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bat costume ideas

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dd has her heart set on being a bat for halloween. anyone have any ideas how i can make such a thing?
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Black sweat pants and black sweatshirt. Then sew black wing shaped fabric between the arms and the body of the sweatshirt. You could even just baste it if she's careful with things so you can re-use the sweatshirt.
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My sister was a bat when she was 3.

Bonnet type hood thing that tied under her chin with 2 little pointy ears on it

Black leotard/tights

Large batwing shaped fabric, black, sewn to the leotard in the center, with 2 straps at the end of the wings that attached to her wrists.

It was super cute and not hard to make!

(you could do black sweats instead if you live somewhere cold)
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Playsilk wings like these http://www.atoygarden.com/index.cfm?...Product_ID=853 are easy to make and would make good bat wings.

Measure your child from wrist to wrist to get thier "wingspan" and down their back to get an appropriate length. I didn't have a playsilk so I just hemmed a piece of fabric with the appropriate dimensions.

To turn it into wings add a ribbon loop at each of the top corners, big enough for you LO to get thier hand through. Run a couple of lines of running stitch up the centre of the fabric and gather. this makes your wing shapes. Now sew a length of ribbon at the top of the gathering. This needs to be long enough to cross over you LOs chest, round their back and tie at the front.
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This is just a simple idea but for the wings I was wondering if you could get Fairy Wings and then cover it with Black Material with some silver or gold glitter. As what you want is the frame of a wing that you can work with.
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I've made a bat costume a couple of times. It's easy and fun.

I'd go with a solid colored matching set of leggings and long-sleeved t. Can be any color (Maybe your dd wants to be a purple bat.) You can then make an easy furry tummy/back with a 1 yd ish piece of fake fur (get creative with colors here, too). Cut a hole in the middle for her head, put it on, and trim out a belly/back shape.

For wings, I like the play silk idea, trimmed in a bat wing shape and pinned to the top or sewn to the underside of the sleeves. I think Dharma Trading has black silks.

Then I'd take a headband and attach left over bits of the fake fur to make ears.
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