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Replacing cleaning products

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The following is a list of cleaners that I currently use in our home. I am looking to replace them with more natural products. Our budget is tight, but I can afford some reasonably priced products. We don’t live near a big city, so very few specialty stores are nearby. I’m working with places like Wal-Mart, Aldi, Save-A-Lot, Marc’s, Sparkle, and Giant Eagle.
Perhaps my greatest barrier is that my husband requests that I avoid using vinegar on the surfaces in our home – strictly because the smell irritates him to the point that he gets a headache. I’ve tried essential oils, but they don’t mask the vinegar smell enough. I am willing to respect that condition because he supports me in everything else. I can and do use vinegar in the laundry though because there is no smell.
Please tell me what you use successfully in place of these products – and where you get them if they are online or store bought cleaners (ex. Dr. Bronners)
Dish Soap
Dish Washer Detergent
General Cleaner (counter tops)
Toilet Bowl Cleaner
Spray Bleach
Shower/Tub Cleaner for grout and for soap scum
Laundry Detergent for a front loader
Bleach for Laundry
Dryer Sheets
Spot Cleaner for spills on carpet and upholstery
Stain Remover
Laminate Wood Floor Cleaner
Vinyl Floor Cleaner
Carpet Cleaner
Also for things like
Make Up
Face Wash
Body Soap
Bubble Bath for Children
Children’s body/hair wash
Liquid Hand Soap
What brands have you used and work well?
I sincerely appreciate any suggestions, even if it is just one thing you can recommend. I am hoping to phase out as much of the chemicals as possible, but still would like to keep a clean home and be on budget.
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!
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Dish Soap- I use "Planet", it's at Kroger
Dish Washer Detergent - I don't use
General Cleaner (counter tops) - 1/2 white vinegar 1/2 water, a few drops peppermint EO (nothing else masks well enough for my DH)
Pledge - I don't use, you could do lemon oil mixed with warm water
Windex - vinegar-water again
Toilet Bowl Cleaner - baking soda, bleach on occasion
Spray Bleach - vinegar-water
Shower/Tub Cleaner for grout and for soap scum - baking soda
Laundry Detergent for a front loader - I use All "Free and Clear", could do better but it's decent
Bleach for Laundry - baking soda sometimes, spot treat bleach if something needs it
Dryer Sheets - could do dryer balls for static, vinegar in rinse for softening
Spot Cleaner for spills on carpet and upholstery - borax, vinegar
Stain Remover - see bleach
Laminate Wood Floor Cleaner - mop with very dilute vinegar and a little dishsoap
Vinyl Floor Cleaner - don't have vinyl
Carpet Cleaner - don't use
Disinfectant - vinegar-water solution
Also for things like
Shampoo - haven't replaced my Suave yet
Conditioner - ditto
Deodorant - haven't replaced my Dove but only use about once a week (if sweating around others...)
Make Up - don't use (never have)
Face Wash - cold process castile bar soap (homemade here)
Body Soap - homemade bar soap
Bubble Bath for Children - regular stuff but just one bottle a year
Children’s body/hair wash - homemade bar soap
Liquid Hand Soap - homemade bar soap (considering doing a liquid one soon)

What brands have you used and work well?
As you can see I don't do brands much, it really is not about the brands like these companies would have you believe. The beauty if the simplicity of it, you notice I mentioned the same couple things for most applications, there's not much to buy and store at all and you can keep your home cleaner than ever.
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here is what i own for house cleaning, whether here (NZ) or in the US:

Bulk bottle of castile soap;
white distilled vinegar;
bon ami powder.


all natural whitening powder;
liquid soap of choice or castile soap;

for body cleaning, i use bar shampoo and soap made locally. i don't wear make up or deodorant (and yes, you can get to the point where you don't smell). DH likes Nature's Gate and Burts Bees for deodorants, but you can also make them using almond oil, bees wax, and the scents of your choice.

Using Vinegar: Dish washer; toilet bowl; and windows.

Using Castile Soap: it's a great all purpose cleaner and i used it everywhere in my house. i would clean the kitchen and bathroom, use it to wash dishes by hand, use it to do laundry, and on and on. it's just soap and water, but it works really well. you need good rags and good brushes and a bit more elbow grease in some cases, but it really works well.

so, a few drops in hot water, or in a spray bottle goes a long way for cleaning surfaces, etc. works great.

