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Yay for head-down babies! I hope you both have swift and safe births very soon.

Our first visit with the midwife went very well. She seems competent and no-nonsense, but also warm and accessible. I really feel after hearing her personal philosophy and practices that we made the right decision.
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Originally Posted by Monarchgrrl View Post
Can everyone think "head down" thoughts for me today, please? It worked for Lindzies. At my midwife appt on Friday, everything about our baby's position was ambiguous. The heartones were not below my bellybutton like they should be for vertex. She thinks she's OP so it was hard to tell for sure of the head/face. But where I feel hicups and kicks would say vertex. So I'm heading to my OB this afternoon (ugh!) to get a super quick sonogram to see how she's positioned. My midwives are a little more aggressive with breech babies for first timers than I would like, so I'm just hoping that she's vertex and it was just hard to feel on Friday. My midwife fully believed this is the case, but just wants to be sure.

Sending positive head down vibes your way. Don't worry momma, she still has time to turn. My little one turned with a little motivation (all fours). Now she is head down, sunny side up with a twist. We still have a little turning to do, but I'm not stressing "too much".

Good Luck!

I think we need to implement daily check ins for Papa and Lyndzies!
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Yay for head-down babies!

We're at 36 weeks today. I had this dream two nights ago that I had my baby on Sept 29th, and my mom had a dream that I had him within 45 minutes of thinking I might be in labor and my partner wasn't able to make the birth. I'm all for a speedy labor, but 45 minutes seems a little crazy! As for him arriving tomorrow, I'm not exactly ready for little man to make his arrival, so I hope that he stays put for at least another week and gives himself a chance to mature a little more. I'm not really sure what position he's in, but he did some major movement around 29 weeks and ever since then I've felt that he was head-down. He's really active still and I can totally feel limbs in my ribs and at the top of my uterus. I'd be surprised if he wasn't. Next time I go to the doctor is in another week.
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quasar- Wow, that is really strange that you had 2 dreams with today's date. Stay put, baby! I wish you the speedy delivery you have been dreaming about but with enough time for DP to get there!

Papa and Lyndzies- you're both so close, how exciting!!

Monarchgrrl- Happy to hear that the baby is head down!

AFM- I have a follow up ultrasound to my follow up ultrasound tomorrow morning, I am hoping the 3rd time is a charm and they can get a good look at her face. I think 4 u/s in 4 weeks would be a bit much. Please cross your fingers that she is not "camera shy" this time
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Well I guess that I will join We got our BFP on 9/24/10 which makes me 4w3d's today (DD 6/5/11). I am feeling well but really cautious. We have our intial appointment on 10/11/10 (we are choosing to go the OB route until at least 16 weeks). Ironically, I have had 3 people approach me and tell me they had dreams that I was pregnant with twin boys I guess we will see. So glad to be here with you gals again!
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Welcome painefaria!!!! CONGRATS!!!!!!!!
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Originally Posted by painefaria View Post
Well I guess that I will join We got our BFP on 9/24/10 which makes me 4w3d's today (DD 6/5/11). I am feeling well but really cautious. We have our intial appointment on 10/11/10 (we are choosing to go the OB route until at least 16 weeks). Ironically, I have had 3 people approach me and tell me they had dreams that I was pregnant with twin boys I guess we will see. So glad to be here with you gals again!
welcome! i'm so glad you've decided to join us... i know how hard it is to trust a pg after a loss... i'm still feeling a bit cautious... but it'll get better over time. hoping you can keep calm until you are feeling a bit more confident. sending you much love and light.
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Hiya, lovelies! Just checking in.

painefaria - YIPPEEEEEE!!! Big congrats and tons of sticky vibes!

abeecharmer - Yay for wiggly babies and thanks for the good thoughts.

burg - thinking of you and hoping the u/s goes well, and that there's a clear view of the face.

quasar - 36 weeks!!? Wow, time really DOES fly for all of us, doesn't it?? I hope you're right about head-down, and I'm also hoping he'll bake a little bit longer (since it seems that's what you'd like, too!). Almost full-term, yay!

Mistral - You're cute. How are you feeling these days?? Not long for you, either!!

LibraryLady - I'm glad it seems you connected well with your midwife! Very important.

