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Thanks for the review, checking that thread now.

That's ok, I am not the best with plans either. I did do 50 pushups/50 squats Sat and am still a bit sore!!!

Sun we did about a 2 hr + hike and a 30 min bike ride. Yesterday we did a 4.5 mile walk on the road at a pretty good pace- my feet are actually a bit sore.

Today I plan to take it kind of easy, maybe do some strength stuff.
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Yesterday did my sprints () and then did TONS of walking. (Shopping for my b-day w/ my shopaholic mother--we were in the mall for 6 hours walking around, trying things on, etc. Not my favorite thing to do but it's AWESOME she's getting me some new clothes!

Today planning a long walk w/ ds. Not sure what else...we'll see!
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Today I did the first workout on that beginner list:

3 rounds for time of:

10 burpees
20 squats
30 sit ups

I also did a lot of walking and running with the boys today. Went on a long walk, carrying one in the ergo for much of the time, then played tag and other chase games in the afternoon. Quite active--

I feel great too. I'm going to keep an eye on all this and continue doing the workouts from that sheet as I feel like it. I'm really liking the variety. (Although I am DREADING the tabata ones if I do them...I've got enough past experience w/ tabata to shudder at the mere thought of them...)
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Sounds like a nice busy day. I too hate tabatas- I really need to do some though as it has been a while! I love walks too, I often have the baby in the Ergo as well, I love that thing, it is great for walking!

Yesterday I took off from anything formal, although we went to the park I mostly did mommy visiting. Today we went to the nature center and walked the boardwalk there, fairly leisurely for most of it. Then I took the kids to the park and played around. I did some crawling races wy / ds(courtesy of MDA's WOD)- man that was tough he stomped me. Then we did some running races and played tag some, I was spent!
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Oh yeah--I wanted to do that auroch crawl! Maybe I'll try it tomorrow!

Today I did the 100 pushups for time on the list--I had my hands on a low bench outside, and did 60 pushups, 40 overhead presses (MDA PBF style). It was good. I did them in sets of 20/10s, whatever I could do while hanging w/ the boys. Then we did some running and playing games and went on a long (but pretty slow--2 tired 3yos walking most of the way) walk in the park. I carried my 40 lber part of the way in the ergo.

I'm on a good streak! And still feeling good (yay!) I like doing these really short workouts--they feel really doable and effective. YAY! I'm glad I found this thread!!

I reallty want to work on pull ups soon--maybe tomorrow? We'll see!
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Yesterday rest day.

This am:

4 rounds of

10 pull-ups/chin-ups (alternated each round, feet on a chair--used legs as needed )
30 walking lunges (15 each leg)
30 sit ups

Whew! I feel good! I didn't time it, but did my best to be quick w/ my ds laying on me while I did the sit ups and chasing me as I did the walking lunges.
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2 rest days for me, not sure what I was thinking that I would get anything done as I had company yesterday.

You are doing awesome, I will do something today bodyweight related. All-in-all this week has been decent we did walking about 6+ hrs. Sprints one day and body weight one day. I just wish to have body weight exercises 2x a week.
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I need to get out and walk more. The weather has gotten so cold and yucky here I don't feel like going out.

I'm exhausted today. I stayed up WAY too late w/ company last night. Not a good idea when you gotta get up w/ your kiddo (as all mamas know)...I may do nothing but hopefully take a nap w/ ds today (that would be really productive IMO!) Or I may try the auroch stalk, and a nap. My legs are hurting today though (prob from walking lunges and not sleeping/recuperating enough...)

We'll see!! Sounds like you are doing awesome too!
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I ended up doing 3 rounds of

10 push ups (some on knees)
20 sit ups (using an abmat-style rolled pillow--YOWZA!)
30 squats

Then 1 minute of the auroch stalk just to try it out--YIKES! I don't know how you did that for 5 minutes!
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Good for you FR! I don't know if I did the crawl thingy right but it was hard anyway!

I had a bit of a bummer weekend- I am NOT sleeping. I am thinking as I haven't been 100% with the diet. I hate having to be so anal though, really I do. We did do a walk today. Yesterday was supposed to be our bike day but w/ no sleep it didn't happen
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I just took a couple rest days--my butt/legs were sore!

