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Queer Conceptions - September

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Welcome September

Lets make those babies!

Waiting to O :
* MaxK
* kgulbransen
* Miss Scarlet
* Smilingsara
* MujerMamaMismo
* AmyPDX
* dykemom

Waiting to Know... Braving the 2WW :
* rubygirl36
* gellybeangrl
* escher12
* AmandaHope

Waiting for AF :

Working on IVF :

* Shadow22 with DP's eggs

Taking a Break/Figuring Things Out/Waiting to be Ready :
* BunnyLullabye (Taking September off too, hopefully back in October)
* Iheartsheep (Trying in December)
* Prettyisa
* Sarahcecile
* FiveGrandBaby (starting back around November 2010)
* vannienicole (starting ICI in September 2010)
* AmandaMom
* seraf (Hoping to be ready again in September)
* Newbian Mama
* giggleblue & DP
* Astro & DP Fozziebear
* katherinerose
* SPCD & Dp
* Hoping2bMoms
* Joyseattle
* Cejae (gettin' ready for IVF in the spring!)
* Milletpuff (taking a break until sept or oct)

* 2ezforyou
* kkearney1982
* lauren726
* j_on_planet
* Tigerlily1

2010 Graduates!

September * solejean * painefaria

August * bttrflygypsy 4/10/11 * 2happymamas EDD 4/15/11 * LibraryLady EDD 4/15/11

July * Beastie * gumshoegirl007 * wehrli 4-1-11

June * Coco & DP (twins) 2-14-11

May * burg 2-4-11 * korey 2-1-11

April * calimeow * mtnlisa - 12-9-10 * kimlyn - 12-12-10

February * Mistral - 10-17-10 * Quasar & smartycat - 10-26-10 * Monarchgrrl - 10-31-10
* erthe_mama & DP - 11-04-10

January * lyndzies - 10-4-10 * FtMpapa - 10-10-10

2009 Graduates!

December* osker * megan sacha * mkpgoddess

October * JJNoho * Mommies 2 Be * megincl & ktcl

September * elismum1908 * KSDoulaMama * pleasantlyfurious

August * chicagoml * wishin'&hopin'

July * hbog * kimlyn32

May * indigoscot's dp

April * Kelmendi * KJM * whoabethy * carmen

March * scalpel * katwomyn4

February * deny_zoo29

January * jodybird511

2008 Graduates!

December * DM630 * raene * wazzmum

October * JennM1021 * lexbeach's DP* QTRANDI

September * Ellie74

August * heart-n-bones * Love My Family

July * giggleblue * pranava * MamaCaveBear * quasar (and DP smartycat)

June * starling&diesel * PiGirl * Erica12009

April * tigermiep * MujerMamaMismo * tiggerkong22 * simcon * 2happymamas

March * JenInMpls * mahrens77

January * cookie70

2007 Graduates!

December * Scalpel

November * mamimapster * AngelaM * solejean * lmh222
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I posted on the tail end of August, but I'm going to double it here too...

Morning all~

Burg--- Heheheee lets make bets. I bet EVERYTHING Library gets a BFP...

Max--Ugh. So sorry s MAYBE just MAYBE those are implantation spots/cramps? You know me, it's not over till the mean ole AF sings a full on opera, and even then there are those weird "I swear I had my period for my WHOLE pregnancy and I didnt know I was pregnant and I had my baby in the toilet" stories.... As much as I wanted to do it myself, and even though DP is a nurse practitioner, I'm thinking I may have to break down and go to the doc too, if for nothing more than some peace of mind...

Bunny--I've read that too, but Im *hoping* that since I'm planning on triggering that will kick those eggs right out of there Who the heck knows at this point. This has been the WEIRDEST cycle ever. I really think that you should go ahead and go to a full on OB/GYN. Coming from a family practice background, it's going to be hard to find a regular doc that has the time/energy/ and patience to deal with your regular "female" problems PLUS the infertility. I think you will get a faster and more accurate diagnosis from an OB. Just my :twocents

2Ez--I completely agree with Amanda. This was my first cycle also, and it has been the craziest cycle in history, so Im not sure what a good example I'd be BUT I did my first on CD 11 (Monday), the lead follicles were 13 & 15mm so I have my next one this morning CD13 (Wednesday). I think it would be almost impossible to correctly time an IUI off of only one ultrasound and UNLESS you wait long enough, get lucky, and happen to hit the nail right on the head with one u/s of mature but not yet ovulated eggies. Once again my :twocents

Painferia-- SO sorry hon. Hoping you can relax for a few days before the TTC fury hits again. Glad you'll get the threadkeeper dust for September

Solejean/Indigot--Second u/s this morning, thanks for chiming in! I don't feel super clear headed now, and it's so nice to have yall to think for me sometimes

Escher--WOOTHOOT! Eat that pineapple!