Monarchgrrl - Yay! Head down! I knew it. Awesome news to read. Doesn't it give you some peace of mind?? It certainly did for me.

Papa - anything new to report? Hope you're feeling well.

AFM - I can't believe I'm only 5 short days away from my due date. This is insane to me (as an aside, tomorrow is the due date I was "given" originally... before I convinced everyone I knew with 99.9% certainty when I conceived. Lol!). I'm heading in to the office tomorrow and Friday, and then I'm done commuting! I'll still work from home Monday - Wednesday next week if she doesn't come sooner, but things really are starting to wrap up for me... for the next 3 months! It's sorta hard for me to wrap my brain around; I'm going to have a WHOLE NEW JOB to learn! Eeeep! So excited, though.

I had my 39 week appointment on Monday; I actually met with my midwife's supervising OB instead of my midwife (she's on vacation this week... however, she's still in town, so she reassured me she'd still be at the birth if it happened this week). The OB was really great; I'd be pretty comfortable with her participating in my birthing if that's what had to happen for whatever reason. I gave in and got checked... curiosity got the better of me! And... NADA!!!! I know it doesn't mean anything, but it's hard not to get at least a LITTLE discouraged when you're declared "tight as a drum" and the OB can't even "find the baby's head in the pelvis." Oh well, as Hypnobabies insists, "babies are born on their birthdays, not when doctors decide." I know she'll come exactly when she's ready.

Other than super swollen feet (all of a sudden, out of nowhere) and being pretty darn uncomfortable, there's not much else to report. I'm still sleeping really well (considering) in the recliner; most nights I get at least 6 hours of uninterrupted sleep. I know I am super lucky. I credit my comfy recliner.

Speaking of which, I wanted to share the final nursery reveal! We're super happy with it, and I'm really excited about how everything came together. I'm also somewhat jealous that our daughter's room is cooler than ours.
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Lyndzies- I know it can seem a little discouraging for the baby to be up high and closed in, but things can change in a matter of minutes really. When I went in to have my first, my water had broken about 6 hours before I went to the hospital and I was still only 2cm dilated when they checked me. I had been 1cm for at least a couple weeks before then. I'm sure Cadence will make things all nice and ready once she wants to come out. Oh, and as far as the swelling goes, I'm totally not looking forward to that. Last time, I had come home from work and was whining about my swollen feet and we took a picture. Let's just say, it wasn't pretty. Luckily, the swelling goes down once you have the baby, and if there's water weight, you get back to your pre-pregnancy weight quicker.

painefaria- Good to see you here! Many many sticky vibes coming your way!

AFM- The 29th has come and gone with no baby arrival. He's kicking up a storm in there and I'm having BH a lot more recently. Still hoping to go at least a couple more weeks.
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Oh wow! There's going to be a lot of babies around here soon! Yippee!!!

Lyndzies The baby will come when it's ready. But, if you can somehow show her a picture of her new AWESOME bedroom, I think she might come a lot quicker!!!! I hope that you stay well rested and comfortable in these final days.

painefaria Welcome to you!

abeecharmer It seems like your going to have a new best friend in your OB given the frequency of your visits. I find it funny when we see our healthcare professionals more than people in our circles!

burg I hope the follow up to the follow up ultrasound delivered. Er, I mean that the baby cooperates!

quasar Today's the 30...so did your dream predict the babe's arrival? I hope that you were able to will the baby to stay put.

LibraryLadyGlad to hear that your first visit to the midwife went well.

Papa Any more movement from Ember? Stay in there little baby.

AFU We had our second midwife appointment on Tuesday and I'm 14 weeks today. We were able to hear the heartbeat with the doppler. But, after the 10w ultrasound, I have to say we weren't nearly as impressed! It seemed, um, a little lackluster in comparison? If we had of done the doppler first, I would have been wowed.

