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Atlanta ITP Montessori Schools?

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I'm starting to think about Montessori for my 18mo old son, but I don't really know much about Montessori and I don't know where to look to see what are the well-regarded programs in town. We live very close to Carlisle, but I have no idea if it's "good".

Can anyone help me with resources/thoughts on local programs?
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My daughter is at Northwoods Montessori. It's her second year and we absolutely love it. She's at the Doraville campus, but they also have one in Decatur.
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My daughter is at Decatur Montessori. She absolutely loves it there, I try not to be offended when she is so happy to get there in the morning that she compltely forgets me!

She recently moved up into the toddler room and I have been so amazed at all the new skills she is learning. I know some of it is her age, but she seems to be benefitting greatly from the focus on independence and the interaction with the older kids in her room. She can do so many things by herself that I never would have imagined a 16 month old could do. And her language skills have boomed in the two months she has been in the toddler room.
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We are also at Decatur Montessori and my son is thriving. There are things about the school that drive me crazy, but I definitely love their committment to Montessori and it really is a fantastic environment for DS.

I also have a friend whose DD attends Arbor Montessori and they LOVE it. LOVE. We actually checked out their program too and were very impressed. Problem is Arbor doesn't go year round so that didn't work for us.

I also have several friends with children at Montessori at Emory(not actually at Emory, is located on N. Decatur Rd) and they are very pleased with their choice (actually defected from Decatur Montessori and switched to Emory). We also checked out that school and while we loved the director and thought there were many positives, it didn't feel "Montessori" enough for us (although it certainly incorporated many Montessori elements and if you aren't completely Montessori-anal it would definitely appeal to most parents).

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Thanks for all the replies, it'll be helpful as DS grows and we continue our housing search.
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