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Itchy stitches?

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After my hospital transfer, I agreed to a few stitches for some minor tearing. They are dissolvable, and supposed to go away on their own. I'm now 11 days PP, and I swear one of the stitches is driving me crazy. It is itchy and sometimes a tiny bit sore. Normal healing? Infected? Yeast? I don't know what is normal, having never had stitches in such a delicate spot before. It is such a minor tear, and only needed one stitch, but now it's driving me crazy!
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I've heard itching is normal and means it's healing. Hopefully someone can give you a definite answer. Have you asked your doctor?
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I too was a hospital transfer.... needed quite a few stitches. Right around the same time postpartum as you, some of my stitches began to heal. Itchiness and soreness, considered normal and part of the healing process according to what I was told. An infection would entail foul smelling discharge, warm/hot sensation around the area, and redness (labia is paler in color pp due to lack of estrogen's affect on those tissues).

For me, what helped was doing my herbal sitz baths daily, sometimes twice a day. And using the herbal water (from sitz) in peri bottle. Sounds like you are mending well.
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There is no odor or discharge from the tear, as far as I can tell with the lochia and all. I used a mirror and took a look at it. It is just a little red line with one very neat white stitch in it. The sight of it sort of turned my stomach (I'm not much of one for stitches!) but only because it looked so much like a sewing project. As far as I can see, the surrounding area looks totally normal. So I guess it is a sign of healing, and I'll just try not to stick my hand down my pants. Ah the fun of post partum. Not only do I smell like sour milk most of the time, and have wet patches from spilled and leaky milk, but now I have an itchy crotch too. Sigh. Thank goodness I have a little cutie to make it all worthwhile.
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When I had DD I had a bunch of stitches and they itched like CRAZY. And it hurt to scratch. It would keep me up at night. (As if you need more of THAT with a newborn!)

Everything healed up fine btw.
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