Yesterday was my 30th bday. I was being really strict dietwise recently. Last night I ate 3-4 pieces of a coconut flour cake (sweetened w/ maple syrup and stevia) and drank a bottle of wine. I felt soooooo sick, and I honestly don't think it was the wine! I feel all achey this am and had a terrible night's sleep! Crazy stuff. Makes me wanna be more strict today! But seriously? Cococnut flour cake? Really? It's not like I ate gluten!!!


Hoping to walk today. I don't feel up for anything else at the moment. Feel quite crappy. (I also took my bentonite clay last night--which I usually do after drinking to prevent having a hangover in the am. But I've got a slight headache right now. Maybe a bottle was a little excessive. It wasn't huge though, I swear! )

Oh, and just to share, b/c they were so good, I made burgers topped with bacon and guac for brunch yesterday, served on lettuce wraps. I figured it was my b-day, so I made what I really wanted. They were SOOOOOO good...Mmmmmm...and totally primal!
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I did the bringing home the kill WOW from MDA. We went to the zoo and I carried ds half the way (at least a mile) in my ergo. He is exactly 1/4 of my weight so just right for this one. Woo hoo!
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Happy Birthday to you!!!

That workout sounds good, my dd1 would be just the right size and that would be easy enough. Often I end up carrying her when we go on walks. We took a bit of a walk Mon and played around yesterday some at the playground. Today I hope to do a b-weight workout and nature walk.
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OT, sorry!

So, I 'had' to know if it was the wine or the sugar that had me feeling so ill, sooooo...

Last night I had 2 pieces if (starchy ) chebe bread, a couple hours after dinner. Sick as a dog in my tummy! Always a glutton, I thought "maybe its b/c that was kind of a non-primal starch...maybe the fructose is worse than starch stuff is all BS if you're talking a/b fruit." So yeah, as soon as my tummy felt better, I ate an apple. Sick again! I'm certain it was b/c I was eating larger amountgs of carbs w/out protein and fat to soften the sugary blow. (I do green smoothies w/ 15-30 g carbs, but w/ lots of fat and typically protein on the side all the time w/out problems.) But seriously? I snacked on fruit alone for almost the whole first year of primal! Stopped that ftmp a month or 2 ago, and now I can't handle it? Weird stuff! (I'm betting if I was a bit more moderate it wouldn't impact me so harshly...but still--crazy!)

Will update this post w/ my workout later to get it back on topic.

ETA: My workout

Warm up: 1 minute auroch stalk
(seriously, I planned to do it as the workout for 5 min, but stopped after only 1!)

3 rounds of:
15 (chair assisted) pullups/chinups (alternating half way through)
15 walking lunges (walked from pull up bar in kitchen to floor in liv room)
30 sit ups using homemade abmat (youch!)
15 walking lunges (back to pull up bar)

Ended it w/ 50 squats, b/c I still had a little energy in my legs.

I needed this like crazy!!

Originally Posted by crunchy_mama
Happy Birthday to you!!!
Thank you! It was fun!
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Sprints yesterday, then 100 squats for time today. (That's all I felt like doing.)

Maybe a bit of yoga later--I feel like I _need_ it... (mentally! )
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You know I cannot handle large amounts of carbs either, although I haven't been as sensitive lately. It is weird on the fruit I used to eat tons when I was grain-free before and a lot more carbs but I feel better now lower.

I am trying to go back to 100%(had been trying the 80-90% thing for maybe a month I think). It doesn't work for me- I need more like 99%. However, we were out and about yesterday and come 3 o'clock and I hadn't had anything since b'fast as was ready to chew my arm off- so I ate some popcorn and way too much of it. I am paying tonight as I cannot sleep.

Your workouts sound good, I haven't done any yoga in a bit and I miss how great my back felt afterward.

I have walked this week but that is about it. Busy with hs'ing and this weekend I am in a big tizzy as I am redoing the kids room, I will not have time for anything. I hope to mostly finish that today though and get back on track next week.

