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I'd try upping my Cal/Mag and seeing if it helped the muscle spasms.

Thanks, Ladyelmo

I've also started to get the dizziness when standing up or bending over.. but the dizzy brings the nausea, so I try really really hard to not get dizzy. LOL.
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My symptoms right now are I am very very tired, Nose stuffines, sore breasts, hungry all the time and peeing alot more.

But it took me 14 months to get here so all I have to say is BRING IT ON
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At the moment I have:

* nausea - usually when I haven't eaten for a while
* tiredness - usually I struggle to go to bed before midnight...atm I'm ready to drop at 6pm LOL so have taken to having a 5 min power nap late afternoon to see me through to the evening
* metallic taste in my mouth
* random cramps and pulling feeling all over my belly
* peeing more (including at night)
* feeling cold all the time. Everyone else is complaining that the house is too hot and I'm shivering in my thickest socks, cardigan and blanket . It comes in waves as well...kinda like that 'walking on your grave' feeling iykwim...and coincides with with a wave of nausea.
* Solid rock like boobs that ache. The feeling cold isn't helping in that dept either
* Bloated . My belly definitely feels bigger already and I gained 4lb this week ...although some of that is diet related coz DH also gained this week.
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this is a really weird pregnancy for me. I've had:

Scatterbrained/Hard time focusing
editing to add that I am always hungry

I'm just now starting to have to pee a lot. No other "usual" symptoms though. No nausea, no tender breasts... nothing.
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I think I get a new one everyday

Right now I've got:
*Nausea for most of the day, so far only progressed to dry heaves, but it gets worse/stronger every day
*Sore boobs. I swear they are already a bit bigger too.
*Stuffiness (though I also stopped taking allergy meds, so this one is up in the air
* Peeing constantly. I pee, and then I have to pee again. I can no longer make my entire commute without stopping to use the bathroom.
* Tired. Not too bad, but definitely sleepy. I'm going to take a nap after this
* Lack of concentration/Focus here's an example: I'm writing this list, get to this item and go "wait what was I going to say?"
* Headache This started yesterday, it comes and goes.
*Bouts of being completely ravenous, sometimes at the same time that I'm queasy. That's weird.
*Sensitive Smell/Aversion to foods and smells.

And now.. naptime.. after a snack
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Makes me feel less like a hypochondriac to see all of the other posts! I'm 4wks 4days today.

I have...
*Nagging, dull lower back pain; especially after I wake up
*Nauseous pretty much all day but, again, especially after I wake up
*No food sounds good, I have to make myself eat!
*Exhausted ALL. THE. TIME.
*Even more emotional than I already was
*Super sore boobs
*Peeing a ton

I've found that a cold compress with Lavender oil on your head and a warm compress with lavender oil on your rib cage/upper belly (at the same time) helps with the nausea and it's super relaxing
Can't wait for the second trimester when I can eat everything!!!
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Oh I totally forgot the being emotional!! I am a weepy wreck, with some cranky on the side, interspersed with bouts of being blissed out of my gourd. Roller coaster!!

I found out lavender does the opposite for me. I have a lavender scented shampoo that made me gag in the shower this morning.
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Current symptoms...

- fatigue
- The only foods that sound good are things I can't eat. I'm on the candida diet.

- I feel sick to my stomach most of the time.
- I'm extra hungry. If I get really hungry, I feel like real live pain in my stomach over it. It sucks!

I feel like this might end up being my last kiddo because every pregnancy will irritate my yeast issues.
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My symptoms consist of the following:

