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It's still raining babies! Hooray for Quasar and Smartycat!!!!

I hope that everyone had a great Halloween and is easing into November. I cannot believe that it's November already.

AFU, I went to visit the midwife last week and heard the baby's heartbeat again. It was a stellar 139 bpm. That little reassurance on the doppler is all I need to make it to our next ultrasound. On November 9, we're going to make sure that everything is okay during the anatomy scan and find out the sex of the baby (who my SIL is now referring to as Baby Sri Lanka). I had so many strong girl feelings in the pregnancy, but now I'm more on the "he" side of the fence. Either way, this ultrasound will mark that we're 50% of the way through the pregnancy. I hope I can contain my excitement until next week.
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Gumshoe~ That's so wonderful. Hearing the heartbeat is so reassuring, I'm glad all is going well. I'll bet you're freaking out with excitement about your anatomy scan, for sure! It's funny how these feelings are. I've felt very strongly from day one that it's a boy, but I keep having 'it's a girl' dreams. It's going to be strange actually knowing the answer. And Baby Sri Lanka is cracking me up!
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Queer ELV's needed over here! My water broke at 1am and I've been contracting steadily since 2am. They're much stronger now. Doula is heading over to our house now. I'm doing well. Midwife thinks we'll have a baby in our arms around 3am. It's just a guess, though. I'll update later on.
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ELV!!! Come on baby Monarch!! Can't wait to hear all about it!!! xoxoxoxoxoxoxo
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monarch, ELV!!!

keep up the good work mama!!
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Belly ans Babies !

We had an ultrasound this morning and everything looked GREAT !

The girls are still girls and are both 2 days ahead on average.

Here is a pic of them and the belly !


Have a great evening everyone !

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coco, wow is that belly getting big! so glad those little girls are doing well... have you been able to feel more movements as the weeks go on?

gumshoe, good to hear everything is going well... we have our anatomy scan on 11/11 but we will not be finding out the sex. i'm excited to hear what you are having though!!! glad the HB is good, it's so reassuring... isn't it?!

burg, love your "costumes"! i cooked dinner barefoot for some friends saturday night before we went out. i was "barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen"! DP loved it! she was laughing about it all night.

kimlyn, relieved to hear that everything is so far so good... stay put little one! good luck with spinning babies... i'm sure everything will be just as it should on her birthday.

lyndzies, that little girl is something else! just adorable... thanks for all the pics, you both look so happy!

quasar & smartycat, i hope you are enjoying every second with your new little boy and his big brother!!

afm, we had a midwife appt on friday (18 weeks)... HB is good: 150 bpm, fundus is just below my belly button, BP is a little high but i have a monitor at home to prove that it's my "white coat syndrome" causing that. i've been having some lower back pain, heartburn, some swelling in my ankles/feet and a couple leg cramps. i have been experiencing carpal tunnel syndrome pretty fierce the last week or so at night... i'm going to start back with acupuncture, start new with a chiropractor and try a prenatal massage (gift from my mom ). hopefully i will start to feel a little better. i will continue prenatal yoga, as well.
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Thanks for the congrats, everyone! Baby is settling in nicely over here. He's nursing like a champ. We just need to work a little bit on the sleeping thing. He can go a few hours during the day without a peep, but at night he's up just about every hour wanting to nurse. Hopefully that gets turned around soon before it catches up to me.

There really isn't too much to tell as far as the birth story goes. I was actually scheduled to be induced on Friday morning at 8am. Friday I woke up at 5am to go to the bathroom and as soon as I sat down to go, I felt a lot of pressure and a little bit of pain. I lost the rest of the mucus plug and got a small trickle as my water broke. I woke up smartycat, and our DS1 woke up as we were talking to each other. I told her that I didn't think I was going to need to be induced, but that I still wasn't exactly sure if this was 'it'. About 10 minutes later, I started having contractions. As soon as they started, I was timing them. They were coming 5-7 minutes apart and lasting 30 seconds. Within a half hour, they increased to every 3 minutes. I called my mom and told her we were coming over to drop off DS1 and head to the hospital. Around 6am we got to my parents' and we were at the intake at 6:30. Each bump was incredibly uncomfortable as we drove and I kept begging smartycat to hurry up, but not go over any bumps when I was contracting. At the hospital I was about to kill her when she was looking for a parking spot and going too slow in the parking garage...