Bon Ami powder: it's a softer, finer powder than baking soda, and is a great gentle scrubber for things like soap scum. now, i find a good stiff brush and keeping after it make a huge difference (far less scum), so i didn't need to use bon ami that often. it's also good on dishes.

Whitening powder: stain and spot remover for carpets and such; pre soak for stain removal; spot treatment stain removal too.

Borax: nice laundry booster when i felt things were 'heavily soiled.'

Pledge-stuff: boil water and make about 2-3 cups of strong black tea. using a cotton cloth, put in tea, and ring out. wipe down wood with tea-soaked cloth. the tannins pick up the dirt, and the natural oils in tea oil the surfaces. no need to wipe, just let it dry and it will shine like pledge.
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bubble bath: castile soap.
children's cleaning what not: same that i use on myself

carpet cleaner: baking soda (brush in with a stiff broom, vacuum out!)

laminate and vinyl floor cleaner: soap and water (and just a little soap at that!)
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I use vinegar and water and tea tree oil. It only smells like the oil and I use that to clean pretty much everything including mirrors. Works great and doesn't smell like vinegar IMO.

For laundry I use Charlies soap you get 80 loads for 15$ and it works great IMO

for cleaning things like the bathtub and sinks and stove I use baking soda that I then spray with my cleaning mixture mentioned above and let set then scrub and wash clean works great. You can add salt for scrubbing power on certain surfaces as well.

I found a recipe but havent been to town to get the washing soda which I am out of for the dishwasher but it is equal parts washing soda and borax.

I haven't been able to afford to go much more natural than those things so can't comment on the others.
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We've been replacing a lot of branded cleansers in the past few months. We've still got a long way to go, but this is what we use so far.

Dishwasher detergent: 1/2 and 1/2 mixture of Borax and baking soda
Laundry detergent: 1 cup washing soda, 1 bar grated laundry soap (though any would work) and 1 cup Borax. Add water to make 5 gallons, costs minimal.
General household cleaner: 1/2 and 1/2 mix of vinegar and water. I've seen other household cleansers that use borax instead of vinegar, so you may find one online for that.
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I was once told that if there is a warning label on your cleaning product best not to bring it in your house.  We made the switch to natural cleaning products about three years ago.  I want to make sure my family's air quality is the best possible.

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Dish Soap - Still using blue Dawn. Occasionally use Mrs. Meyers.
Dish Washer Detergent - n/a
General Cleaner (counter tops) - vinegar, water and peppermint oil. DH also hates the smell of vinegar but he actually likes the peppermint blend.
Pledge - Orange oil.
Windex - vinegar mix
Toilet Bowl Cleaner - Baking soda and/or vinegar. It works best to not let it go so long that you can see the filth.
Spray Bleach - vinegar mix
Shower/Tub Cleaner for grout and for soap scum - Magic Erasers and a daily (or as often as I can remember) spray with the vinegar mix.
Laundry Detergent for a front loader - Charlie's Soap and Rockin' Green.
Bleach for Laundry - I do still use bleach occasionally. We have a lot of white slipcovered furniture that I like to keep white.
Dryer Sheets - dryer balls.
Spot Cleaner for spills on carpet and upholstery - We don't have carpet and most of our furniture is slipcovered.
Stain Remover - Dawn.
Laminate Wood Floor Cleaner - vinegar mix in a Swiffer bottle.
Vinyl Floor Cleaner - vinegar mix in a Swiffer bottle.
Carpet Cleaner - n/a
Disinfectant - vinegar mix
Also for things like
Shampoo - Burt's Bees. Occasionally I go no-poo and wash with baking soda.
Conditioner - Burt's Bees. Apple cider vinegar when I no-poo.
Deodorant - Tom's of Maine
Make Up - I don't often wear it, but when I do I still use regular drugstore makeup.
Face Wash - Burt's Bees
Body Soap - Cetaphil
Bubble Bath for Children - Burt's Bees
Children’s body/hair wash - Burt's Bees
Liquid Hand Soap - Cetaphil

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Most of what I use is from Shaklee - I also have just started selling their products but I grew up with a mom that used these so it isn't just something I'm saying b/c I now sell them.  The company and the products are both environmentally responsible.  I have a cost comparison sheet that compares Shaklee to some other store bought brands to show that they are financially responsible as well.