OK AFM-- Me= (once again)
This cycle is KILLING me. My Ovacue is totally tripping out. I got ovulation confirmation AGAIN last night (it was a super dark purple color, which I've never seen yet on the monitor...). I think the Clomid must goof my hormones up so much that it can't make heads or tails. My temp is still relatively low (compared to other cycles) so I think I'm still okay, but that didn't keep me from being a wreck all night. I go for my second u/s in an hour, so Im just hoping/praying/wishing that the eggs are still in there, and growing like weeds. AND that this u/s gives me a definite trigger time period. (My therapist always used to say "When setting ones intentions one must be *VERY* specific..." SO there ya go, those are my intentions. Ill keep yall posted.
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Oops...I posted in August too, so just reporting....

Amanda - thanks! We have SOME that insurance pays for, but most is out of our pocket. On the u/s, I think we have to pay $300, which I don't mind if it's going to help. My doctor hasn't mentioned a trigger shot, so I doubt I'll be having one.

Scarlett - I am with you on the crazy cycles and the clomid doing weird things, but I think I am adjusting well.

The called my doc this morning. She initially wanted to do an u/s on cd12, but that will be this Sunday. Since Monday is a holiday, I am guessing she'll want to do it Tuesday - cd14, which SHOULD be fine. I have been O'ing cd16-18. Anyway, today is doc's surgery day, so I hope to have a call tomorrow about when she wants to do it.

In talking with my nurse this morning, I found out that they did want me on 100mg of clomid this month. After last month's IUI, my doc wanted to increase me to 100mg, but when I picked up the prescritpion, it was onnly 50mg of clomid, cd5-9. I assumed that the doc changed her mind and didn't question it. Today, in talking to the nurse, it WAS supposed to be 100mg and the pharmacy screwed it up. Maybe it was meant to be, and the 50mg will do the trick. Oh well!
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Happy September, everyone! Hopefully this is the month for lots of you!

So, I'm obsessing away--still 2 cycles to go. sigh-- Anyway, today I got a positive OPK at 10am. When we finally get going the dr's office said that we'd be going in tomorrow morning (22hrs) and then the next morning (46 hours) for IUI. Is this decent timing? Or should I be pushing to do 2 in one day (morning and evening) the day after the pos OPK? Or one the day of and one the next day? This is the first month I've been able to get a decent read on the OPK since last time we were camping and portapotties are no good for peeing, well, at all, but especially not on sticks! So I don't know exactly when my temp will go up, but FF seems to think it will be tomorrow.
Advice would be great!
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Hi Everyone,

2ezforyou: I'm sorry about the med screw-up, but it seems like you have a great attitude about it. Hopefully 50 was exactly what your body needed.

Scarlett: It is crazy that clomid messes up your ovacue so much! I'm glad you've figured out that must be what is happening. I hope your u/s gave you exactly the results you wanted!

Painefaria: I'm sorry about AF. Hopefully the threadkeeper's luck is exactly what you need. When you have a chance can you take away the note that I may start up again in August or September? Thanks! Also, I think Library and 2HappyMamas are solidly pregnant now...

Chiquitayy: Your chart is looking good!

Gelly: You have a nice looking chart too!

Max: I'm so sorry. What a disappointment. I hope that working with a doc for the IUIs somehow makes them more effective.

Bunny: I'm sorry that you're still not feeling all better, and that you may need to take this month off. I hope all the healing you are doing will help you get pregnant right away when you try again.

AFM: 3dpo, and nothing to report. The prometrium isn't causing me any side effects (which was also true the last time I took it), so that's nice. I saw my acupuncturist yesterday and he said I'm too stressed out, so I'm trying to take deep breaths while still rushing around madly doing work. Hopefully the stress will help the blastocyst (or is it still a zygote?) to grow quickly and implant firmly!
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Ok......SO I left the ultrasound feeling fantastic multiple follicle on each side, and they have grown. At least three that are considered mature and two more that are close.

THEN I got the report. I different radiologist read this second one, and classified my two largest follicles are cysts instead of follicles. AND didn't give me specific sizes on those follicles. Luckily I was able to call and speak with the radiologist that read the first one and have him take a look at the second one. He still thinks they are follicles vs cysts, and that I have at least four that are bigger than 18mm (one is 2.6??) and three more that are 16 & 17mm. That was all as of 8 oclock this morning. I've made the decision to trigger this evening, and then use all three vials 12 hours apart. I'm at CD 13 and I'm afraid if I wait much longer Ill O on my own and not kick out all the eggs.

