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Glad to hear it, Lyndzies! Congrats on starting your leave. I still have probably 2 weeks left, but I can work some of that from home, so I probably will. I can't wait to just relax and wait for our little one to come.
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Glad to hear you're staying patient, Lyndzies. Mistral, I'm starting to get impatient over here too, lol. I think I've convinced myself that I'm going early so I'll be really surprised and probably crazy by the time 40 weeks hit.

I had an OB appointment today and I'm 2+ cm dilated and 50% effaced with a head down baby. With our first, I don't even think I was 2cm dilated when I went to the hospital 7 hours after my water broke... I know it doesn't mean a whole lot, and I could still be waiting for weeks, but hearing that certainly was a kick in the butt that I need to get ready over here! I had some stronger contractions on Tuesday that were fairly regular for about a half hour, so that got me thinking again that this baby might come sometime soon. If he's going to be early, it would be neat if he came on 10-10-10. But since I'm only 37wk 2 days now, he can bake a little longer if he wants. Hard to believe the new little guy will be here soon!
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Any day now Lyndzies! Wishing you a beautiful birth. : )
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hey everyone... we haven't seen any belly pics of anyone lately (besides monarch's beautiful photo shoot), i'm not quite to that point yet but soon, very soon!
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Originally Posted by wehrli View Post
hey everyone... we haven't seen any belly pics of anyone lately (besides monarch's beautiful photo shoot), i'm not quite to that point yet but soon, very soon!
Here's me on my due date.

Sorry if that freaks anyone out.
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Lyndzies, you look great!

I need some thoughts and good vibes please. My blood pressure is climbing back up. A few weeks ago it was 120/80. Then last time it was 110/72, so back down. Today it was 140/90. Yikes! That's the cutoff for pregnancy-induced hypertension. I'm having a home birth so all of a sudden I now have to stop working (well I'm working from home next week-then I'll stop. It'll still be two weeks early) and they are going to try to get the baby to come sooner rather than later, if possible. Twice weekly appointments with them now, modified bed rest, EPO regimen, more accupuncture and homeopathics. *sigh* I'm glad my home birth team is so supportive and I know they'll do everything in their power to make sure it happens at home. I just wish I wasn't dealing with this. I've been doing everything like I'm supposed to and it's getting worse. And she's posterior. Yay. Ugh.
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Thanks everyone for the warm welcome, I'm SO happy to be here. I'm not a great poster, but I do read every day !

Papa-Congratulations on your your darling's arrival !!
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Hey folks how are you?!

Lyndzies, that pic is cute! Doesn't scare me at all.

You can take a look at my belly pics here.
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FtMPapa: Congratulations!!! She's SO adorable!! Thanks for posting a pic! My partner and I are totally tearing up over here; we've been cheering for you for so long to have this much-wished-for baby! (She really wanted me to skip ahead to your birth story when I was doing thread-catch-up and she saw your siggie... lol)

Monarchgrrl: Are you meditating regularly? That helps so much with bp problems for some people! for a lower blood pressure and hb! Nice pictures, btw. Very unique.

painefaria: Congrats on your pregnancy!

kimlyn: Cute pics!!

AFU: We finally moved and are even mostly unpacked! It went well except that the movers tore our brand new mattress so it won't be covered under warranty any more. They also broke a bunch of our stuff! ARGH.

We also had our baby shower, which was awesome, except that only five of our guests showed up; two of which were our moms. I guess that's what we get for #1 postponing and giving only three weeks notice, and #2 accidentally holding it on thanksgiving weekend. We totally forgot about it since we don't really hold any particular significance to this holiday. Ah well. At least we had fun with our moms and besties and got some neat stuff and yummy food!!!

Last but certainly not least, we've decided to dump our midwives and have a UC. We want a really private and hands-off labour and birth, and they really aren't into leaving us be. Also, the latest scan showed that the placenta was free and clear (YAY!!!), but baby was breech, so they gave us a bunch of advice to help hir turn. Baby turned on only the third pelvic tilt, but the midwives are still antsy about it. *sigh* They keep talking about getting us in for another scan "just in case" and wanting us to meet the doc at the hospital who does vaginal breeches, and is "willing to let us try". The only thing I'm not psyched about is that there won't be midwives to clean up the birth mess. lol
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Hey ladies~ Just checking in to say hello.