Oh, on the food I made a really good meal last night. It was a chicken hash, onions, celery, carrots, and mushrooms sauteed w/ sage, thyme, marjoram and pountry seasoning- add in a bit of broth and some cooked chicken- then some grated cauliflower, salt and pepper to taste. Looked horrid but tasted almost exactly like chicken and dressing- YUM!
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Good luck w/ their rooms! And thanks for sharing the meal idea--sounds delish!!

I did yard work at my parents house yesterday--raking LOTS of leaves and then dragging them on a tarp to a hill and dumping them down. I do this every year with them, and my parents are strong. This year I could not believe my endurance. I ended up doing part of it by myself b/c my mom needed a break (dad was leaf blowing.) I could have done more when ewe were done, and this is a task that typically would have left me 100% wiped out and ready for a nap.

Its amazing what these short workouts combined with eating primal foods is doing for me!

Not sure what I'll do today, but will update later if anything.

Total of 100 push ups (all but 10 on knees)
100 squats
60 sit ups w/ a (homemade) abmat

Did them in rounds, but random numbers each round to get up to the totals.
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How do you do the abmat? I am way paranoid about sit-ups due to diastsis- I have just skipped them and figure that all those pushups(which I was doing should do the trick). I LOVE doing outside work, haven't been lately though. Sounds like a great but tiring day. Today we took a small walk and I was still busy around the house cleaning, that has got to count for something! Tomorrow is park day for me, I hope to get there early and play around on the jungle gym w/ the kids.

Tonight I made some 'bread' w/ egg yolks, beaten egg whites and pureed cauliflower. Really doesn't taste like anything but made a good sandwich vehicle- we had sloppy joes.
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Hiya mamas!  I'm going to join you and try to give my input/experience.  I haven't been on this forum forever!  SO busy with homeschooling and trying to keep up with life in general. I think I am going to start swimming for fitness.  We joined a gym as a family, and the gym is basic but good.  It's never crowded, probably because it's so pricey, but the kids and DH really love the pool. 


I'm not totally primal but I lean that way.  Fitness,  probably over the top primal, but with diet I'd say most the way.  I DO eat some grains, mostly buckwheat and I do eat a lot of lentils.  I am very sensitive to eating much meat, ANY meat fat makes me really sick, and I cannot have dairy so it limits me a little. I feel fabulous though so that's all that matters to me. 


Lately I've been doing small bursts of bodyweight exercises at home. I'd say 10 minutes at a time.   I have 35 and 50 pound kettlebells, a pullup bar and a couple other weight stacks that I don't use so much. I literally did not lift any weights beyond once a week or do purposeful cardio for literally 2 months over the summer and I never felt better.  All I had were the shoes on my feet, and yard tools for yardwork lol. I have kept my shape well.  I'm back to lifting twice a week, for about 30minutes then I go in to the basketball court and do lunges with a barbell for about 15 minutes (with short rest periods.)  I was always at the gym 3 days a week, but I really needed to prove to myself I can be truly old school and get by without a gym. I quit my regular gym and that's when we joined as a family.  DH and kids swim while I work out then I can hop in the pool or sauna in the same room. Usually I just keep it for my "self" time and don't swim with them,but they are asking me to so probably next week I'll try to do a quick workout, then 20 minutes of pool time or something. 

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hiya, lisamarie!  I think it is easy especially in summer time to keep busy w/ strength exercises around the house, at least for me.  I like doing exactly what you say doing little bits here and there.  It seems to me, especially now w/ 3 kids, one who is a baby(well now almost 1-ack).  My time is so precious and I especially don't want to spend long periods away from the kids or working out. 


We were doing swimming as a family as well but haven't went lately, Sunday was bike park night but that hasn't happened in a few weeks either, seems like something keeps coming up or the weather is bad.  We are still at least walking plenty, which we all really, really enjoy and I value it more and more. 


How about goals for next week, I know I could use them-

Straight from MDA Primal Fitness Plan-


2-5 hrs- moderate intensity cardio- ie walking/swimming/biking without the heartrate too high

2- strength training exercises - bodyweight or weights(I will be using bodyweight 1x and maybe shovel glove the other)

1- sprint session (about 10 minutes or so)

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