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Do you have your name list narrowed down?

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I *think* that we do. Early (15 week) us looks like a boy but I'm not counting on it until the 19 week 3D.

I was wondering if anyone else is having any luck on names. My issue is this silly man I call my husband. He is The Veto King. Le sigh. We have sort of agreed on:

Samuel Horn S. (Sam)
Margaret Lilly (Maggie and/or Milly)

What about you?
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Yes, I think we've decided. However, it's SOOO popular. It's a top ten name in the US. Honestly, I had no idea since I don't know any younger children with this name. Would you guys use a really popular name? (BTW, it's pretty traditional and biblical.)
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Personally, I wouldn't use a popular name because my own name is popular for my age. As a kid, I hated being known as FirstName/LastInitial all throughout elementary school!

That said, baby names are my DP's hobby. (I'm serious.) She can tell you the top 10 boys and girls names for the past 5 years. She also knows the fastest rising names, fastest dropping names, etc. It's a little scary!

Anyway, she tells me that it's not the same as it used to be with popular names because people are drawing from a much bigger name pool than they were 30 years ago. So, whereas I was one of 4 in my class, the more popular names now might only have one other kid in their class who shares the name. So if you really love a name, I wouldn't let it's popularity stop you!

(Did that all make sense? Preggo Brain is in full effect this week!)
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Not really, It's harder naming boys let alone 2 of them lol. I think we are pretty sure on one name just trying to figure out the other.
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Dh and I are waiting for the 20 week ultrasound to start the name debate. We know it'll be another war, so narrowing the choices down by 50% is important to us.

I'm anti-popular names, but that's just me. I'm a Sarah, and there were 4 Sarahs in my class at one point. Things may have changed, but I take no chances and the entire top 100 list from Social Security's name list for the last 5 years (and all spelling variants of those names) have been blacklisted.

Part of my madness is also to avoid DH telling me he's fallen in love with a particular name on that list, since I tend to like unusual and hippie names. Names associated with nature and mythology are right up my alley! I also avoid biblical names since DH is an atheist and I'm Wiccan.

That being said, your child's name is important and if you've fallen in love with a popular name, perhaps you should go for it. There's a reason it's popular. A lot of people agree with you that it's pretty/nice.
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Originally Posted by homemademom View Post
Yes, I think we've decided. However, it's SOOO popular. It's a top ten name in the US. Honestly, I had no idea since I don't know any younger children with this name. Would you guys use a really popular name? (BTW, it's pretty traditional and biblical.)
My oldest son has a name that has gained a lot of popularity in the last 10 years (skirting top 20 now), and it's not a big issue. Even as popular as his name is now, we still have only run across a scant handful of kids with his name in the past decade.

I think it's more important to avoid names that are super popular in your local area. I'd definitely not want my kid to be one of the 4 _______s in his class.
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No, we're in a huge stale mate. Boy first name is settled, but middle name is a war. Girl name is such a sensitive issue that we can't even talk about it, but the midde names are set.

And the worst is that every time we start arguing DH pulls "Well, we'll just name him after our fathers, do you like John Keith or Keith John." :
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Nope. Every name I have suggested he has shot down. We have no list or anything. I should start one and then let him circle the ones he likes.
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We've had names picked out for years lol. It will be either Isaac Dakota or Rachel Kathleen. And we find out today!

Originally Posted by homemademom View Post
Yes, I think we've decided. However, it's SOOO popular. It's a top ten name in the US. Honestly, I had no idea since I don't know any younger children with this name. Would you guys use a really popular name? (BTW, it's pretty traditional and biblical.)
Obviously I have no problem using common names since DS2 has the name that's often #1 and the other 2 are pretty common. I prefer more common names that don't go out of style over the unique or trendy names that won't be in style in 5-10 years.
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Regarding name popularity, I'm a Kelley, and when my parents named me, it was still primarily a man's name. It exploded about five years after I was born, and then was Barbie's little sister's name, and I pretty much hate it. I will always bear resentment towards my mom's college roommate, who convinced her not to name me Vivian (a name I love) because of "I Love Lucy." I'm sorry, who even REMEMBERS that there was a Vivian on "I Love Lucy?" NO ONE, that's who.

I guess my point is that the best laid plans sometimes go awry, you can't know about a name's popularity in a couple of years, and if you love a name, you should use it! Having a classic name (as many popular ones are, these days) never goes out of style. I wish I had a time machine to predict name trends, though ...

As far as baby names over here, I've decided to just let it be for a while. I'm having more trouble with baby names (especially boy names). I think we'll know the perfect name when we see it, so I'm halting our search for now .
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I don't care much about popularity, as that changes quickly. We like traditional names that work in both our languages and are gender-specific. It's easier that way. My name wasn't popular when I was born, but gained in the late 90ies and now there are lots of girls with my name, but it doesn't bother me really.
I find it so hard already to find a name that I like and that works in two languages... Especially boy names, they are incredibly hard. I have settled now somewhat on names.. Wilhelm (Will) or Leopold (Leo) and Eloise. I'm sure it's a boy though
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Well we have begun a list, but I'm working on broadening it, not narrowing it down

We have agreed on either Alice or Willow for a girl (possible middle name Barbara-Lee after my Nana who is Barbara, and my mom and I who have Firstname-Lee).

