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No. If DD decides that she wants to get her ears pierced, she's welcome to do so after the age of 7.
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You have gotten plenty of responses already but I wanted to add in also. I don't get either what people are saying that infants or 2 or 3 year olds are too young but 5,6,7 is totally ok. there is a definite flaw in that reasoning imo.

i have been debating this issue for my own daughter who is turning 1. I had my ears pierced around 1 and remember nothing. My mother said it was no big deal for me and it wasn't that hard for her to take care of them. I think I would rather know I was looking after them then give that responsibility to my 6 year old.

As for the age thing, it's a family choice. we seem to be overlooking that ear piercing is a type of cultural right of passage as it were, no, we do not all choose to take part in that but I feel it is just like other cultures traditions, hindu shaving of the boys head, Padaung girls/women get neck rings and so on.
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Originally Posted by mlh View Post
I agree with most of the posts already. My dd got hers pierced when she was 6 and is able to change her own earrings and be responsible for them. I think 6 or older is a great age if they are really wanting it. Earrings on a 3 year old are cute, but I wouldn't want the added responsibility of cleaning them and changing them or worrying about them getting infected, etc. Just seems like a headache to me...no need to add extra worry and work!
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Shaving a kid's head is nothing like introducing a wound and possible infection and reaction by stabbing through a normal part of their ears and healthy tissue.

As for family choice-shouldn't it be the *child's* choice since it is their body? A lot of us take bodily integrity and choice to be very important parts of raising a child respectfully.

And really, people don't understand the difference in understanding and responsibility in a 2 vs. 7 year old? Really?
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I am not trying to start a fight or anything, and you may see shaving a childs head as a difference from piercing a little girls ears, but i do not. I see all rights of passage or marks of cultural beauty in the same light. Perhaps it would have been a better comparison to say a nose piercing?

Implying that I therefore don't take bodily integrity seriously is way off base.And no i don't see the difference in the responsibility of a 2 year old and 7 year old, not when it comes to that. that is like saying what is the difference between letting your 12 year old get a tattoo or you 16 year old get a tattoo, i think if you take bodily integrity that seriously, ear piercing should be no different then any other body modification and should be a decision made by your child when they are an adult.
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No. I had my ears pierced when I was twelve, but by then, I could fully care for them myself. For my daughter, she will also wait until she is 12, or later, or never, if she wants, but it'll definitely not be until she fully realizes it is permanent. Now, I never wear earrings, and kind of wish I didn't have my ears pierced at all. *alas.
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Well I'm another vote for the 7-10 year old age range. Not that I will advocate it, but I think that's an age where the child can accept some responsibility for the care.

Good luck with your decision, OP.
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