pics!


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wow, sounds like you are expecting a LONG labor! My first was 6 hours and my second was 30 minutes, so my plan for this time is


Get someone here to watch the kids

Get the pool set up in time


That's all! smile.gif

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Nuzzlenudge: your list is a great!  I'll have to revisit it as I get closer to figuring out my own list. smile.gif

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