Shaklee has specific products for:

Dish Soap
Dish Washer Detergent

Laundry Detergent for a front loader
Bleach for Laundry - Nature Bright laundry brightener
Dryer Sheets
Spot Cleaner for spills on carpet and upholstery - Nature Bright laundry brightener

Stain Remover - Nature Bright laundry brightener


The following can be made out of Shaklee's All Purpose cleaner: (Basic H2)

General Cleaner (counter tops)
Toilet Bowl Cleaner (I also use "basic G" in the bathroom for all bathroom stuff - gets rid of germs like e-coli)
Spray Bleach (I don't use bleach)
Shower/Tub Cleaner for grout and for soap scum



Shaklee has these products but I have also found other ones that I like:
Face Wash
Body Soap
Bubble Bath for Children
Children’s body/hair wash
Liquid Hand Soap


Shaklee doesn't have make-up at this time b/c they found they needed to re-tool their manufacturing plant to be non-toxic for their employees.


Let me know if you want more info! 

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There are a lot of changes I still need to make, but here are a few I have made:


I am in love w/ the Mr Clean Magic Erasers for all my heavy duty cleaning (showers, hard water stains on windows, oven, stovetop, marks on walls/toys/furniture). No chemicals and cleans EVERYTHING.

Laundry Detergent for a front loader - Kirkland (Costco) free & clear
Bleach for Laundry - Oxyclean
Dryer Sheets - vinegar in rinse or nothing
Spot Cleaner for spills on carpet and upholstery - Hydrogen Peroxide is amazing for any protein (vomit, feces, food, blood, ect), carbonated water for everything else. 
Stain Remover - Hydrogen Peroxide
Laminate Wood Floor Cleaner - damp mop with water, spot clean w/ vinegar in a spray bottle. 
Vinyl Floor Cleaner - same as above + Mr Clean Magic eraser for dingy spots. 
Carpet Cleaner - vinegar in my steam cleaner works wonders, leaves the carpet soft and doesn't attract new dirt like soaps do. Vinegar leaves no residue and is proper pH for carpets. Can't smell it at all once machine is turned off. 
Disinfectant - vinegar-water solution, still use Chlorox wipes around cat box though. 
Also for things like
Shampoo - Use high quality salon products (uses less) and only wash every few days. Maybe switching whole family to California Baby though.
Conditioner - same as above.  
Deodorant - Tom's of Main w/ hopps
Make Up - Jane Irdale mostly - expensive, but lasts a LONG time and is very high quality. 
Face Wash - MyChelle enzyme wash
Body Soap - Lever 2000
Bubble Bath for Children - California Baby 
Children’s body/hair wash - Bert's Bees or California Baby
Liquid Hand Soap - Method brand Milk & Honey


For those using Borax, I have been hearing lately it is not as environmentally friendly as once believed. I also live by EWG cosmetic database for checking product's toxicity.http://www.cosmeticsdatabase.com/

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Here's my little list.  I don't generally use vinegar so hopefully there are some good ideas:


Dish Soap - Dr Bronners 1:10 with water
Dish Washer Detergent - Dr Bronners 1:5 with water
General Cleaner (counter tops) - Dr Bronners 1:10 with water + baking soda for stunk on stuff or stains
Pledge - don't use
Windex - plain old water
Toilet Bowl Cleaner - plain old water and a rag
Spray Bleach - baking soda and water
Shower/Tub Cleaner for grout and for soap scum - baking soda and water
Laundry Detergent for a front loader - charlie's soap 1tsp for clothes 1tbs for dipes or really dirty things
Bleach for Laundry - hang dry in the sun
Dryer Sheets - not needed if you use charlie's
Spot Cleaner for spills on carpet and upholstery - baking soda and water paste, but be careful bc this might discolor some textiles
Stain Remover - baking soda and water paste
Laminate Wood Floor Cleaner - Dr Bronners 1:20 with water
Vinyl Floor Cleaner - Dr Bronners 1:20 with water
Carpet Cleaner - we have a steam cleaner and i put all water in the water tank and the cleaning solution tank with just a few drops of Dr Bronners, maybe 1:30 ratio
Disinfectant - tea tree oil
Also for things like
Shampoo - don't use (your hair will adjust, look up "no poo" online)
Conditioner - don't use
Deodorant - don't generally use, but i have jason's tea tree oil deodorant for special occasions 
Make Up - don't use
Face Wash - Dr Bronners
Body Soap - Dr Bronners
Bubble Bath for Children - Dr Bronners baby (though i'm not sure there's a difference between regular and baby)
Children’s body/hair wash - Dr Bronners baby
Liquid Hand Soap - Dr Bronners 1:5 with water


