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Monarchgrrl- she is beautiful, thank you for sharing those pictures

Smartycat and Quasar- such a handsome man! Thanks for sharing

Keep the the baby pictures coming, love it!

AFM- Enjoying the last few hours of vacation, we had a great week off and got a lot of baby related things done. We painted the nursery, checked out some daycares, met with the lawyer that is handling the 2nd parent adoption, picked a pediatrician, signed up for birthing classes, I finally finished changing my last name over so we will all have the same last name, and we registered. I am feeling a little more prepared now

Only 3 months to go until she is here! I had an ultrasound today because they were concerned during my last that she only measured in the 18th percentile for growth. Today she measured in the 53rd percentile which is a relief.

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Quasar/Smartycat~ What a great name! Very classic and dignified.

Monarch~ Your kiddo's such a cutie!! I love her name too, it's on our list.

Burg~ Glad your bambina's growing like she should. Two weeks 'til our anatomy scan and we're very excited.

Had our first Bradley Method class yesterday. It looks like a good group and a good program, I'm feeling very positive.
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Originally Posted by wehrli View Post

painefaria, hey! i was just wondering how you've been... haven't seen ya in a while. how's the PG so far?

I am doing lol!  I have been laying low and will probably continue to do so for the next few weeks.  I can't wait to get to hear the heartbeat and stop worring.  I have about 11 more days until I hit 12 weeks and then I should feel some relief smile.gif 

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Millettpuff - Congrats and best wishes on a easy and comfortable pregnancy!!!!


Monarch and Smartycat - those are some cutesy wootsy babies and very nice names! Just looking at them gets me excited about seeing my own!


I hope everyone is doing well here. I'm 35 weeks today and was put on bedrest last week due to high blood pressure. Luckily it's not strict bedrest and at home. I haven't checked in here in quite a while so I wanted to see how everyone is doing.


Our first baby shower is this Friday from our co-workers. We just planned our baby shower for the first weekend in December and our church is throwing us one on an unspecified date. Today, we got a highchair delivered from some co-workers which completely took me by surprise. There's been a lot of drama behind our shower that I think is almost over. My family originally wanted to plan it but dropped the ball so we had to step in because we were being asked by so many friends about it. We really didn't want to be involved and it shows me how important my family feels this is to me. It sucks but we're gonna move on.


My sister has started on the mural in the baby's room so we're excited about that too.


Only 4 more weeks, unless baby decides to come early. The Dr is going to induce me since I'm on blood thinners by 39 weeks and I've made my peace with it once I did ample research.


Ok, I've gone on too much. Everyone take care of yourselves and your little ones!!!


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I was in a minor car accident last night and had to be monitored at the hospital overnight. It is not even a month since my 3 day stay in the hospital after a fall at work. I can use lots of finger crossing that the next 3 months are uneventful. Thankfully the baby is OK but I don't know how many more scares I can take. 

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kimlyn, glad to hear from you. wow! you are getting close, eh?! so exciting!! enjoy your upcoming showers, and i want to see pics of the mural!!! please post them if you care to share...


burg, ugh! i read that on FB this morning... i'm sorry to hear about your accident... FX that the next 3 month are incredibily boring and uneventful! so glad to hear your babe is ok.

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Burg -  Be careful out there!  No more scary moments.  Let the rest of your pregnancy be boring, boring, boring!!


Kimlyn - My goodness, you're so close.  Lucky you.  Hope the shower(s) go well and that you get some downtime during your modified bed rest.


AFU - We went for our anatomy scan yesterday and everything looks good.  It was a family affair - I had DW, our DS and DD, and our donor in the room.  The baby is stubborn just like Mom and made it difficult to get all of the measurements done.  The baby's head was jammed into my pelvis and just didn't want to move in response to any of our tech's usual tricks.  I had to pretend like I was walking up stairs, puff out my belly, roll onto my side and do pelvic bridge raises.  Nothing made it budge.  The baby never moved it's head, but turned enough so that the tech could get the finicky head measurements.


The best part though is that we finally got to figure out the sex.  We didn't really care, but our son was pretty set on having a little brother.  We wanted to give him 20 weeks to adjust either way.  Fortunately, and with 85% accuracy, we know that we're expecting a daughter.  We're having a girl . We're so excited (well, most of us, we'll just have to wait for DS to come around).

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Burg! Yikes!  Be careful!  This stress can't be good for either of you.  I hope the rest of your pregnancy is extremely uneventful.



Gumshoe~ My condolences to your son, but hooray for the rest of you. Sorry she was so stubborn. I guess that's a taste of things to come, eh?


Kimlyn~ I second the call for pix of the mural!  DP and I are trying to decide on paint. We want green, so we can get started no matter what the baby might be.  I can't stand the ALL PINK or ALL BLUE nurserys anyway. 