What do yall think?
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Ug! what an awful thing to hear! Hopefully the second guy is wrong and the first guy has you all nice and lined up for everything to go smoothly tonight! Fingers crossed for you!
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Hey ladies~ Won't be a long post this afternoon, I'm not feeling well at all, so I apologize for not speaking to everyone. Just wanted to check in on our 2ww-ers.

Max~ Very sorry to hear about af. It's so disheartening, but I think your new plan is smart and solid.

Painefaria~Scarlett's right. Threadkeeper's luck will do the trick this time for sure. Big hugs xoox

Scarlett~ Yikes! What a scary thing to hear! I think you're right to continue with your plan. Trigger and go for the three insems. Three's the lucky number, right?

I'm sorry, I'm sure I'm forgetting/neglecting lots of people, but I'm just worn out today. A gunman on the loose in the neighborhood of my school made the afternoon even more exhausting. Too much excitement! (Fortunately everything's fine.)

Much luck and love~ more tomorrow xo
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Scarlett - don't drive yourself crazy with the 'what if's'. I say DO IT! You know your body and not taking the chance might drive you more batty because you'll never know. Regardless of whether they're follies or cysts, there's only one sure way to find out - let those swimmers do all the work. Good luck!

Library - sorry for the yucky day. Get some rest and tomorrow will (hopefully) be much better.
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2ez: That must be frustrating that the pharmacy messed up. But when you get your BFP it won't matter at all.

Scarlett: Sounds like a good plan. Crossing everything for you.

Painefaria: Hopefully threadkeeper duties does it magic for you.

Max: I was reluctant when I first thought about going to a Dr. but it's worked out so far.

Bunny: I'm sorry that you may need to take this month off.

Escher: 3DPO - the TWW is soooo long.

AFM: 6DPO and hoping for some sign of implantation.
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Happy September, ladies!

Congrats Library! Congrats 2HappyMamas

We're taking September off again. DP is planning to try in October. I quit my job (down to PRN, waiting on TB test results before I can get another job in healthcare.) and have no money for sperm (oh, a friend said she was trying to talk her brother into donating for us, LOL). So DP has started charting, a whole month ahead of time. And the plan is, I'll try again down the road when I have money. I'd like to do a tripple IUI, since it seems so promising.

The girls at work have been asking a lot the last couple of weeks. I keep laughing and saying, I just quit my job, how could I afford that?

My big excitement for the past month is that my chickens started laying eggs. Just in time for the recall, I have fresh eggs every day, about twice as many as we eat.

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Good morning~ feeling less ill this morning (thank goodness). AND today's my Friday before a 4 day weekend, so I think it's all good.

Solejean, Escher~ How you holding up? It's the longest two weeks in the world. No one else could comprehend the way the time moves. Fingers crossed for you xoxo

Seraf~ I'm sorry about your job/insurance fluctuations, but I'm glad your DP is getting her process underway. Now you can obsess together! I'm encouraging my DP to start temping just because I think she'd find it interesting (she's a data nerd) but she's sure she'll forget to do it most mornings. Excuses! I told her it's addictive. Once you start looking at your chart, you just want to keep adding to it.

Scarlett~ When's the first insem? That many follies and three insems, I have a good feeling for you...
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Seraf-- hehehehehe Hopefully those chickens will rub off on yall!!! *rubs chicken like a genie lamp* Lay those eggs!!

Library-- Sounds like you had an interesting day yesterday?! Glad you're feeling better, when is your next ultrasound?

SoleJean--STICK little bean STICK!!! I can't remember if you temp or not... If so, how's it looking?

Prettyisa-- ME TOO!!! I read an article a year or so ago about how subjective all of this imaging really is, and when they gave radiologists the same images a month later almost all of them read them with different results than the first time. Scary. It's also been odd how little the pharmacist (who is very competent on daily things) and radiologists/techs know about fertility, ttc, meds, and u/s monitoring. It's a perfect example of having to be your own advocate as a patient.

2EZ-- That was my thinking too! Just GO for it! Here's hoping!!

Escher-- My acupuncturist tells me to breath all the way down through my toes (to make sure Im getting good deep breaths), AND a long time ago I had a practitioner tell me to have a loved one hold my feet firmly. It *really* helps you feel more grounded and safe. (honest to goodness)

AFM-- Triggered last night at 8 and planning first insem for this evening. I woke up with a killer headache, but I think it's mostly tension from sleeping wrong on my little neck. I feel good and peaceful for the most part. It was funny yesterday morning I had the sweetest feeling while looking at the u/s screen. I guess I just realized that one of those little eggies I was watching in there *would be* my baby, and I already loved it so. Maybe not this month, or even this year, but my little peanut is in there somewhere already...

