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Great photo, Wehrli!  You look great--and really happy. luxlove.gif


Library: Excuses, excuses.  wink1.gif


Coco: The girls are really growing!  So exciting--and so glad the pregnancy is going well.  I think that it is common for one babe to grow faster or bigger than the other.  As long as they don't get too far apart, the docs don't worry, right?


AFM: Thanksgiving was a bit anticlimactic this year (the 10-hr drive each way didn't help), but as  I told the ttc bunch, I bought a bunch of maternity clothes at a Motherhood Maternity outlet in IA for dirt cheap.  The saleswoman looked confused at my lack of a (pregnant) belly, but I explained that I wouldn't be back in town any time soon and wanted to take advantage of the sale.  It was fun trying things on with the belly pillow.  My 8-yr-old DD was surprised and rather amazed to see what I looked like that way.  She is a wonderful companion along this pregnancy journey.  DP is wonderful and supportive, but it is all new and fascinating to my DD.  She'll be a huge helper, too.  On the car ride down, she was already talking about how it would be different next year, when we'd have to stop to change diapers, breastfeed, etc. Will it ever! 

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Hi, again, everyone.  My update is that my hcg levels are doubling nicely (now 760 at 19 dpo), and my RE wants to do an early ultrasound on Wednesday morning to confirm the number of egg sacks.  Please send healthy single embryo vibes my way, if you get the chance!


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AHope, i've been sending you singleton vibes since your BFP announcement... my fingers are crossed good and tight for you. fingersx.gif

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AmandaHope- Great doubling time! Also, sending lots of vibes for a healthy SINGLE embryo goodvibes.gif


Wehrli- Great belly pic! 


Coco- Great u/s pics and crazy that they can already see the hair! 


Beastie- Hope that you had a great Thanksgiving also and yes, it will be so much better next year with babes in arms love.gif


Library- Hope that you had fun shopping for baby stuff with your mom. I am also looking forward to seeing your u/s pic. 


Cejae- Hope you managed to enjoy Thanksgiving despite the m/s! 


Gumshoe- I have to 2nd that Addison is incredibly popular, if you don't absolutely love it I wouldn't go with it. I like Harper also. I am glad that your children only had one placement prior to coming home. I think our situation was unique in that she had had 13 placements in 12 years- heartbreaking! 


AFM- MIL really wanted a belly picture for her photo wall in in the family room, here are a couple that we took this weekend-




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burg, beautiful photos!!
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Burg~ Those are great photos!  Often when I see 'couple' belly photos they look really awkward, but yours looks wonderful, natural and very happy.


AHope~ I'm sending all my thoughts to you and your singleton!  I don't think you should worry, though.  From what I looked at (hoping my high number meant twins) the multiples have crazy numbers like 20,000.  All will be well and your healthy li'l bean will be in there growing away!



We had SO much fun baby shopping!  We were actually, specifically  looking to get a chest of drawers and not necessarily pick nursery themes, but I saw this lamp  and now I am completely in love with the li'l frog fairies.  There's some bedding with them on it too, and we got curtains that don't have the images but have the same colors. We were painting the room green anyway, so I think it's fate.  


I'll have DP put the u/s pix in the computer soon, promise!


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library, love love love the frog fairies!!!
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amanda - that sounds like a perfect singleton number! i'll be thinking of you weds and hoping for good news! 


burg & wehrli - i *love* the photos! you both look fabulous!!

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Hi all,


Sorry, I've been MIA.  I think I slept through most of Thanksgiving break!


AH - a 10 hour drive each way?!  Holy moly.  I'm rooting for a singleton for you.  Just as an FYI, my day 16 HCG was well over 900 (day 14 was in the 200s).  It was so high, they didn't even bother with another HCG.  So don't stress.  You can always check out this site:  http://www.betabase.info/ .  This one has you smack dab in the middle of average for a singleton:  http://www.betabase.info/showDailyData.php?type=basic&multiples=Single&dpo=19  .  Of course, it's all aggregate statistics and none of us are aggregates :). Oh, and in terms of Old Navy Maternity, check online, not in the store.  They actually have a lot of cute work clothes (given that we're in the same line of work and all :)).


Gumshoe - I'm gonna "3rd" the Addison is extremely popular statement.  We were actually going to name ds #1 Addison and changed at the last minute.  One of his bffs is now named Addison.  It is, however, an *adorable* name.


Burg - I love the pic!!


AFM,  I had a Thanksgiving Day Miracle.  It was the best I have felt in WEEKS!  I ate things like french toast, a little turkey, cranberry sauce, stuffing and pie. All without the morning sickness drugs.   Best. Day. Ever.  However, it did not last.  Yesterday I forgot to hold my breath when opening (our very clean) fridge.  That was no good.  Sigh.  On the upside we had ultrasound number two last night!!  Baby A and Baby B are doing great!  Strong heartbeats (we got to hear them!) - both at 176.  And they are each measuring right on track, one at 9w1d and one at 9w.  Whew.  


I'm back teaching this week for the first time in a month.  It's painful and I keep being terrified that I'm going to have to run out of the class to throw up.  That can't be good for teaching evaluations can it?

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Good to hear from you, Cejae.  Thanks for the beta reassurance.  I tried to check betabase but couldn't get it to load, for whatever reason.  I appreciate everyone's encouragement.