Nothing much going on with me.  Delightfully dull.  Our anatomy scan's the 22nd. I'm very much looking forward to it.

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library, that anatomy scan is getting really close! and i second that on the green over all of the baby pink and blue... smile.gif we went with a sage(y) green and love it!


afu, speaking of anatomy scans... we had ours this morning!!! it was so amazing!! we weren't finding out the sex but the tech said she couldn't tell anyway. our little monkey kept their legs closed tight! the tech said every thing looked good, baby "weighs" 13 oz. we don't get the official results from our doc until monday probably. here are some pics:



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Wehrli~ Cute pix! I'm glad all looks well, and that the li'l monkey cooperated on your wish not to know.  Green is good. We're looking for something bright and apple-y, but not minty or Mountain-Dew-y.  I'm terrible at choosing colors, though, so that doesn't help.  Our scan is very soon. I still think it's  a boy, but keep having dreams that it's  a girl. Odd. 

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Originally Posted by LibraryLady View Post

Wehrli~ Cute pix! I'm glad all looks well, and that the li'l monkey cooperated on your wish not to know.  Green is good. We're looking for something bright and apple-y, but not minty or Mountain-Dew-y.  I'm terrible at choosing colors, though, so that doesn't help.  Our scan is very soon. I still think it's  a boy, but keep having dreams that it's  a girl. Odd. 


i also still think ours is a boy, but continue to have girl dreams. DP got convinced about a week ago that it's a girl. the u/s tech did slip once and start to say girl then switched to baby so now jen's convinced that the tech said she couldn't tell to cover up the fact that she slipped. i guess we'll see in about 4 or so months. smile.gif


ps... mmmm, mountain dew... it's a guilty pleasure of mine and i haven't had one in a long, long time.... must have will power... LOL 

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If I may sneak in here and say I'm due July 21st....  It's good to be back with you all!



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and congratulations!!!


i will add you to the roster!

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Wehrli~ Yes, that's right! You and I are psychic twins when it comes to our kiddo's sex. I'm interested to see what's right, my gut or my subconscious.  If your u/s tech did slip, that's not very nice. I realize it was probably an accident, but still, would be disappointing. DP's on a pregnancy forum on her knitting website and was reading about people's extreme lengths they go to in hiding and revealing the baby's sex. One woman on the board said they had the tech write the sex on a paper and seal it in an envelope. Then they took the envelope to a bakery and had the baker make a cake with white icing, but the icing inside between the layers was to be pink or blue and they were going to have family and friends over and cut the cake in front of everyone. I figure we'll just find out and then let people know as we speak to them.


Pigirl~ Yay!! Welcome/welcome back! I don't think we've met, but I"m sure you're a wonderful person wink1.gif  July 21 is good. Yay for summer birthdays! I'm still convinced I'm going to give birth in our neighbor's basement whilst under a tornado warning...

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Thanks!  I limited myself to lurking in the TTC group in an (unsuccessful) attempt to not obsess over the process.  So I feel like I know a lot of you already.  It was a long time lurking-- before FTM Papa got pregnant-- and a lot of time and $$$ to get me knocked up, so I'm really happy to be here.  (I'm also a 2009 grad of Queer and Pregnant.)

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Burg, take care and no more mishaps! I'm glad the baby is doing well.


Pigirl, welcome and congrats!


Gumshoe - Congrats on the girl! That's what we're having too. Everytime I get a scan I ask them to confirm it too.


We painted the nursery sage green and lavendar. Check out my blog for the progress if you'd like. I always have the worse time getting pics in the blog. I have to figure out a better way because it shouldn't take 45 minutes to get them in and positioned at least close to how I want!



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kimlyn, I LOVE THE NURSERY!! That mural is awesome!!!

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Kimlyn~ WOW!!!!  That's a gorgeous mural/nursery in general.  And it's not so 'baby' that a kiddo couldn't grow with it. Well done!


Pigirl~ Lurker!!!  Well, I'm glad I'm going to finally get to know you. 

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Kimlyn- I love the nursery! Thanks for sharing pictures. I hope that you had a nice shower today! 


Gumshoegirl- congrats on your girl!  stork-girl.gif


Wehrli- Happy to hear the anatomy scan went well and that you were planning not to find out the sex, so no disappointment there. Great u/s pics smile.gif


Library- Your anatomy scan is so soon, exciting! Do you want to find out the sex?


Pigirl- Welcome (back) and congrats! banana.gifcarrot.gif

Thanks for the messages, I am glad this crazy week is over!  hide.gif

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Hi can you please delete me? Bye bye baby #3. Thanks, and I wish you all the happiest and best pregnancies and births ever! I will rejoin you soon.

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