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The September CTA/FAM Thread

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September 2010

Welcome to the September 2010 charting to avoid and fertility awareness thread. We are all at different stages in family planning and our own fertility. Some of us are very ardently Charting to Avoid (CTA); most are CTA but would be thrilled with a BFP; and we even have a few who are "whatevering" , and continue to hang out here.

If you did not post in August, you may have been deleted from the list. If you were mistakenly deleted, or you would like to be added/removed, please PM me or post and let me know. I cannot promise to make all the changes requested in the thread, but I will try to get to everything. To those who are new, welcome!

Please double check I have your chart linked correctly. If I need to fix it, please link to your chart and ask in bold. Thanks!

You must post in September if you want to be on the October list!

Who We Are:






Wholewheatchick - Due in Dec. 2010
OsUvet - Due in Feb. 2011
Echospiritwarrior - Due in Feb. 2011
Lyterae - Due in Feb. 2011
Dex_Millie - Due in Feb. 2011



Good luck to those of us who are now TTC!

Summary of FAM rules (sympto-thermal)

Pre-ovulation rules:

1) First 5 Days Rule: You are safe the first 5 days of your menstrual cycle if you had an obvious temp shift 12-16 days before.

2) Dry day rule: You are safe to DTD after 6PM if you have been dry all day.

Post ovulation rules:

1) Peak day rule: the last day of fertile mucous is called the peak day (the day before your mucous begins to dry up). You are safe to DTD on the fourth consecutive day after the peak day. If another patch of more fertile mucous appears, start your count over.

2) Temperature shift rule: You are safe the evening of the third consecutive day your temp is above your coverline. If your temp falls at or below the coverline during the 3 day count, begin your count again.

BOTH rules must be satisfied to be considered in your infertile phase.

How to set a coverline:

When you see a temperature shift of at least 0.2 degrees F above the highest of the previous 6 temps, draw a line 0.1 degrees F above that highest temp.



Charge of Your Fertility, by Toni Weschler
Garden of Fertility and
The Art of Natural Family Planning by John and Sheila

Breastfeeding and Natural Child Spacing: How Ecological Breastfeeding Spaces Babies by Sheila Kippley
Fertility, Cycles and Nutrition by Marilyn Shannon


Ovusoft charting software, and brief fertility library
Fertility Friend charting software, and ttc charting guide
myfertilitycharts.com free software for ttc or tta
Author Katie Singer's Garden of Fertility website
Mothering Magazine article by Katie Singer
Billings Ovulation Method info
Billings Ovulation Method Association, USA
Billings Centre, CA
Couple to Couple League (find an NFP instructor)
Creighton Model


AF: Aunt Flo, your period
AFM: as for me
BD: baby dancing; bed dancing (i.e. sex)
BFP: positive pregnancy test (big fat positive)
BFN: negative pregnancy test (big fat negative)
BIP: basic infertile pattern
CD: Cycle day
CM: cervical mucous (same as CF)
CF: cervical fluid (same as CM)
CTA: Charting to Avoid
CTW: Charting to "whatever" (not avoiding, not preventing)
DPO: Days past ovulation
DTD: Do the deed
GIO: get it on
EWCM: eggwhite cervical mucous/fluid
LP: Luteal phase - the time from ovulation until your period, average 10-16 days
LTL: low temp level (basically 1/10th below FAM's CL or on the highest of the 6 previous temps)
HTL: high temp level (4/10ths above LTL, temp rise needed to indicate O)

Happy Charting Everyone!!
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Me first!

katy ~ Have you tested again?
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Thanks for the new thread Baby_Cakes!

MW, WRT to your temping time, I say take your temp when you first wake up regardless if it's 4:30 AM and see how your temps are for a week or so. I don't always take my temp at 5 AM. Sometimes I wake up at 4 AM. I think it's more important to take your temp after prolonged sleep rather than at the exact same time every day.
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Originally Posted by MarineWife View Post
Me first!

katy ~ Have you tested again?
Good question! I just looked at her chart... Katy, if you haven't I would suggest you test again. I was looking through my baby box last night and I looked at the pg tests I took 11 DPO. If I didn't know better, I would have thought they were negative. Better result 12 DPO on the dollar test but a nice clear line on the FRER.
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Is it annoying to ask that my username in the original post be changed to katIEdidbug and not katydidbug? Sounds lame, I know, but I'm a Katie, lol.