We obvious like Dr Bronner's in our house.  It's fairly cheap, easily found, and can be used for next to anything.  We also use it to wash the dog.  You didn't mention toothpaste, but for what it's worth.. we keep a dish of baking soda in the bathroom and sprinkle a little on the brush.  fluoride is something you'll want to nix, though just baking soda will take some getting used to.

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Dish Soap- have used Mrs. Meyers, but it doesn't clean as well as Dawn

Dish Washer Detergent - 7th generation

General Cleaner (counter tops) - 1/2 white vinegar 1/2 water, 4 drops lavendar oil, 4 drops lemon oil, 2 drops orange oil and 6 drops tea tree oil - I use this on EVERYTHING.

Pledge - orange oil diluted with water, or Earth friendly

Windex - vinegar-water mix
Toilet Bowl Cleaner - baking soda, bleach on occasion
Spray Bleach - vinegar-water mix
Shower/Tub Cleaner for grout and for soap scum - baking soda (peroxcide for tough stains)
Laundry Detergent for a front loader - TIDE free

Bleach for Laundry - baking soda or SHOUT

Dryer Sheets - wool dryer ball

Spot Cleaner for spills on carpet and upholstery - we use wet wipes

Stain Remover - depends on the stain, a rinse in cold water gets most out

Laminate Wood Floor Cleaner - just use plain old water no vinegar on wood or wood laminate, want to make sure the floors stay very dry or they warp

Vinyl Floor Cleaner - same deal, really hot water (steam mop)

Carpet Cleaner - steam mop (steam only) to freshen, most carpet company's have an eco clean option

Disinfectant - don't use unless sick and then I use full strength lysol in massive quanities, I've also used this recipe

2 Cups Water
1/4 Cup White Vinegar
1/4 tsp. Tea Tree Oil
1/4 tsp. Lavender Oil

in a spray bottle
Also for things like
Shampoo - Burt's Bees!

Conditioner - same

Deodorant - Dove

Make Up - bareMinerals, AVEDA, and MaryKay mishmash (LOVEJane Irydale)

Face Wash - cold process castile bar soap (homemade here)
Body Soap - homemade bar soap
Bubble Bath for Children - Johnson & Johnson, aveda makes a natural one available at Walmart

Children’s body/hair wash - homemade bar soap
Liquid Hand Soap - Cleanwell Orange/Vanilla


My suggestion, if you can't find it in your town, go to Amazon.com and look for it. You can sign up for Amazon mom, which gives you subscriber discounts (you can change, modify, or delete at any time without penalty) and free two day shipping. The cost is often less (paper products tend to run more I've found) than the store. You can get 4 Cleanwell soaps for $16 when each sells for $7 at whole foods. Also good for diapers...etc. I've found it a good way to get natural eco products at a good cost.


I have a Haan steam mop. It's only water and I can use it anywhere wood, laminiate, tile, vinyl, carpet even to freshen up/sanitize bedding and furniture. I love that you just wash your mop pads, and it doesn't take cleaning products. Those really gunk up your floors!


Check out this site, I've used these recipes at one time or another. But, the time it took make them...well, with three little ones all under four...I'd rather buy the product. Maybe one day I'll go back to making my own...




Also, the effective ingredient in Cleanwell is thyme oil, I'd see if you could find that as well and add it to the vinegar and water mix. I can't find it locally, but the thyme oil makes Cleanwells antibacterial spray 4x more effective than Purell.


