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Read alouds... What are you reading right now? What's on your list for the year?

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Just like the title says I’d love to hear what you’re all reading aloud with your kiddos right now and what’s on your “to read” list for year, if you’ve got one.

We started The Adventures of Tom Sawyer Monday night, which is our first read aloud of the "official” school year. I'm thinking we'll read either The Twits or Hatchet after that.
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We're working our way through The Complete Works of Beatrix Potter and I"m very tempted to scrap it and go for the Thornton Burgess books instead.

I know they are supposed to be related, but Burgess just flows to read aloud, and Potter doesn't to me. Plus Burgess actually shows social skills, not just animals behaving badly and learning their lesson.
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Mine loves to have any book she thinks as "mommy books" read to her during meal times and when she is doing arts and crafts. Im about to start Little Princess with her and after that read Secret Garden. That should take us to January unless she gets hooked on one and wants to hear more of it.
New year Im thinking of starting the Little House books since I just got the whole set. Ive read her Little House in the Big Woods again and she liked parts of it and got bored during parts so Im not sure if I will or wait for a while.
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I had this grand idea of reading all the Harry Potter books to my kiddos, have almost finished the first one and found it quite hard to read aloud. Part of me thinks I should just let them read them themselves when they are a bit older...plus the SIZE of those books.

We just went through a lot of the Roald Dahl books, which they loved and they are so easy to read aloud..
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Charlotte's Web
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I'm reading Sunwing (the second in a series by Kenneth Oppel) to 7.5 year old DD. We have the third Mysterious Benedict Society book waiting for us to read next. I was reading the Dragonling series to 4.5 year old DS - we were on the second one - but last night he said he wanted to switch to the next Moomin book, so we started The Exploits of Moominpappa. I'm also reading The Graveyard Book to both kids.
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Mine are still small enough that we read tons of one-sitting books. All of us choose at the library, and I'm trying to go through the Ambleside Year 0 list.

We've also started The Complete Works of Beatrix Potter. This is the second time we've tried it, and something about it just doesn't catch on with them. When I pull it out, they ask if they can go do something else.

I may try Charlotte's Web. I think they'd enjoy that. DS wants books about boys, which is tough to find. I'm thinking of Hatchet, but I need to re-read it myself first. I wanted to read Taste of Blackberries to them, but I talked to DS first because the point is that the main character's best friend dies. DS said no, that he didn't want to read anything like that.
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My dad does a lot of the read-alouds in our house. Right now he's reading the second book in the Swallows and Amazons series.

I'm reading Brer Rabbit tales to them.
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Right now we're reading Black Ships Before Troy (children's version of the Iliad). We take turns reading it outloud.
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Right now we are reading Frindle and Ramona the Pest. Next in line is My Father's Dragon.

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We've already finished My Father's Dragon.

We're currently reading Little House in the Big Woods and The Door in the Wall. At bedtime Daddy is reading one of the Harry Potter books to them.

Next up is Mr. Popper's Penguins. After that I don't know. Literature is one thing I don't plan too far in advance for.
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Right now, we are reading through:

-Bible devotionals/stories
-Peak With Books book list
-Sonlight P3/4
-the 20 books we get from the library (every 2 weeks - and the 20 is my set limit for my big girl)
-Magic School Bus books, various science readers, math story books
-whatever the girls pull out of the book basket (I recently bought some new Berenstain Bear books)

And we read chapter books at bed time...currently Stuart Little and I have some Magic School Bus chapter books on order. and we just finished the 3 Ralph S Mouse books.

I think that's it.
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we're starting dr. doolittle today.
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We picked up The Hundred Cupboards thinking it sounded fun, but the kids are kind of "meh" about the whole thing, so I need to pick something new I think. I like it though. Anyway, it's hard because my kids' ages have such a span. Hmmm.... Pippi Longstocking maybe?
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Parables from Nature
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I am reading the night fairy right now to my 4 yr old but she is resistant and wants simple stories that are short and sweet
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Voyage of the Arctic Tern. Highly recommend!!!
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Just finished Finn Family Moomintroll (for the third time, this time for the youngest's benefit). Currently halfway through Mockingjay. Next up is The Evolution of Calpurnia Tate.

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The Oddysey (Geraldine McCaughrean's version)

Not sure what's next
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Well, I haven't been doing as many read alouds, but we've been listening to all sorts of free audio books! My dad and daughter are taking turns reading The Odyssey (Fagles translation). They previously read The Iliad, History by Herodotus, and a few others.

We finished listening to The Secret Garden, Pride and Prejudice, and Jane Eyre this summer while driving. We're currently listening to The Count of Monte Cristo and we're about 1/6th of the way in. Last spring was His Dark Materials trilogy by Pullman.

We want to do Flatland by Abbott and Ender's Game soon. She hasn't read A Wrinkle in Time yet, another to add to the list!
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