MW: No, I haven't tested again...13 dpo and temps are still REALLY high. I will test on Friday or Saturday if no AF. The whole thing is so weird. Even if I do get AF, I never would've thought my first pp lp would be so long. It was only six days with DS1. So weird.
Also, I agree w/ Annie. Try taking your temps when you actually wake up for a while and see how it looks.

Annie, Phew! Glad you didn't O yet.
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Ooops, subbing!
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Hi. Can I play?

I’m 34 and new to charting. I read TCOYF last month and just finishing charting my first cycle. Super-nerdy, so I’m loving the new knowledge this gives me about my body.

I’ve never been pregnant. DH and I are discussing possibly TTC early next year, but we are definitely TTA until then.

My chart:
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do you need the link to my chart for the op?


does this work?
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LOL. That was quick!
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Updated to here!

Not annoying at all, Katie - so sorry for the typo!!
Welcome Capretta!
Thanks Lioness! Yep, it works!
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Welcome, capretta! I must be super nerdy, too, because I love charting! Were you using backup bc when you had intercourse during your fertile time?
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Katiedidbug: Thanks and yep. We're using barriers (condom or diaphragm) all cycle until we're more comfortable with charting and the rules. I think TCOYF recommended 2-3 cycles of charting first.
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thank you for the new thread!


a few missing temps but it seems that I'm on my way to O!
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Welcome, capretta! You're in good company in regards to enthusiasm for charting here.

MW: Can you temp when your DH gets up?

katie: Temp up today, huh? I'm also waiting for you to test again...

Annie: I think the only constant in post mc cycles is weirdness.
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Originally Posted by MovingMomma View Post
Annie: I think the only constant in post mc cycles is weirdness.
No kidding...I had spotting again today. Good grief!
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Sorry about misspelling your name. I blame it all on Carrie. I thought it was Katie but saw that it was posted as Katy when I checked the front page. One thing I was thinking is that I wonder if it's possible you didn't O until 2 days after FF put your crosshairs. It seems that even with that really low temp, it's still above your CL but you did discard a couple of higher temps so...Of course, that doesn't really help with the not being pg thing because that would mean you dtd the day before O, which would make pg even more likely. It may explain the longer lp, though.

Welcome, capretta.

Shannon ~ If he were home consistently and I woke consistently when he did and he didn't get up so insanely early (4 am every morning, no thank you!) then yeah. I'm not willing to set my alarm for earlier than I usually wake because I have problems sleeping as it is. I don't want to add to that. KWIM? I'm probably waking early now because he's gone. Aaaaah, when will I ever get a consistent full nights sleep?
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No prob, MW. And I've been thinking along the same lines re: my lp, too. I was puking the night before my temp rise, so that could've accounted for the rise, not necessarily O. I could've easily o'd the day after.
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subbing - and may i add how coincidental it is to start a new month with cd1?? lol

i was gonna start a new thread but thought i'd ask you ladies too....I am trying out an instead cup for the first time and am looking for tips or advice? I know this is the disposable brand of the diva cup, but a lot of ladies have said I can just rinse and reuse a few times? Then if comfortable I may invest in a diva.

but should i sit down or stand up to take out? How long before I should "check it"? As long as I don't feel it can I presume it is in right? I have one in right now and although awkward to insert, seems to not be leaking and can't feel it.
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I've never used that particular cup before, but I'm a big user of the Diva Cup. LOVE IT! I stand up when I put it in and like to put it in the shower, because it goes in pretty easy if it's wet. Again, I'm not sure about that particular product, but I change mine in the morning and evening, and it's never even close to being full. HTH.
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