Monarch~ I'm sorry you're having blood pressure troubles. I hope the modified bed rest helps and the baby turns around and all goes smoothly.

Erthe~ Sounds like a bold decision. I'm glad you're doing what feels best for you. This is your experience anyway! Sorry the shower was kind of a bust, but I know everyone wishes you the best.

Awesome belly pix all!!

I have a QOTD on behalf of my partner: Since I got pregnant she's been going through crazy hormonal stuff, most specifically the fact that she hasn't had a period in 38 days. Did your pregnancy screw up your DP's periods or do anything else hormonally odd?

No news here. Our u/s was fab, a very photogenic fetus if I do say so myself. I've had more 'it's a girl' dreams, but I know those don't mean anything. Looking forward to showing or feeling the baby kick or something....
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Library--yes! My DP also has been having weird cycles throughout my pregnancy. This wasn't entirely unexpected as she had like-clockwork 29 day cycles before meeting me and I was able to mess up her cycle within two months of our dating. She has had both really long cycles and midcycle spotting-which I suppose is better than gaining as much weight as I have or sympathy vomiting as far as symptoms go...

Erthe--yay for moving--hopefully you are feeling more and more settled each day & hopefully feeling settled will help baby stay head down for you!

Monarch--sending you low BP vibes--I agree with erthe about meditating--I think our bodies need that quiet time sometimes

Excited about the "on-deck" mamas and hope you are all feeling great!

AFU--our rugby team had a joint 'baby day' for us and two other couples who are all having babies this fall. It was really fun and so thoughtful of them to throw this get together (and also gets a lot of them out of having to come to any of our showers LOL!) I have discovered that when my hips start to get sore from sleeping on my side, I can roll most of the way over and put one or both legs up in a sort of frog position on DP or on a pile of pillows and go back to sleep with no pain--why this took so long, I don't know!
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mtnlisa~ Thanks for the info. The mid-cycle spotting sounds unpleasant, but not as unpleasant as a lot of weight gain! Glad you enjoyed your Baby Day~ sounds like fun!
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Stepping out of lurkdom for a minute to say to Library - when I was pregnant with DS my DP had wild cycles and strange hormonal fluctuations. Who knows what will happen this time. LOL
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Thanks Solejean. DP will be glad to hear this, though not as glad as if she actually started. The two weeks of PMS is starting to get to us both!
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Hi Everyone... I'm emerging from lurkdom to say hi and to respond to Library, but I should also say that I'm reading along and thinking of you all, but also regrouping after a hectic month of travel and trying to stay off the boards and hard at work (with mixed results!). All is well here-- looking more pregnant and following up with my dept chair to see if I can pause the tenure clock for a year (it looks like I can!). I hope to be back with more frequent updates and personals soon.

Anyway, Library, even though my partner is trans and hasn't had a period in many years, ever since he started testosterone, he always reports that he gets cramps and mood swings alongside my cycle , and he now says he's felt a bit off since I've been pregnant. So that's that!
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Oh, and Happy Coming Out Day, mamas and papas!
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Library, DW's cycle is usually like clockwork but it has been really off since I have been pregnant.

Can't wait to hear news from everyone that is expecting soon
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Thanks everyone! My DP says she feels really heartened by everyone's stories, less like there's something really wrong with her. We both appreciate the response. xoxo

And yes, Happy Coming Out Day!!!
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Hi, Everyone! Long time, no post!

Library - My DP has had a different experience than everyone else. Since I got pregnant, her cycles have gone from 30 days to a perfect 28, and she reports majorly increased CM around ovulation time. We think she's just *really* anxious for her turn at pregnancy!

The funny thing is, during my first trimester, I wouldn't even let DP sleep in our room with me when she had her period. I was so afraid that my body would sync up to hers and I'd miscarry! Dumb, I know, but I still made her sleep in the guest room!

October Mamas - Any news?? I have so many friends IRL who are having babies in October!!

Quick AFM Update - I started physical therapy today to treat the ever-increasing pain in my back and hips. Turns out that I have some pelvic/hip displacement that is causing the pain. Finally, an explanation! I just hope physical therapy makes a difference!

Still a little crazy in work and life, but I'm checking in on you all every few days. Hope everyone is doing well!
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Korey~ That's hilarious!! And I don't think your 'precautions' are dumb at all. I have to admit the thought crossed my mind and I was worried my body would trigger to start and everything would be lost. Good luck with the PT!
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