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Just need a few suggestions

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Hi. Next week I am taking my son to a Homeschool meetup....this the the first we will meet the group. We have been asked that snacks be nut and wheat free. I need a few suggestions for neat and easy snacks that if had to sit in the car for a bit would be good. My go to were usually Healthy Handful Duckies....but those are out. The meeting is at 1 so he will have lunch already....but may need a little nibble. Thanks! I was thinking fruit....but welcome any and all suggestions!
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Just off the top of my head: Carrots and Hummus, popcorn, rice cakes, dried fruit, salsa and tortilla chips
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apples, cheese sticks (may get sweaty and greasy though in a sunny hot car), veggie sticks, grapes, soy chips, gf pretzels or crackers
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My perishable go-to is mozzarella string cheese. For sitting in a car, maybe rice crackers and/or dried fruit (careful with labeling, some share equipment w/nuts). If you're able to bring the packages so others can read them, that would be a huge help (my two allergic boys are never able to eat unlabeled food).

Have fun!
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I second the popcorn or hummus idea!

Also, this is an awesome, healthy, easy cookie recipe if that would work for you!

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Thanks everyone!!
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cheese or fruit
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Sliced watermelon or oranges. You can pack it with an ice pack or in an insulated cooler and it will stay nice and fresh.
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