We got checked into the room and they hooked me up to monitors and stuff, got my IV in and then it was just a waiting game. I think it was probably around 7:30 that everything was all set. I have to admit to being not very MDC at this point. I really wanted an epidural. the nurse said I needed a full liter of fluids before they could do that. I said, OK, but I knew I was really getting close to the cut-off since my contractions were still every 3 minutes and getting more intense. She ended up checking me and was like, 'Oh man, you're already at 7. If you really want the meds we need to do this now!' So they came in and I got the epidural, which lessened the discomfort a lot. I could still feel when I was having contractions. I relaxed for a little bit and my OB came in to check on me. They started having me push at about 8:30. My water still hadn't broken completely, and when my OB checked for dilation and position while I was pushing, she must have poked the bag of water and it completely exploded. It was the most hilarious thing I had ever seen. I mean, it was like being at the splash zone at Sea World. I started laughing which made it really hard to push. I finally could feel him moving down into position to get ready to come out. Smartycat moved into position to help catch and my SIL came up to my side to help hold my leg. The OB was awesome and once the head was out, smartycat was able to guide him out the rest of the way. He was born at 9:33am and placed on my chest immediately. They let me hold him for about 20 minutes before they took him to the warmer to get their measurements. It was great! Last time they took DS to the warmer right after I got to hold him for a second and then he was there for about an hour. This time, they gave him back right away after I was stitched up. I had a small tear. They seemed to work a little harder this time in stretching me out to minimize that. He nursed soon after he was given back to me.

We stayed in the hospital until Saturday afternoon. I just wanted to get out and get home. We had a rough first night at home with DS1, but things seem to be going better now.
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Congrats Quasar ! That sounds like a perfect birth ! That was quick !!!!

Horray for the new little man !

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Congratulations, Quasar! What a wonderful story. I laughed out loud at your 'splash zone'! I'm excited to see the photos when you get them posted. Thanks so much for sharing your experience!

Wehrli~I'm so glad everything continues to go well for you. Let us know about your prenatal massage, I think I'm going to want a few of those!
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Congrats Quasar!!!!
Good luck Monarch!

As promised - Pictures Click here I apologize for the delay, I had a uterine infection which landed me in the hospital for several days.
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Mistral~ Glad you're feeling better. Yikes! But what a cute li'l punkin!!! I love the Halloween outfit and the cupcake pillow. So cute!!

Any word on Monarch? I'm assuming it went well and she's busy enjoying/recuperating, but I must say I'm curious...
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mistral, your baby girl is super cute!!! congrats again!!!
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Sophia Elizabeth is here! Born at home Nov 2 at 4:49 am, weighing 7lbs 2oz, after 27 hours of back labor. She's perfect and we're so in love. Story and pics to come!
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Thanks for the info, Monarch! Enjoy your beatuiful baby xo
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Welcome Sophia! Congrats mamas!!!
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Congrats Monarch! Welcome little miss Sophia
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Congrats, Monarchgrrl!

Mistral, Olivia is adorable. I hope you're feeling better.

I'll see if I can get some pictures up in a few. The rest of the family is napping right now, so I have 5 minutes to myself. Woohoo!
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Monarch - Congratulations on the birth of your daughter! Welcome, Sophia!

quasar - Congratulations on the birth of your son! Welcome, Baby Boy!

Mistral - What a lil cutie! Love the orange tutu!!

wehrli - Ugh! I can relate to feeling crappy. I hope the massage helps!

coco - Great pic! Glad everything is continuing to go well!

gumshoe - Good luck at your ultrasound next week! Be sure to fill us in right away!

Library - When is your anatomy scan?

Mtnlisa - How are you holding up?

ETA: beecharmer - Saw your post in the DDC about your DP being put on bedrest. I'm so sorry to hear this! I hope you're all doing okay. Try not to worry too much. The fact that the doc is letting her rest at home is a good thing!

AFM - After seeing a chiropractor, a massage therapist, and a crappy physical therapist, I FINALLY found someone who is helping with my back and hip pain! She's a Manual Physical Therapist, and she's fantastic! I'm not 100%, but I have been getting some relief, which is really wonderful after months and months of pain. BTW, here's a tip: DON'T VACUUM WHILE PREGNANT! She thinks the problem stems from an injury I got while vacuuming at 10 weeks! I tore the muscles around my ribs at that time. I have since heard from so many people that you're not supposed to vacuum while pregnant because it's easy to sustain an injury. Wish I knew that 17 weeks ago!

In happier news, our baby shower is this weekend! Can't wait!
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Congrats Monarchgrrl!!! Welcome Sophia!

Thank you for sharing those pictures, Mistral, so adorable!

Can't wait to see pictures Quasar!!
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