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Dish Soap  Ecover Dish Soap
Dish Washer Detergent ---
General Cleaner (counter tops)  Charlie's Soap All-Purpose Cleaner
Pledge  ---
Windex  ---
Toilet Bowl Cleaner  Ecover Toilet Bowl Cleaner
Spray Bleach ---
Shower/Tub Cleaner for grout and for soap scum  Charlie's Soap All-Purpose Cleaner and Ecover Limescale Remover
Laundry Detergent for a front loader  Charlie's Soap
Bleach for Laundry  ---
Dryer Sheets  ---
Spot Cleaner for spills on carpet and upholstery  ---
Stain Remover  Charlie's Soap All-Purpose Cleaner
Laminate Wood Floor Cleaner  Ecover Floor Soap
Vinyl Floor Cleaner  Ecover Floor Soap
Carpet Cleaner  ---
Disinfectant  ---
Also for things like
Shampoo  Aubrey Organics
Conditioner  Aubrey Organics
Deodorant ---
Make Up  Aubrey Organics or 100 Percent Pure
Face Wash  Aubrey Organics or 100 Percent Pure
Body Soap  shea butter soap or 100 Percent Pure
Bubble Bath for Children  ---
Children’s body/hair wash  Aubrey Organics, Dr. Bronner's, or 100 Percent Pure
Liquid Hand Soap  Dr. Bronner's


I absolutely love 100 Percent Pure products!  I subscribe to their emails and they usually have weekly deals.  I wait for the weekly deals and stock up on lotions, body wash, etc.  Everything else, except for Charlie's Soap, I like to purchase from www.luckyvitamin.com.  They have free shipping on orders over $100, so I usually stock up and only do a few orders a year.  Charlie's Soap I buy at Earth Fare for the best price.  I know it can be found on Amazon, too. 


I like Aubrey Organics because their products are very pure and work well.  Ecover products work very well, too.  The limescale remover is the best thing I've found for removing hard water stains/marks, too.  Charlie's Soap All-Purpose cleaner is really great for a number of different things.  It's a great stain remover and it works even better if it is allowed to soak in for awhile.


On all the products I put dashes by, I still use conventional cleaners.  Just haven't switched those over, yet.  :-)

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Dish Soap- Sun & Earth Xtra Concentrated Dish Liquid (buy in bulk, 2 gallons at a time, cut it w/ 1/2 water in my counter top dispenser)
Dish Washer Detergent- still looking for one I like, just used Ecover for the first time last night and was pleased w/ the result.  Buy it at the local grocery store, Giant.
General Cleaner (counter tops)- 1/2 white vinegar, 1/2 water in a spray bottle.  We're not bothered by the vinegar smell
Pledge- don't use
Windex- vinegar/ water mix
Toilet Bowl Cleaner- Bon Ami for scrubbing, otherwise, vinegar/ water mix
Spray Bleach- don't use
Shower/Tub Cleaner for grout and for soap scum- Bon Ami (buy it at local grocery store)
Laundry Detergent for a front loader- Sun & Earth 2x Concentrated Laundry Detergent (buy in bulk, 2 gallons at a time)
Bleach for Laundry- Sun Oxygen Bleach (bought at WalMart don't use it much)
Dryer Sheets- don't use
Spot Cleaner for spills on carpet and upholstery- vinegar/ water mix
Stain Remover- um, my regular laundry detergent
Laminate Wood Floor Cleaner- water
Vinyl Floor Cleaner- vinegar/ water mix
Carpet Cleaner- vinegar/ water mix
Disinfectant- if I REALLY need to disinfect something, I spray it w/ full strength vinegar followed by a spray of hydrogen peroxide.  Let sit for a minute, then wipe.
Also for things like
Shampoo- homemade bar soap
Conditioner- coconut oil and ACV
Deodorant- make my own using this recipe and ingredients I get from Mountain Rose Herbs
Make Up- when I wear it, Bare Essentials
Face Wash- just water, moisturize w/ coconut oil
Body Soap- homemade bar soap
Bubble Bath for Children- don't use
Children’s body/hair wash- homemade bar soap
Liquid Hand Soap- homemade bar soap

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I just saw this great blog post yesterday with recipes for every kind of cleaner:  http://mountainroseblog.com/

