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Eep - its really happening

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LOL I have a huge knot in my stomach and I am so excited/terrified.

We are planning to launch October 1 (still can't reveal yet - need to buy one more domain name first)

I've got a graphic designer working on my logo/brand, a webdesigner working on the website and I am meeting with the bookkeeper tomorrow to set up the accounting package.

Next week I hope to be able do some face to face sales in advance of the launch. As soon as the logo is nailed I will finish off the marketing materials.

I've got my marketing and ad plan for the launch lined up....

For those of you who have launched a business before - have any words of advice for me as we hit crunch time?

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Goodluck! I hope it goes well for you and there are no hitches as you launch!

My best advice is to not get "too" wrapped up in it all that you forget to take time for yourself. Take a day off before you launch to destress! Once you launch there is always something that comes up that needs your attention, especially in the beginning, so be proactive and plan time for you as well!
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My advice- is not to expect the world to notice without some work. How are you marketing? Do you have a plan for social networking? How will you "get the word out" about your business?

And congratulations
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Lisa I think I have a pretty solid marketing plan. In my former life I worked in marketing, communications and ad agencies, but that was before the blog/social marketing explosion. That part is new to me but I am immersed enough in it I think to navigate it from a business perspective.

One of my advisors is a former colleague who now runs his own agency. We're getting together in the next week or two so he can give me some feedback on my plans.

Kristine - lol I think taking a day is excellent advice. Do you have a spare day I could borrow - lol.
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