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Happy Saturday!

Beastie: You're almost done with the first trimester--hooray!

Scarlett: I'm so glad that you had a nice temp spike. It sounds like your timing worked out perfectly.

Library: I seem to have the same symptoms (feeling my uterus more than usual, some mild cramping) everytime I insem, both when I was pregnant and I was not. So I'm having that, but nothing else. I appreciate that taking progesterone means I can't obsess over every little symptom, but it also means that I don't feel like I have any clue what is going on in there. Hopefully implantation!

Here's a QOTD, if you feel like answering it: What do you wish you had known when you first started the TTC process?
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Amanda - Sooooo bummed for you. Sorry to hear the witch showed. Enjoy your time with the fmaily, and keep the positive attitude.

Scarlett - I ALWAYS have major cramps after IUI. I typically spot two days after, but only a little. It's mostly light pinkish, but still a little spotting. Not sure why my crazy body likes to wait two days. The temp spike sounds like a positive, especially with that many follies.

AFM - Having an u/s on Tuesday morning to do a follie check. I am stressing a little because I didn't order any sperm yet. With the weekend and holiday, Tuesday will mark my cd14. That makes me a littler nervous, but if there are follies and they're good sizes, then I'll order and have Midwest overnight. I am so nervous to have the u/s. Yes, I want to know if there are follies, but then I get scared that there won't be. Last month, I had such low progesterone, which I had no clue. This will be my first u/s, which means I have no idea if/what I produce. Learning about the low progesterone was like a fist to the stomach - no clue I had that. Anyway, I've been on the lovely suppositories for three weeks (minus my 5 AF days). Fingers crossed the p is up and there are follies.
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2ez Fingers crossed for a good u/s that gives you useful and reassuring information (and no negative surprises!).

Escher and Scarlett Hopeful for you both!

Beastie Nice to see you! Thanks for your thoughts, and congrats on entering the (so much better) second tri! How's the belly-concealing at work going? I'm also a (Jewish) fem professor, and I sympathize with the clothing dilemma. How about some flowy peasant-style shirts? I'm on the plump side to start, though, so I doubt anyone will notice until I have a pretty serious bump. I'm looking forward to worrying about that.

Library Way to avoid the drunken sports folks. When I lived in South Bend, IN, the ND sports fans were SCARY.

Coco, Wehrli, and others Thanks for the tips (I'll try the B complex, Coco--thanks again) and sympathy. It really felt good this time to hear from you all. I am really uncomfortable with expressions of sympathy from people IRL, but they are so comforting from you all! I'm a little sad over all the excitement about my baby niece (who is incredibly sweet and amusing and makes me ache for a one-year-old of my own) and her pregnant mommy (my sister in law), but I'm doing fine, generally...except for a nasty sunburn! I'm such a dork--went for a quick trip to the beach and lathered up DD but not myself. Ugh. But the waves were awesome. I love the ocean!
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Originally Posted by AmandaHope View Post
[Coco, Wehrli, and others Thanks for the tips (I'll try the B complex, Coco--thanks again) and sympathy. It really felt good this time to hear from you all. I am really uncomfortable with expressions of sympathy from people IRL, but they are so comforting from you all! !
Maybe it is because you know that we really and truly understand... and also because it is one one-sided... we are there for each other and sometimes you need it... and other times - I remember them well - it was me .

Sympathy, when it is real and not *for show* or superficial because one just doesnt really understand... its just different.

I *so* underatand about feeling sad about your SIL and the little one... that inside ache is just something very deep, visceral... Things will get better... I have every confidence that you will have that one year old little one of your own in say... a year and 9, 10 or 11 months

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Thank you all for the super nice greetings! Library might just be right that this is the best thread ever! Thank you all for being so nice ans supportive! I want you all to know that I'm reading all the time, even if I'm not posting. And I'm rooting for you all!

I am indeed inching toward the second trimester (Scarlett and Escher, thanks for noticing!), and I'm excited to start feeling less sick and more pregnant! AHope, thanks for the good ideas for project secret bump! I'm doing ok with maternity pants and looser tops, but the weather has been interfering with my layering options. I'm a little plump to begin with too, so I think it's as much about feeling confident as it is about anyone actually noticing. Can't wait until you (all) join me on the Q&P board to discuss these and other pressing issues!

It's about time for a rash of pregnancies around here! to everyone!

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Hi Everyone,

2ezforyou: I hope that the ultrasound goes well! It's interesting that you take the suppositories all cycle except for AF. Isn't it funny how different doctors have different ideas on the best ways to treat low progesterone?

Solejean: When are you planning to test?

Gelly: I'm sorry about yesterday's bfn, but it is still early. Are you testing again today?

AmyPDX: A positive opk--how exciting! Are you insemming soon?

