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Ummmm....someone touched my belly.....

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Okay, truth be told, I don't mind people touching my pregnant belly at all. I actually kind of like it. And I HAD just eaten, so I was popping out a bit more than usual.

But at 11.5 weeks???? wow.

I was at work (AT WORK! THIS HAPPENED AT WORK!) and I saw a friend that I hadn't seen in a while. I mentioned that I was pregnant again and he said that he was thrilled and went in for the 2 hand, all encompassing, feel. It happened so quickly, and then he had to run, that I was still standing there when I realized "wow, that was really weird."

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Sounds like a drive-by!
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I'm at 13 weeks today, and I think my belly has been touched at least 15 times, probably starting at about 7 weeks!
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That is so annoying. When you have a big, beautiful belly I understand that it's hard for people to resist (and I'm also ok with some random touching).... but this early when the belly is hardly noticeable? Weird and annoying. My old neighbor did that to me last time, at about this far along too. I about punched her.
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:: shudder ::

That's just wrong.

AT LEAST you have an opportunity to swat his hand away next time he tries...as opposed to a stranger you'll never see again...I think that is an advantage? LOL. Maybe do some practice with DH to prep for next time.
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Ugh, it happened to me at 8 WEEKS, my bloated 8 week pregnant belly. If it hadn't been the midwife who I use to apprentice with's husband I probably would have puked all over him. But still.

And I'm the type who hates having my belly or any other body part touched by people anyways. Really I'm not even into hugging.
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I got my first belly rub yesterday! Was a great friend, so I didn't mind. I think strangers touching me will really irk me, tho!
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At least you knew him! It's the strangers that get me. I don't mind a quick pat, but a duo hands work up is just not cool!
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I hate being touched. Hate. I pretty much freak out if someone randomly touched me like that
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I can't wait! Of course I'd like it to be when it is mostly baby in there not mostly gas... If someone rubbed it now I'd have to tell them the flutters they feel are just my bubbles moving slowly.
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DDCC - I was about 8 weeks with my first when one of Dh's co-workers asked to feel the belly... I was like it's not even really out of my pelvis yet...

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I got my first rub tonight.

My dd1 started to gently rub my tummy.(where the fat is. ) I usually don't like being touch but this is my dd, so I'll let her and her sisters touch the belly.
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ugh... I can totally understand the annoyance. My mom always is into touching my belly lately and I can't figure out why it is bothering me so much... I love my mom and we are close. Maybe it's because I'm already nearly "touched out" after nursing a squirmy toddler all the time? For some reason I just can't handle any more touching right now! I think I would flip if a stranger or acquaintance tried it!
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Haha! It's a little early, yeah. I generally like belly-touches though. I did get my first "hey, you're pregnant! congrats!" from a person that didn't already know today. That was pretty exciting- I'm ready to look pregnant and not just post-giant meal
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