*Nausea that doesn't start until about 11 am, no puking though
*Sore boobs, especially when I first rise - I have to literally hold them up with my hands until I get a bra on because it feels like if I don't they'll fall right off.
*I also have a dull lower back ache in the morning
*stuffiness here too, glad to hear so many others say that, though I was getting a cold
*Not eating anything I usually eat (vegan diet) and instead eating lots of food I don't normally eat (dairy, even had meat twice)
*Bloated "full" feeling even if I haven't eaten anything
*umm, how can I put this delicately...alternating being "stopped up" and the, ahem, opposite of that.
*lots of gas
*not being able to eat full meals, and a lot of the time I'll make or buy something to eat, take one bite and then trash it because it doesn't appeal once it hits my tongue
*oh and this one should have been #1 on my list - FATIGUE! Big time fatigue/exhaustion. I sleep a lot, luckily I haven't had any trouble sleeping (that's never been a problem for me so knock on wood I'll be able to sleep ok through preg)
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Originally Posted by frugalmum View Post
My updated list of symptoms-- dizziness, passed out once, insomnia, moderate nausea (yep it finally kicked in), and muscle cramps. Anyone else have this? My muscles seize up for no apparent reason and the soreness persists a long time. I had this really severely with one other pregnancy.
I feel your pain! I had muscles cramps, especially in my calves a lot my last 2 pregnancy. What helped with the muscle cramps for me was taking a liquid cal/mag every night before bed and separate from any Vit C(as the C will inhibit Calcium absorption). And if you drink soda at all I would stop as it leaches the calcium from your bones. HTH!

My symptoms so far are mild...of which I'm so grateful because this was not so my last 2 pregnancies. I've had a lot of round ligament pain all ready...it was actually one of my first clues I might be pregnant. And I tire out SO fast and early...MUCH earlier than usual. I have occasional bouts of nausea but nothing too overwhelming.
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I don't know it I posted earlier or not Anyway, 5W3D and I it seems my symptoms are increasing as the days go on.

So far:
Nausea, but only if I let my tummy get empty
Superwoman nose

That is all for now
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Originally Posted by MrsBone View Post
Having to pee alot more than ususal
extreme hunger
thirsty all the time to the point that my lips will get chapped if I don't drink all day long.
not sleeping well at night
tender nipples

8 weeks tomorrow and,

pinching sensation in uterus
mild nausea (sea bands are helping)
hungry in the middle of the night..usually waking up once or twice to eat
having to get up and go pee in the middle of the night
very tender nipples
food cravings
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I have severe nausea and morning sickness. My boobs are very tender, and my nipples are ridiculously sensitive. I am also really fatigued. Thank goodness DD still takes a 2hr nap every day.

No real cravings yet, but I didn't have any 1T cravings when I was pregnant with DD. I am starting to have food aversions, but nothing too bad.
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Peeing a lot.

My gums bled today when I brushed. That never normally happens.
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kmb9906- i have a may 08 DD too! how fun!

AAM all the crampyness/bloatedness has gone away. good! bring on the ice cream craving please.
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I have a May 08 DS

I'm 4 weeks, and feeling very tired. I also feel & look bloated. Sometimes there is the odd wave of nausea....I hope it stays away this time. I'm craving salty things and am a bottomless pit right now....

Is anyone else still spotting brown?? I have been since last Wed or so, and I would feel better if it stopped...
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Discovered something this weekend - the laptop/computer monitor makes me nauseous and tired. If I stay off the computer and instead exercise/stay active I feel great. I did some online searching (oh the irony...) and learned that the rapid flickering of the screen can bring on or worsen nausea in some pregnant women. So I'll be trying to limit my computer time and interspersing it with physical activity.
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That is good to know, Nutter!
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I found the bone crushing exhaustion yesterday. Fun times, Since I work all day and go to school at night. My boss knows though, and we have really comfy couches at work
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Shortness of breath when I exercise and teach
Little bouts of nausea here and there
Thirsty thirsty thirsty/peeing all the time (now 2 breaks at night standard.)

This weekend I "had" to have spaghetti and meatballs. It came, I was uninterested in the pasta, and they didn't have meatballs. Left most of it on my plate and we had to hit an Italian restaurant on the way home for real meatballs!!!

After stacking wood Saturday, yesterday I woke up from ten hours sleep too exhausted to go to yoga. I was in bed till noon and when I got up I still felt like I'd been shot full of lead. Then nausea/excess saliva... I think I got a hormone blast yesterday.

On long days, stealing 15 min shut eye around 2:30 or 3 is a life saver.
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