AFM: 7dpo. I am feeling so done with this tww. My temps are fine but not brilliant, so I'm feeling like probably I'm not pregnant. And I'm just tired of waiting!
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Beastie: It's so nice to get past that first trimester, isn't it?

Escher: Your temps look good to me.

AFM: Thinking of testing tomorrow - kind of early though at 11 DPO. It just seems like a better day to do it because I'm home and it will be easier to coordinate. 14 DPO will be a work day and that just makes it more difficult. Of course if I get a BFN and no AF by Thursday I will test again. I really would rather not see a negative, but since Monday is a day off it's an easier day to test.
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Hello everyone,

Escher- I'll probably test again tomorrow. My temp has gone down a bit over the last few days.

Soljean- good luck with the testing... babydust to you!

Amandahope- sorry AF found you...I feel her breathing down my neck.

Scarlet- how ya doing?

2ez- hope that the u/s goes well...as well as the insem.

AFM- We think that we may have found a KD. We are very excited about this. I'm looking into contacting my insurance to see how to go about getting a infertility referral. Cross your fingers that everything goes well. This cycle isn't totally out...I'll test again tomorrow..if it is negative, then I'll wait for AF.
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CD4 second day on Femara

AmandaHope- I hope you are having fun in Orlando. I am very sorry to hear that AF showed up early. Yuck! Hugs to you. Please have more fun on your relaxing, super fabulous vacation.

I don’t know what you will decide but I would opt for later testing. I can never do it but I wish I could hold out longer. I think psychically it creates more hope.

Escher- good luck to you. I know what you mean about the signs. Keep staying positive!

Beastie and Library- Yay! Grow baby grow!

Miss Scarlett- It really depends on your eggs and no one really knows about those. I like to think that late insems will get the quick swimmers, leading to mostly boy babies. (Quick sperm = boys usually, and the Long distance runners = girls usually). It helps me to visualize the whole thing. I see a race with little numbers around their spermie necks.

QOTD- I wish that I had not been so arrogant when I started TTC. I assumed it would not take that long and now a year later I am considering IVF. I made a mistake to work with a KD with a low sperm count and blew a ton of money and time on that. Now we are on our second anon donor. I could have paid for two IVF treatments in this whole time we have been trying. I really wanted to conceive as naturally as possible and I had no idea it would not just happen. I struggle with the thought of moving to IVF but now both my partner and I just want TTC to be over and we want to be pregnant.
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Happy Labor Day if you're in the States!

Max: How is the Femara treating you do far this cycle? I'm with you on having started this process assuming it would be quick and easy. Do you have a sense of when you might try IVF?

QOTD: When I started the TTC process, I wish I had known that it might take a while and that there is nothing I could do about that. I wish I had known that even if I generally think of myself as healthy or lucky or whatever, and even if I do acupuncture or cut sugar out of my diet or drink fertility tea or whatever, it might still end up being a long or painful process. On a more practical level, I wish I had known that I need to feel my cervix regularly in order to get a good sense of when I am fertile, and that opks and temps alone would not get me good timing.

Gelly: How exciting that you might have a KD! But I have everything crossed for you that you won't even need him because you'll get good results today!

Solejean: I have everything crossed for you too! I hope you get a terrific surprise today!

AFM: 8dpo. Just waiting.
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Good Morning all

Escher--That whistling smiley is perfect for the 2ww. You are just a few days ahead of me. Anything that looks like implantation in your world?

Max-- I had read that about x vs y sperm. Have you ever seen the "great sperm race" documentary? It's fascinating. At this point I don't care how many (within reason) or which gender, any healthy fetus or fetuses will do!

Solejean-- I usually test too early (10 dpo) but I'm pretty unrealistic and can always rationalize away a negative. It's when I test later and get a BFN that I start losing hope.

Max--Im sure we can all relate. I *have* to make myself think of it differently to keep from going crazy. I have to know that everything happens for a reason, and no matter what I would have done different, I'm still going to have to wait until it's the *right* egg, and the *right* sperm to meet my little one.

Gelly-- How exciting! BUT I hope none of that even matters and that a BFP is just around the corner for you. At least you've been able to plan and keep your mind off this 2WW. I've been reading about home births, hypnobirthing and midwives for the last few weeks. Planning the birth of my not yet conceived child seems to take some anxiety out of the waiting. (we need a little straight jacket smiley) I even found a home birth midwife that will do preconception consults, so Im entertaining that.

QOTD-- Almost 2 years ago we got pregnant the very first time we tried (looking back now I have no idea how) and miscarried, but b/c it had happened so easily the first time I just assumed it would happen again right away. I wish I would have known then what an anomaly that was, and had taken more time to emotionally deal with that loss instead of just expecting to immediately replace it with joy. It really gave me false expectations and feels like it's made every failure since a little more painful. BUT I still have faith, and I'm going to keep plugging along. It's all we can do right?