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Shampoo - Baking Soda and Water. 2 parts Soda to 8 parts water. I've been using it for more than a year and I swear it WORKS!
Conditioner - ACV mixed with water. Either rinse out or leave in (but if you leave in, you smell like vinegar until it drys.
Deodorant - first rub underarm with coconut oil, then dust with a mixture of baking soda and corn starch. (you can add essential oil if you like.) Every over the counter "natural" deodorant I've tried was worthless, but this really works. You still sweat, which is good for you, but you don't smell. (well, on hot days I smell like coconut oil ;) )
Make Up - Mineral Makeup on eBay - no specific brand, but I make sure I choose one with no bismuth oxychloride. They have sets with foundation, blush, eyeshadow, finishing veil, and a few other things for around $20 and it will last a year 
Face Wash - Dr. Bronner's
Body Soap - don't usually use it, but occasionally I use Dr. Bronner's
Bubble Bath for Children - ? I always just used some Dr. Bronner's, but it doesn't bubble as well as bubble bath 
Children’s body/hair wash - Same shampoo as mine, no soap unless, like today, he's covered himself with iron man ink stamps
Liquid Hand Soap - Coconut oil



I can't help with most of the other stuff, because I use the dreaded vinegar, too, for most cleaning. (and baking soda.)

For floors I use Murphy's Oil soap. 

I don't know if there is a reason you use dryer sheets specifically, but for fabric softener I just read this:

Adding 50 mL (3 tbsp) baking soda to the wash cycle, or 50 mL (3 tbsp) vinegar to the rinse cycle, will soften your laundry just as well as the costly commercial liquids.


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I've started using Dr. Bronner's Sal Suds a few different things. I dilute it and use it in the kitchen. I clean my wood floors with it. I clean vegetables and dishes with it full strength. Everyonce in a while I give my counters a good scrub with a baking soda paste.
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My grandmother has always used Lysol concentrate mixed with water to clean everything. I take after her and keep a bottle of concentrate when there is a really funky load of laundry(add a cap-full only) or for cleaning vinyl, bathrooms, kitchen floors add a cap-full along with water and more castille soap, because the Lysol does not have enough surfactant. Go for baking soda, hot water a good brush and a magic eraser to cut through those corner areas, if you need more cleaning power then just spray the Lysol mixture.
Vinegar, citronella oil works well in the kitchen. Mix lavender oil and castle soap for handwash. Tea tree or peppermint oil and castle soap make for a good hand wash in the kitchen. I use water, vinegar and newspapers for glass and windows.
Ecco Bella and Alba make awesome cosmetic/skincare, hair and body products. Burts bees, Toms of Maine and for professional salon products, Davines is the best brand for all natural organic, yet modern and professional products, including haircolor. Burt's bees makes awesome baby, child body products. The Apricot oil is the yummiest and is an excellent facial for adult skin also. Their diaper rash products are a good choice. Cornstarch is best for diaper rash when you need a powder. I think that's all I can think of for now.
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Floors - Steam cleaner like Haan or Shark

Drain/Toilets:  baking soda & white vinegar

laundry: Imus Greening the Cleaning

dish: Imus Greening the Cleaning

All-purpose cleaner: Imus Greening the Cleaning

Glass Cleaner: Imus Greening the Cleaning


There is almost no labeling regulations on cleaners.  I trust the Imus brand bc it is 1. non-profit   2. It was developed at the Hackensack Center of Pediadric Oncology.


I buy it together with other organic/natural things I need at The Cherry Mango website and get free shipping.

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With a tight budget I would make changes over time. I switched to cleaning with ENJO several years ago. At first I just bought the bathroom glove because that was the room that was the biggest challenge and used the most cleaning products. ENJO is pricey up front but has more than paid for itself - I have been using the same glove for 3 years and it still works great. I haven't used a drop of any cleaning product in there and the bathroom sparkles and smells great because it is so clean.


I made that change first then as I could afford it I bought the rest of the ENJO line and haven't looked back. No chemical products of any kind, it deep cleans, no residue or smell left behind, no containers to dispose of. Our home is cleaner and healthier and I have saved loads of time and hundreds of dollars over the three years.

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