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Originally Posted by ~Katie~ View Post
The visit itself went well but I don't think my MIL really believes that my children can't have dairy.
Were things OK between you and MIL, after what you found out?
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The first day or two went okay but she started to get on my nerves with how passive aggressive she is. She wouldn't leave us alone about leaving the kids with her when we were planning on going to Syracuse (we didn't end up going for another reason). I wasn't comfortable with it because neither of them have spent an entire day away from us with someone else before, but she takes it as a personal attack on her ability to take care of children. The fact that she doesn't care enough not to give them dairy is really frustrating and really doesn't make me feel comfortable with her watching them either. I have no problem calling her out on stuff she does and showing my displeasure, though.

We're supposed to go to DC from the 8th - 11th because my BIL has a lacrosse game and they'll be there, they just went ahead and bought us hotel rooms. I'm looking at is as an opportunity to scout the city because it's one of the places we could end up in next year.

Speaking of which, Andrew got an email yesterday telling him to put in his packet to make captain. They're going to promote him in June because they can't use him anymore as an LT like they were planning, so it makes sense to promote him on schedule. I think he thought that this was somehow a good thing and changed the fact that he has to find a civilian job. He's resistant to it because the Army is really predictable to him in a lot of ways. Even if he could put in the paperwork to go active duty in June, if that doesn't work out we still have to have a backup plan otherwise it's going to be August and he'll have no job and we'll have no place to live.
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Just had Emma's birthday last weekend. Very small occasion with a fellow MDC patron! Really nice to finally meet her and her great kids

I felt a bit bad for my daughter as she has no friends around here. I am terrible at going to playdates and she hasn't started school yet, so her parties are either a gathering of my friends, who don't have kids, or just my spouse and I.

Anyone else have this issue?
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(It's in childhood years, now)
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