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Korey~ Vacuuming injury!? That's a new one! If only we didn't have wood floors, so I could use that as an excuse! ( A bit of a sore spot with me, as I've been doing all the housework lately, and DP's claims of being 'too busy with schoolwork' kind of lose their water when I come home to find her watching Oprah) BUT I'm glad that your various specialists are helping you. And that you have a shower this weekend~ woohoo! Our anatomy scan is November 23, so we'll really have something else to be thankful about!
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Originally Posted by LibraryLady View Post
Korey~ Vacuuming injury!? That's a new one! If only we didn't have wood floors, so I could use that as an excuse!
I had no idea that there is a "right way" to vacuum (lunging forward and using your legs) and a "wrong way" to vacuum (twisting with your torso)! Obviously, I was doing it wrong. Apparently, you can easily injure yourself vacuuming when you're not pregnant, but pregnancy hormones (even just progesterone) loosen everything up and make you more susceptible to injury.

So, ladies, you have a very good excuse not to vacuum for a while!
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Um, hi I think I may be ready to join.

After what can only be described as 6 days of the most heinous emotional roller coaster that I've ever been on, including bleeding, cramping, low betas and all, I got my third beta and it looks like everything is going in the right direction! The numbers are still low (133, and I'm now at 19DPO) and after two other early losses I am still EXTREMELY cautiously optimistic, but, I am pregnant RIGHT NOW! Due date is July 9th, and our first US is the 15th.

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Milletpuff!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!
:j oy

That's been a long time coming, eh?
Enjoy it!!!
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Originally Posted by osker View Post
That's been a long time coming, eh?
A year and a half, and two early losses. I'm SO ready for this!!

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yay milletpuff!! wishing you a healthy and happy 9 months
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millet! that is such good news!! that beta number is doubling really well!! i've heard time and time again that the number doesn't matter so much as the doubling... mine were fairly low too and everything is going great! i'm so happy for you...
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Stick little bean, stick!!!
I agree with, wehrli, my numbers were low and everything turned out fine, that is good doubling time!
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Hi, thought I would jump in and add some pics to quasar's story. I was super geeked to catch the babe and still find it funny that quasar was yelling at me to drive faster in the parking garage.

In no particular order...

and congrats to Milletpuff, Mistral and Monarchgirl. I don't post much but have been following along.
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smartycat, thanks for the pics! beautiful addition to a beautiful family.
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Millet~ I've said it before and I'll say it again~ HOORAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Everything is crossed xoxoxoxoxoxox The doubling's what matters! Stick, li'l babe! We all want to meet you!!

Smarty~ Thanks for the fab photos!! Does the littleun have a name, or are you not publishing it? (If you're not, cool, but I am curious).
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His name is Charles Jeffrey. And even we didn't know what his name was until over 24hrs after he was born
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i've already said as much before smartycat, but charlie is GORGEOUS. and i think he looks a lot like ray.

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OMG smartycat what great pics. I love the family one! So sweet! Congrats!
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SmartyCat, thank you for sharing those beautiful pictures ! What a beautiful family you have ! Your sons look alot alike !

Millet : Congrats !!!! A happy and healthy pregnancy to you !
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Yay to Smartycat and Quasar on the arrival of your baby boy. He looks absolutely lovely.

Milletpuff - I'm sending happy sticky and growing vibes to your little one.

Korey - Vacuuming injury? I'm totally going to use that one. I can see it now, "Honey, did you know that vacuuming is apparently on the no-no list for pregnant ladies?"

Wehrli - I forgot to comment a while back, but it seems that everything is going great with your pregnancy. I'm crossing fingers for both of us this week on our anatomy scans!
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Here are some pics of Sophia
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Monarch, she's so beautiful! congrats!!!!
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Monarch she is beautiful!
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painefaria, hey! i was just wondering how you've been... haven't seen ya in a while. how's the PG so far?
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