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Ever thinking of getting a part time job for some down time?

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I often think that I should get a part time job....just to get down time, and some adult interaction. Definitely not the hospital work I did before children...a low stress job. Not many hours....

But I am due in January so for now it will have to wait. Maybe next summer.
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All the time, LOL.
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Yes, and I did several years ago when I only had one dd! I worked part-time for a little over a year (before we moved and I got pg with dd2) but it was WONDERFUL! I'm so glad I was able to do it and, luckily, I've never felt the need for a job "break" from dd2 since she's so easy peasy.
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Yes! My oldest is in school, but the baby can be high maintenace at times....sometimes I just want to get away.
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I've been thinking of doing some weekend volunteering once I've settled in with this little bean, due in December. Once my daughter entered toddlerhood-WOAAAHH. Of course I also got unexpectedly pregnant around the same time, but I think a day or two a week out of the house would do loads of good, and hubby could watch the children a couple hours so no need for childcare.
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All the time too!!!
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I NEVER thought I would even consider a part-time job until recently but honestly, I got burnt out. My dh just opened his own business and he taught me how to do the accounting work. I now go for a few hours a week down to dh's office (five minutes from our house) and do paperwork. It's lovely.
In addition to working a few hours a week, I also take a weekly yoga class and try to go on a weekly date with dh. I know this sounds cliche, but I am a better mama now that I have some time away each week. I have even been getting more housework and cooking done when I am home because I feel so refreshed.
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Instead of getting a job, I went to college! I take classes two nights a week for up to four hours a night. (We're scheduled to run until 9:30 but I'm usually home earlier.) I get to be out of the house, learning something I love, spending time with new people (many of whom are in the same boat), and increasing my earning potential for when I do go back to work. In fact, one of my instructors may end up being my future employer. It's the best decision I ever made.
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I am going to look for a part time job at a grocery store etc just for something to do, and a little extra money while DS is in school. Oh and I volunteer at his school as well!
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I have just decided not to take on a part time job, after considering it seriously for a few days. I was offered a job teaching a language course for adults. I am a teacher by profession, so it's not totally out of my field. It would have been a two hour class, and I could have taught on Saturdays, while DH watched the kids.

The problem is that I would have been facing an hour-long commute each way, along with a 13 dollar train ticket. Plus I would want to be there early for prep time. For only two hours of work (and pay), I felt five hours of our family time was too much to offer, so I declined. DH was even willing to take the kids for that time (despite also feeling that the gains were not worth the costs), but left the decision up to me.

Not sure if I made the right decision, but because of this, DH has suggested that he takes the kids for a couple of hours on Saturdays so I can have some personal time. I will also be looking into other job possibilities, perhaps tutoring.

So yes, I can absolutely understand how a part time job would seem like a break, and I could see myself going down that road.
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Yup! I call it my "me time". I work one day a week at a local bookstore. DH has that day off, so he watches the kids, bringing them in to nurse and snuggle a few times during the day. The owners are family friends who are totally cool with my kids being here and with me nursing while working, which really makes this arrangement work. Another friend of ours just opened a local artistian shop down the street from the bookstore and I will be working there one day a week for a few hours at a time. She is also fine with me bringing my DS with me to work. I swear, three quarters of my little Maine town has probably seen my boobs at this point since I BF while working!

It definitely has helped my sanity to get some adult interaction and time away from children crawling all over me.
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That's exactly what I did 1.5 years ago! I thought it would be good to get out of the house and do something that involved my brain a little bit lol. I work as a dr's receptionist on Saturdays and I love it. The day goes by so quickly (busy office) and I love being good at something other than my kids. Plus, hubby gets a day with the kids and they do fun stuff like go to McDonalds and the park. It's worked out very well for us.
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I have one - I work in a day spa on Fri 10-5 and Saturdays from 9-3:30. It's nice to have that little break from the day-to-day, and some time for me to be me with other adults. It's nice to have responsibilities that don't include picking up toys, doing dishes, potty training, etc.

On the flip side I could do w/o the drama. When a group of women are together drama inevitably ensues and sometimes adds stress that I wish I didn't have to deal with.
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All the time. Instead, I have decided to take classes. I am a software engineer by profession, so I am taking classes totally out of my field and getting certifications in the health/medical field. My DD is 3 months and I haven't started taking the classes... but that is my goal. Later, I hope to WFH writing software part-time or on contract. Or being involved in the health/medical field... I like options (i.e. being marketable)... even if I decide not to work.
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I took a job this time last year. Holiday retail and they kept me on. I love it. When DH and I agreed to have a 3rd child part of my list of non-negotiables was that I get to keep my job! It keeps me sane. It's just a couple of nights a week (or a weekend day).
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I do. Actually, I have for about seven years now, since I was pregnant with DD1 and left my full-time job. I've taken long stretches of time off with the births of my babies and for a few other times when things at home got difficult, but never longer than four or five months at a time.

Right now I work 8 hours a week-- two four-hour evenings. It's great. I get some time to get out and be something other than "mom," doing work I love, and I get the tiny bit of extra $$$ for fun stuff. It's not much, but it's something. Plus, it's been really good for DH and the kids to have those two evenings together, just them-- it's made DH a more confident Daddy I think, and strengthened their relationship with him.

I was lucky to find work that I can do just for those few hours, and with supervisors that are so flexible with my other priorities.
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Part time would be ideal

Would love a part time job, 8-10 hours a week so hard to find that pays worthy. I come from corporate background and all those jobs are only available full time status. I know this sounds snobby but I just can't get myself to work for minimum wage and to do certain jobs. Now that I have been "out" for a long while, corporate background/education mean nothing, that's all I see out there.
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Yep! My problem is I can never find a place I'd enjoy working at PT and if I did, usually the pay is so minimal that it really wouldn't justify driving around 30 minutes to get there. So I don't. Thankfully my husband has been really great and whenever I feel like I need some me time, he watches my son so I can go off without a complaint.
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I definately do and would love even a little bit of extra income. But I'm due in Feb and DH's hour change weekly and include mostly nights and several 12-14 hr days. Its most likely not realisitc to get our hours to work out to where we wouldn't need childcare. And I highly doubt any job I could get would cover child care costs so that to me kind of nullifies the option. I'm not going to pay to go to work or put my whole check towards childcare!
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