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Hehehe. Yeah husband was being all wait, I'm not sure... I went to the store and bought a digi and sent him a pic of it. Do you believe me now?
He was like "OMG....It's real!"
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elonwy Congratulations!
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Originally Posted by meander View Post
Congrats, elonwy!!!!!
I made the ticker myself, actually, because I couldn't find a nice small one that I liked. I just went into the signature thing and played around with the colored text.
If you like it, feel free to copy it--it doesn't automatically update, though, I have to do it by hand every week, but I figure that's going to feel really good.
I read somewhere that on MDC you have to make your own and manually update. I just made mine Anyway, these are so much less cheesy than those awful flowery cartoon ones that seem to be available elsewhere!

So yeah, CONGRATS again! I'm so happy for you.
AFM--8 week ultrasound yesterday and baby measured ahead by 2-3 days, heart rate of 167 bpm! It was the strangest feeling seeing that heartbeat--I can't say my reaction was "oh my darling baby." It was closer to "oh my god, there's something inside me." So weird. Pregnancy all still feels abstract to me, but is getting more real by the day.
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Holy Canolli! I haven't been on my computer much this last week and I come back to four pregnancies! Congratulations Anaconda, Meander, Elowny and Bolobear! That is just fantastic news. Now I know Adorkable is the master, but I think this merits a smilie bomb, so I'll do my best...

I just can't believe how many new babies are on the way. I'm in such awe. Here's to an uneventful and happy pregnancy to you all.

Welcome Hykue! You're added to the list. Let me know if you want a chart added beside your name. Oh, and GO GO CANADA! I miss living there.

Mainebirdgirl - I don't think you're being crazy about not charting, its how most people do it, isn't it? If you're happy taking a more relaxed approach, then that's what you should be doing! I started charting just before TTC because I had never done it before and I was curious if my cycles were normal. I continued after that because I really loved knowing so much about my body. I'm a bit of a science geek so I get a real kick out of it. I love how I'll know my conception date if I get pregnant and not have to go by LMP, especially since I seem to be a bit irregular lately. I like how if I have trouble conceiving I'll have a history of my cycles to help me and my doctor figure out why. I also hate wondering if I'm late for my period or if I just ovulated late and obsessing about if it means I'm pregnant or not. So charting works for me. It doesn't stress me out to chart, but I can see how it would stress others or take some of the spontineity and fun out of things. Do what feels right for you.

ValH - I see your temperature went back up after it dropped. Maybe its an implantation dip? Or maybe an estrogen surge? I can't wait to find out, I'll be keeping my eye on your chart.

Blanca - I can't imagine what its like to see your baby on that little screen, it must feel so surreal. I'm glad everything is going so well.
Livingsky, Taxlady, those charts looks purty!

AFM, got a positive OPK this afternoon, so I'm gonna keep real busy the next couple days.
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I just counted on our roster and that is SIX of our group due in May!
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Congrats elonwy!

Blanca, that's great news from your ultrasound, I'm so excited for you!
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Blanca79 - Congrats on the good ultrasound! I'm sure seeing that little heartbeat was an amazing experience!

Teetina - Glad you got positive OPK - have fun "staying busy" for the next few days! Hope this month is it for you!

AFM - I'm 8dpo. Though I know I shouldn't, I'm going to pick up some $ store tests today to play with. I'm sure they'll be BFNs this early, but I just can't resist!
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Teetina: That's a beautiful smilie bomb!!! I hope your BD brings you a BFP of your own in a week or two.

Blanca: Heartbeat! Yay! That is so wonderful... *sniffle*

ValH: It's early yet, but it's not *too* early. Here's hoping you see two lines on that test, if not today, then maybe tomorrow!

AFM: I got test results back: hCG 161 at 18 days, progesterone at 9.9, which I guess is marginal. I'm not shocked, given my short LP the last few cycles, that my progesterone isn't all that. I'm supplementing it now (only 100mg/day though), and hopefully that will help this little one stick in there and keep on growing.
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Teetina: Could I get the link for my chart updated please?
The new link is:
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Originally Posted by LivingSky View Post
Teetina: Could I get the link for my chart updated please?
Done. Sorry AF found you.
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Thanks Oh well. It means that I can drink at our wedding reception. But it also means that my fertile period/ovulation is going to occur while we're away from home, staying with my parents. I already warned them that there WILL by BD'ing going on in their house, and that if they want grandkids they better just not say anything
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So I did my 8dpo HPT... and just as I suspected, a BFN. I also did another OPK this morning, but the line was lighter today than it was yesterday, so I'm guessing that's not a good sign. Plus, I had spotting yesterday. I called my doctor, because I'm on progesterone, so I don't think I should have been spotting - she agreed, and upped my dosage and scheduled an appointment and ultrasound next week to make sure everything is okay. I had planned on testing again on Sunday, but since I have a doctor's appointment I think I'll just wait until then. Maybe.... not sure if I can hold off that far....
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Meander, I'm sending you growing baby sticky dust I'm sure the little one is happy to find such a comfy spot!

Livingsky, that is sooo funny that you already gave your parents the heads up! When is your reception? I hope it's wonderful and I hope it's followed by a BFP!

Teetina, AWESOME SMILE BOMB! I hope you're having a great weekend!

ValH, I'm keeping my fingers crossed, it's still pretty early!

AFM: 12 DPO, haven't tested. Missed my FMU this morning so I'm going to make curtains for the guest room and try not to move around too much.
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Taxlady - just curious, have you tested yet?

AFM - My spotting went away after upping the progesterone dosage, but then came back again this morning. I took an OPK today, which was stark-white negative, so I won't be wasting a HPT today! I MIGHT test tomorrow morning, which will be 12dpo. Guess it depends if I think I can emotionally handle the BFN... so maybe not...
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No, I haven't tested.. I just don't want a BFN, I'd rather get AF. Usually, every other month my cycle is a little longer. This is the long cycle month. I can't tell if I have PMS symptoms or what. I'm going to test tomorrow.. I'll let you guys know.

My fingers are still crossed for you Val!
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BFN for me this morning.

Taxlady - hope your results are much better!!!
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BFN for me this morning..
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Sorry for the BFNs and AFs, LivingSky and Taxlady and ValH. Val--your chart is really pretty this month, maybe it bodes well for next cycle?

Thanks for all the good wishes about the ultrasound. It was neat and kinda scary at the same time, and I can't wait to read all of your accounts of the first time you see your little ones!

to everyone!
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New to this list!

34-years old, TTC #1 for 14 mo.
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Hi BabyHopesCO - welcome to the thread!

Taxlady - sorry about the BFN. Maybe we'll be cycle buddies again next month, and can get BFPs together!

AFM - Had a doctor's appointment today to get checked out for all the spotting, even while on the progesterone. It was pointless. I had an ultrasound, and the doctor said everything looks structurally fine. She asked if I ovulate regularly, and I assured her I do based on OPKs and BBT. She said "okay, then everything must be fine." I asked her about testing my hormone levels, but she basically told me that there's no point since I'm ovulating regularly. I asked if the spotting for NINE DAYS could interfere with implantation, and she said nope, if I was pregnant my body wouldn't bleed like that. Ummm, I'm bleeding at a point when I'm NOT pregnant, when I'm trying to GET pregnant, so how can it not effect my chances? Oh, and now I don't have to take the progesterone anymore, since I spotted while on it anyway. So I went from having a little treatment, to having NO treatment. Talk about frustrating. Luckily, I had already decided to switch docs prior to this, so I have my annual appointment scheduled for November with someone different. Hopefully that'll go better.
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