AFM-- Im still cramping. A lot. No fever or nausea, not really like menstrual cramps, but more like some sharp pains (mostly on the right side) and then a lot of pressure on my cervix.. They are off and on, seem to be worse in the early early morning, but then I'm so sore all day. I have no idea. This was the first month with the trigger, and I did have all kinds of follies. Maybe there's a traffic jam in the tubes? (i'm only half way kidding) Lucky for the long weekend as I've been able to just take it easy. Anyway, other than that time is passing fairly quickly, and I've had lots to keep my mind occupied.

Our sewer backed up AGAIN, and while DP couldn't smell anything, I guess the hCG gave me "the nose" because it's ALL I can smell. No water for three days, but I refuse to waste good sperm money to call a plumber over the holiday weekend. Priorities folks. We leave for Key West in 3 weeks, and I CANNOT wait, so I've been busy dreaming about that.

OH I forgot I meant to ask you about the progesterone test. FF says I'm 4DPO (but I think I ovulated overnight, so it could be 3DPO) and I'm trying to decide when to have the staff draw my lab for the test. I won't get the results until the next morning. So should I draw tomorrow? (4 or 5 DPO), get the results on Wednesday? Or hold off to draw until Wednesday? I never used to have short LP, but the last four cycles have been short SO I want to make sure I monitor it....
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Scarlett: That's terrible to have a backed up sewer. Ours does that periodically and it's just no fun at all. I hope you get it fixed soon without spending tons of money.

Gelly: Exciting news, but hopefully you won't need a KD when you get your BFP.

AFM: This is the best labor day ever! I am still in shock plus scared, nervous, elated and happy. I got a BFP this morning! It was funny because my DP wanted to be involved so she told me to pee on the sticks and go back to bed (yeah right ) while she checked them out. Of course I remember with our DS she couldn't see the line so I waited outside until I couldn't stand it anymore. When I went in she said, 'well I think it's a no.' So I said, "let me see." And staring at me were two lines. It was kind of close to the 10 minute mark so I went back to bed and tested 4 hours later and yep there it was within 3 minutes - a second beautiful line. I can't wait for everyone else in the TWW to join me.
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Solejean! Hooray!!!!!!!! I'm so thrilled for you!

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scarlett - get the p4 test done at 7dpo. they'll be able to tell if you ovulated and if it was a good ovulation from the #. sorry about the sewer. we had that happen a couple of years ago - a tree root blocked the pipe and we had all kinds of nasty grey water in the basement. cost $$$$$$$$ to fix AND clean out the basement.

solejean - woohoooo!! big congrats on your bfp! stick to the pole little bean!

qotd - i wish i had known: how devastating that first attempt bfn would be - i think secretly we all wish we're that lucky person who gets it on the first try. how having to wait a couple of months to try again would be the LONGEST 2 months ever. that its possible to have ttc issues w/o any physical signs. that people irl have no idea unless they are either lesbians ttc or hetero couples w/ infertility. that sex education does not tell you ANYTHING about how a baby is conceived, lol - seriously how many of us on here could actually have a conversation with an RE and understand everything they are saying? i know i could!

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Solejean---OH HOOOORRAAYYY!!!!!

Wonderful news!! Congrats!!!!

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Solejean !!!!!! Congrats ! See you on the Q&P thread !


(This is us... and the bump @ exactly 17 weeks

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Hooray Solejean!!

Wishing you a sticky bean and an easy, healthy 40 weeks!

...see you in Q&P...
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Happy Labor Day!!!

I'm not sure what is going on with me...my temp went back up a bit today...and I got another bfn, and it is 14dpo.

The bright side is that we may have found a few KD's. My thoughts are that maybe frozen sperm just won't work for me. Anyway...we keep moving on.

qotd: I also wish that I would have known how hurt and devistated that I (and DW) would be eah time we got a bfn. I know that it would take time...I guess that I was just hoping that we would get lucky on our first or second try. I also wish that we had known more...found this board before our first attempt, so that we wouldn't have wasted so much money with a RE who was more interested in the $$$ than getting us pregnant.
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Gelly: I'm sorry about the BFN. I know that is disappointing. Do you think you have a late implanter, or do you think the progesterone is messing with your temps, or do you think it is something else?

Scarlett: I love your sig right now. It is going to be long before the end of the TWW! I know generally docs recommend testing progesterone at 7dpo, but I personally think that is too late if you are hoping to supplement this cycle if needed. I'm sorry about all your cramping, but hopefully it is a great sign!

Indigoscot: I agree that I think we all wish that we would be the one who got pregnant on the first try. Alas, for most of us it just isn't meant to be. Isn't it crazy how much you learn from TTC that you never learned in sex ed?
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