I finally got dh to agree on 2 boys names so those possibilities are Alistair (derived from Alice, who was his grandma) and Kennedy (derived from his grandpa who was Kenneth & also is dh's middle name). I LOVE Marvin for a middle name for a boy (ds's name for the baby while in utero) and dh says it's a possibility, otherwise middle names might be Murray Robert or Robert Murray (our dads).

Both my other kids have 2 middle names so this one may, unless it's Marvin then we may just go with one. Marvin's really growing on me, but I still think I won't do it for a first name.

Still looking for a couple more options, the name won't be decided until after he/she is born. Names are so hard! Ds' name was picked out about 6 months before he was conceived Dd's name was the only one we agreed on during pregnancy and we didn't lock it down until she was 4 days old cuz we just weren't sure but we didn't have any other names we liked! Fortunately she is TOTALLY a Bridget, in fact she's Bit because that's how she said her name when she started to talk, Bitbit.
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Name popularity... I'm Laura and I've always loved my name. It was very popular when I was born, but the fact that I grew up with a couple other girls named Laura never bothered me.

That said, I was concerned about popularity when I named my DD. We loved Emma, but nixed it because everyone we knew was using that name. We also loved Claire, and wound up using it because it wasn't as popular as Emma. When we named our son, I had to throw popularity concerns out the window because there were ZERO boy names we agreed on that weren't in the top 20. So his name is Andrew, and it hasn't been a big deal. There's one other Andrew in our immediate circle.

This baby will be named after my deceased mom, so the name list is definitely narrowed down. Her name was JoAnn Marie, nn Jo. So this baby will be Joanna Marie or Joseph Wesley. I'm 100% sure about the boy name. If it's a girl, there's a small chance we'll name her something else with JoAnn as a middle name. Both of our other children have first names we liked and middle names that have some sort of significance. We've considered Rachel JoAnn instead of Joanna Marie, but we'll see.
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We are a family of baby name drama! Jackson was to be an original yet classic name to honor my grandfather Jack. Um....not so much! There is always at least one other Jackson in his class. Oh well, he rocks it out so it's cool.

Now our daughter! Le sigh le drama. We COULD NOT agree on a name. So we are both neutral on Allison and we go for it even though I feel all blah and yuck about it. I wait...and wait...and wait...to love Allison and don't. She has been and will always be Alli BUT I don't like that for a full name. SO before we left Texas we went to court and changed her name to *her* name, the one she should have had from birth- Charlotte. So her legal name is Charlotte Inglis S. but we all call her Alli. So I explain to people that she is like an outlaw, Charlotte "Alli" Inglis.

I am DETERMINED to love the name we pick this time. Not doing that drama naming experince again! Plus we have to know before DH leaves.
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We know that if it is a boy it will have the middle name "Andrew", beyond that we are as others said broadening our options. We aren't ready to pick one just yet.

My name (Cassidy) was not popular at all, to the point that when people asked me my name and I told them they would ask what my "first" name was. This resulted in lots of technical errors because they'd put my name in incorrectly in different systems,etc. It's only been the past 5-10 years that I've encountered children named Cassidy. I don't know any other adults with my name.
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Oh yeah, and Horn as a middle name is a family name to honor my dad. Margaret would be in honor of my great aunt and that side of the family. Samuel and Lilly I just like.
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Girl name- Reed Kylie G.
Boy name- Sebastian Henry G.

A couple thoughts on popularity, I work for the Girl Scouts and see sooo many Emmas, Haileys, Olivias, Hannahs,...all very pretty but I could never name my daughter any of those, there are just too many! I guess you never know how things are going to change in a few years. Reed is not at all common for a girl but I guess that could change. But then I guess I could consider myself a trend setter (Honestly something I couldn't care less about, lol.)
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We had names decided before I found out I was pregnant. For a girl its going to be Annabella Lynn (Annabella because I just like it, Lynn after my mother who passed when I was a teenager) and for a boy Thomas B****** (my grandfather-in-laws first and last name).
As for popularity things change so fast. My first name is Heather, I loved it growing up but there are a TON of Heathers. In fact in my small cycle of acquaintances there are at least 5 Heathers and we are all within a 5 year span age wise. Then it seems like there has been a gap of Heathers because I don't know anyone 10 or more years younger than I am that has the name.
Both my girls have old fashion names, one everyone figures I named after a Egyptian queen (I didn't, I just liked the name) and the other people keep asking if I made up. Nope, its been in my family for almost 300 years (I'm a bit of a genealogy nut) but its not really known to well anymore. Its like 555 on the popularity list and dropping.
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We have been tossing around the same few names for each gender, but mostly for lack of exploring name options. We'll get serious about it once we find out the gender.

So far, we're talking about

Girl-Willa, Cora, Coral, Zora, Verity, Helena, Beatrice, and Zenaida
Boy-Jude, Asa, Matteo, Nico
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We decided on a name yesterday after we found out were having a baby girl.

Aubrey Rose
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