I'm incredibly glad to hear that you were able to enjoy Thanksgiving! That's wonderful.  Hopefully, you'll return to that blissful state of eating ability soon.  Hang in there. And thanks for the tip about Old Navy maternity online--I'll check it out.  Have you bought very much stuff?  You said you are really showing already, right? As for teaching evaluations, I had a colleague who was incredibly sick during her entire pregnancy (don't worry--you won't be like that!!), left class many times to throw up, and still did fine.  Her students felt bad for her but didn't seem to blame her.  But I imagine it would still be embarrassing.  Good luck with the block.  Finally, congrats on the u/s!  So glad both babes are doing well.  You must be relieved.


Burg: Great photos!  You and DP look really sweet. 

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 So apparently when you are having twins perfect (lesbian) strangers think it's okay to say, "You did IVF right?" and then go on to say proudly (among other things) that they got pregnant the "old fashoined way - with a turkey baster!" 


Right, becuase I chose to drop that 25k I had lying around on IVF just cuz I felt like it. 


I'm just saying.

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Originally Posted by gumshoegirl007 View Post


Earthe_Mama - Any baby yet?


AFU, nothing all that exciting to report.  I saw my midwife on Monday and all is progressing well with the pregnancy.  I wrote about the naming conundrum that we're having over in my DDC, so any comments or ideas is appreciated. ...


I vote for either Priya (my best friend's name when I was a kid; always loved it) or Hazel.

P.S. That "picket fence queer" comment was hilarious! DP and I laughed so hard! Thanks for that. :)



Originally Posted by wehrli View Post

here's my belly pic....







The baby finally arrived!!! Vida was born on November 23 at 2:08pm; weighing 7lbs, 11.8oz; measuring 20.8"; with a head circumference of 36cm.


And, of course, our baby Vida is beautiful!!

Our little Vida!

Our baby, Vida!!!


Sonja's water broke during the ultrasound to make sure there was enough fluid in there. haha. So we made the decision to stay, but we were on the high-risk floor of the hospital, even though the whole pregnancy was low-risk, because the pregnancy was 42weeks + 5 days. Luckily we already had our bags packed just in case. We had a beautiful sari covering the yucky fluorescent lights, and had all our own linens, clothing and diapers. We also brought the posters I made with positive birth affirmations on them that we plastered all over the room. Not to mention the night light for mood lighting. ;)


Labour was long and Sonja got pretty tired, but who says "Oh, my labour was too short!" lol So Vida was born without any intervention with the exception of intermittent fetal heart monitoring; her heart rate stayed high throughout the whole two days we were there. Sonj stayed in control of her body, trusted birth, and didn't even have any pelvic exams! She birthed standing up, and I got to catch Vida! It was one of the most amazing times of my entire life! I totally ugly-cried I was so happy. Haha! Our doula caught our OB-GYN on film saying, "That was amazing; more wymyn should birth upright!"


Our nurse came in thirty minutes later to tell us that we had changed her life. We also heard that our OB-GYN says that she plans to change the entire way she practises. We feel so honoured!


Placenta was born an hour or two later, and our whole family (even our doula!) each had a small piece of it on some yummy crackers that our friend brought when she delivered us some of her breastmilk to supplement with, and some delicious home made beet soup. Our daughter said it tasted good!


I feel so blessed to have had this time with my family, and am enjoying our babymoon immensely!



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Erth_Mama: CONGRATULATIONS!!  What a beautiful story!  I nearly started crying (in a very public place!) reading it, especially the part about your catching the baby and the nurse and OB being transformed by witnessing your and Sonja's empowered, spirited, independent birth. Vida is exquisite!  I hope you have as beautiful a babymoon as the birth itself.  Congrats again, and thanks for the inspiration (I planned a homebirth with DD but risked out when my water broke at 35 weeks, and I'm going with a midwife-attended hospital birth this time.  Your story leaves me hopeful that this next birth can be autonomous and beautiful, even in the hospital).


Cejae: rant.gif  That's pretty much how I'd feel about the self-righteous lesbians.  All we need is some screwed up hierarchy of conception methods in the queer community; what bulls*#t.  Do you think the "old fashioned" comment is a weird form of homonormativity? wink1.gif

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erthe_mama!! Vida's just beautiful!!!

i almost forgot... does anyone want to take the thread on for dec, jan, feb?? i'll be back tomorrow to find out... GOOD NIGHT ALL! xo
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Congratulations erthe_mama!!

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Erthe-Mama~ Congratulations!!!!  That's a wonderful story, and I'm so glad you changed some minds and practices. That's what it's all about. Little Vida's beautiful and I love her name.



Cejae and BeeCharmer~ WTF? I can't believe people are giving you twin 'tude!  Like your babies are less valid than others?   I'm glad you give it right back to them. Stand up!



Okay, I have a QOTD for people who are farther along, or already birthed. I'm 4'11", 20 weeks and already so out of breath that I can't imagine what it's going to be like in the future. Seriously, I get winded washing my face and putting on my nightgown!  Is this your experience? Is it less taxing for taller women? 

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Congrats earth mama!! joy.gif What a great story!
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Thanks for all the righteous indignation.  I appreciate it :).


If it makes you feel any better LibraryLady, I get out of breath teaching my class! I have to stop and breath in the middle of my lectures all the time.  And this is from someone who, just a few months ago, ran 20 plus miles a week and whose favorite workout was climbing 2 thousand feet in less than a mile and then running another four (starting at 6,500 feet in the first place!).  So you are in good company. 

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Sheesh, Cejae.  And I was feeling good about using the elliptical machine yesterday and taking a walk today.


AFM: Good news: one nice egg sack!  I'm so relieved--thanks again for the good vibes! 

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