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CM, sorry I've been MIA!  Since the switch to the new format I've been unable to post from my (old and crappy) home comp.  I will probably only be able to pop in occasionally to post at MDC, when I'm visiting my mom or someone else w/ a sweet newer comp.  :(  I'll be reading though!


Abmat--it is kind of freaky.  I googled it--it looks like something that goes under your back and slopes from a slight hump to a lower hump (bad description--sorry!)  I roll a pillow or yoga mat to make it.  Since your comment about diastsis recti I've not done it--I already do have a slight space there anyway (had it PRE baby...sooooo...). Google homemade abmat for much better descriptions.  ;)


We got financial aid to the YMCA, which is AWESOME!  I'm SOOOOO excited!  I've been going to yoga classes, running/walking on the track w/ ds (so family friendly there!), doing lots of play, and just being active, inside, even when its cold/rainy.  YAY!


I'm hear, just not posting much!  Looking forward to continuing working out in this manner--I love it!


Todays workout:


2 rounds of


20 pushups (some on knees)

50 squats

15 pull ups (feet on a chair modification)

10 overhead press (from PBF)

20 bicycle style sit up things (ok I don't know the lingo!)


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That's ok FR I know I have had some issues w/ the new layout as well.  Sounds like you are doing well and staying busy.  I used an abmat at the CF gym I went to for a bit.  It seemed to help, but I worry still that it is too much strain on those muscles.  I had a blah week, the weather has been horrid almost all week.  The temp isn't real terrible, but it has been really windy, cloudy, and misty to boot.  Not really conducive to being outside.  I did get some strengthtraining done on one day and I think we got to walk a couple, but that is it.  So, could be worse could be better.  I hope the weather clears next week as I have outside work to do, but we will see!

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Hi Ladies!  It has been months since I have posted.  And months since I have even worked out.  At all.  redface.gif


But I am still a member of a CrossFit gym and so I decided to put my pride aside and head back last night.  I think I was more intimidated last night than my first time because I didn't have the luxury of saying that I am new - I had gone for 6 weeks straight back in the summer.  Oh well.


Our workout:

Back squats work (10-3-3-3 reps)  then AMRAP 10 kettlebell swings and 10 pushups then 50 abmat situps.  And WOW - I am way out of shape.  I squatted 53-73-83-73 then got AMRAP 7 reps plus 7 and could only do 25 abmats .  I had to do my pushups on my knees.  I went to the grocery store after the workout and struggled to carry my bags! 

Anyway - I need some motivation to stick with it.  I need to put my negative thoughts about my fitness level aside and just go with it.


I hope you don't mind that I join you again in this chat!


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Hey Jend!  I say don't be ashamed of where you are at!  I have lots some strength and fitness from this summer as well as I haven't kept it up nearly as hard core.  I think I am ok with that though.  I have great functional fitness and am enjoying being active with the kids.  I do need to do more strength workouts but am happy w/ doing bodyweight activities for now.  I will be glad to chat with you hopefully we can motivate each other!

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Hi mamas! :) I'm new.


I've been grain-free for only seven days, but was otherwise eating a primal and traditional (for my ancestry) diet and was grain-free for seven years ending eight years ago. Anyway, the changes in me and my family are startling. My children SLEEP now!!! Everyone is calm, I'm completely off my dessicated thyroid, stopped taking Mg supplements and have had no hart palps at all, which is how I knew that I needed Mg just a week ago and before. My dp has stopped needing his mood supps- SJW and GABA and we are both sleeping solidly now. We've also both dropped water-weight significantly as well. My children had some skin issues that are nearly vanished and their muscles are even more apparent than before. They've all discovered that they have suddenly more strength, and physical challenges they found difficult before, are now easy.


So, two weeks ago, when dp encouraged me to try a push-up, I couldn't lift my body off the ground- even once. I have had a massive separation in my abdominal muscles since this last pg, so it felt like any more strain and my insides would just out and fall all over the floor. :( I didn't try again until two days after going grain-free, and I could do three knee-push-ups! Earlier today, I did seven! THEN, just now, I did NINE! joy.gif


My dp who has not yet been able to do an unassisted pull-up even while doing P90X, was shocked at the difference for me and said, "hey, I wonder if I could do a pull-up unassisted." And he did THREE!!! He actually completely underestimated his own strength and smacked his head on the ceiling, lol.


To express that I am thrilled is a gross understatement. I used to be an athlete before having our first child, and have been supremely dismayed at the poor condition of my body since (eight years, also coinciding with when I reintroduced grain because my dp really wanted it, and I relented first by eating some whole grain rice, then sprouted grains, etc...). I am not over-weight and have never been, but I have been weak- very, very weak. I am shocked that the difference is in eliminating the grains. Otherwise, our diet is the same, but obviously we are eating more veggies, meat, and fat where we would have had some grain. I had been eating a maximum of two slices of bread/day for seven years. I also ate oats for breakfast, but when I did that, I had no bread, so I was by no means a huge grain-eater to begin with, but obviously that amount was enough to completely wreck my body.


So, now I'm going to try to lift some heavy things today too. We haul water, so we have heavy things available all the time. :) Oh, and my posture is radically changed. I stand straight now rather than hunched. Amazing. I'm super excited about this!!!

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Happy New Year!  I resolve to get back to the CrossFit gym twice per week and run once per week.  There - now I typed it, so it will happen.  thumb.gif


Today, we rowed as many meters as possible in 10 minutes then did as many double unders as possible in 10 minutes.  I rowed 2120 and did singles instead of the elusive double unders - I lost count and either did 632 or 532. 

Diet is something that I have yet to address!  How are you all doing?

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