ALSO I woke up with a smile on my face knowing I could pee on a stick and it would come out positive with 10,000 units of hCG swimming around in there. I felt like saying nanner nanner boo boo with my tongue sticking out. :nana
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Scarlett: Good luck! Everything crossed for you. You have such a wonderful, serene attitude -- I love it! Looking forward to hearing about your BFP.

LibraryLady: So glad you're feeling better! Have a wonderful weekend!

Seraf: We're in the same boat. Waiting until December to really start trying. At least you'll have plenty of eggs -- custard, cheesecake, quiche...

solejean, escher: How are you feeling?

Isa: We've only done monitored cycles and never used an OPK so I'm not much help. I can say that we used an ovulation trigger shot the night before and then have done 2 IUIs, 24 hours apart (one the morning after the shot, and one the morning after that).

AFM: We had our consultation with the RE yesterday. It went well. We have a different nurse (who is AWESOME) and we both have blood work (I have to do ID testing, for some reason, and DP has all of her customary bloodwork plus a CMV screening). The insurance company is requiring DP to do a mock ultrasound (it was that or a repeat HSG and she didn't want to go through that again), so we're going to go do all of that on her next CD3.

Our RE is very positive and optimistic (but cautious about multiples). We are going to be using Clomid, but at the lower dose. He says that at DP's age and with monitoring and triggers we have a 25% chance of success per cycle. So that is encouraging.

Then we are getting married , going on our honeymoon, and she's going to wean off her Lexapro while we pick a donor and get sorted to start in December. In the meantime I'll still be lurking in this thread so I can celebrate all of your BFPs!
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Scarlett: Good luck! So exciting... I love your attitude.

LibraryLady: I'm glad you're feeling better and have a 4 day weekend.

Seraf: I really would like some backyard chickens, but it seems like a lot of work... Of course you can't beat eggs that fresh.

prettyisa: MY RE does one IUI the day after a positive OPK. It worked with my DS...

iheartsheep: Sounds like you have plenty to keep you occupied until December.

AFM: This is me - Well not really, but I try. I am having some tugging and pulling sensations so I'm hopeful and excited. Every time a negative thought comes into my head I just say to myself, 'you're pregnant until proven otherwise.' So far it's working pretty well, but the time is draaaaaging. I do temp and they are still up. If I knew how I would share my chart. 7 DPO today and I am planning on waiting until 14 DPO to test. I don't know if I'll make it that long.
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Painefaria- Thank you for being the threadkeeper! Can you move me to Waiting to O?

I will post more for others in a few days.

Just got AF full force today. Making plans for this next cycle. Both DP and I are really getting depressed about trying for almost a year now. We both agree we need a change and doing the IUI's in the DR office is our new lifeline we are holding on to.

We move in to our new house next week. We are both happy about it, we actually have a baby room. We'll use it as an office in the meantime but it's painted for the baby already.
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Originally Posted by solejean View Post
If I knew how I would share my chart. 7 DPO today and I am planning on waiting until 14 DPO to test. I don't know if I'll make it that long.
Go to FF (assuming this is the program you use) on the left side of the charting screen there is a MY HOME PAGE button.

If you click on that (assuming that you have set up your home page) it will take you to your own fertility friend world .

At the top of the page the address is to your own page, copy this and come to mothering. In a post you can do two things you can:

A: just paste into your post (this will not be "linked") OR
B: at the top of your "posting box" there is an icon that looks like a world with a chain infront, click on this. it will open a small popup and then paste into that box. It should come up "highlighted Blue" or "linked".

When you post your message everyone should be able to link to your page and if you want I can attach the link to the front page.
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For updates

Could everyone please post in the title area when there are updates? It really makes it so much easier to keep things current
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Seraf-- OMG I just saw these....
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Hi Everyone,

Max: I'm sorry about AF, and about feeling discouraged. I'm glad that you have a plan of something new to try. Congratulations on your new home! Maybe the baby was just waiting for you to have a room ready for it.

Solejean: Good luck surviving the wait. It does drag, doesn't it?

Iheartsheep: I'm so glad that the RE went well. And congratulations on getting married!

Scarlett: How interesting about having someone hold your feet. I'm emailing that suggestion to my wife right now. Thanks! Hooray for it being your insem day! I am sending you all sorts of conception wishes.

Seraf: It is great to hear from you! It's exciting that your dp is going to be trying so soon. How is that feeling to you these days? I'm super impressed that you have fresh chicken eggs! Yum.

AFM: 4dpo and nothing to report. But the cycle I was pregnant I didn't have much to report during the wait, so I don't think I'll know anything anytime soon.
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