The job situation is like a bad game of road hockey - game on, game off - but after our large conference next week, our Board is meeting and I should have better clarity then. I am so looking forward to Thanksgiving because it marks that the INSANE part of my fall season is nearly over. Whew!
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gumshoe, good to see you... are you feeling movement yet??

quasar, getting close.... hope that babe stays put just as long as he needs!

lyndzies, sorry you're feeling so uncomfortable... hoping that the last day and a half at work goes fast so you can sit your butt in that recliner all day if you need until the babe is born! that nursery is sure something to be proud of, good job mamas!

charmer, yay for moving babies!!

burg, so how was the u/s??

waving to all i missed

afm, i'm starting to feel more and more movement... some days are better than others... like today we have our first midwife "appt" tomorrow evening, and we are really excited!!!
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WOW Lyndzies- That is the most beautiful nursery I've ever seen!!!!!!! Amazing job, really!

Here's a few photos from my photo shoot. She's only given me a few so far, just to tide me over.


Halloween Baby

Pink Ribbon
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Monarchgrrl- Your pictures are lovely, thank you for sharing!

wehrli- Yay! Isn't that the best? I'm loving every kick and wiggle

gumshoegirl007- Glad that your appt. went well. I hope that you get some answers on the job front soon!

quasar- glad to hear that there wasn't any significance to the reoccurring dream!

Lyndzies- 3 days away now!! Your nursery is so beautiful!

painefaria- WELCOME!

AFM- Thank you for all the well wishes for the U/S, it was a success!


This is me at 5 months-
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burg- that is a great ultrasound picture!!! Glad it was a success! You look great at 5 months!! Beautiful!
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I'm next!!!!

I'm at the hospital, getting induced.

Ember will be born either today (Saturday) or Sunday. She's doing really, really well, but I was diagnosed with pre-eclampsia, so it's time for her to come out now.

I've been here since 5:00 PM yesterday, so it's about 12 hours in to what could be a four or five days hospital stay.

I'm so glad that I have my amazing King of the Birth Team with me, he is staying the night, and my amazing birth team was here for a few hours in the evening and they'll be back in the morning.

Updates soon!
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omg papa!!! i can't believe it's time for ember to arrive!! we are sending you easy labour and delivery vibes, many hugs and much love!!!

keep us posted as you can.

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Papa !!! Whoohoo !!!! Wishing you a safe and comfortable birth and a happy birthday to little Ember !

I am so happy for you !

You made it !

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Quiet but still around :)

Hey everyone !

I have been quiet in the past few days because I am tired ! Work has taken on its regular pace and that means that I am overworked, overstressed and that I have little extra time... and I have been giving all of that time to my now very pregnant (and very beautiful) GF.

We are almost 21 weeks and she already measures almost 26 weeks ! Incredible ! We had a doctors appt this week and everything was perfect. We got to see the twins again on the US and they were moving and still just as perfect. DP can now feel little bubbles once or twice a day.... its still not much because of the anterior placenta but they are such happy moments

We received three HUGE boxes or cloths and two HUGE boxes of baby toys from a friend... it took us almost 2 days to sort through lol. We have alot of 6-12 months it seems but need more of the smaller items. This morning, we are going to a bazar organized by the montreal association of parents of twins That should be fun !!!

Lyndzies : your nursery is GORGEOUS Wow !!!!!! Thinking about you in the days to come... let us know how you are doing !

Burg : that is a mighty cute baby and a very beautiful you !

MonarchGirl : Awesome photos ! Can we see the rest ?

Wherli : Horray for more movement I envy you ! We still have only a tiny little bit...

Quasar : Its good to see you Wow, 36 weeks already !!Horray for a head down baby ! How is your little man doing ?

Take care everyone !

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Hi all,

I'm way too far behind for personals, although I need to right away say for Papa and almost-welcome to [B]Ember/B]! I hope you have a safe and easy induction, that the pre-eclampsia is resolved, and that you have an incredible experience meeting this much-wanted little one. I'm thinking of you today!

In fact, I'm thinking of you all, and keeping track of the board when I can. I'm in the middle of two poorly-timed trips that require flying back and forth to my familial home, and I'm feeling worn out and overwhelmed by it all. On the other hand, I told my dept chair about the pregnancy, and she was surprisingly supportive. I'm now feeling cautiously optimistic about how next semester will work! And I'm slowly coming out to other colleagues, who generally recover from their surprise to congratulate me, at least. Nothing else to report, really. 16 weeks today, and not feeling anything I can regularly identify as movement. So jealous of Wehrli and others who get that confirmation!

I promise to be a better board member after this last trip home (for my father's wedding, only announced a month ago!).
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