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Spanish/ English Mom- Need help with some common phrases

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Hi there my fellow bilingual mamas!

I am bilingual and am raising my son (currently 4 months) with both Spanish and English at home. Because English is my primary language, I have to check myself at home to make sure I am not avoiding certain phrases with him just because I don't know them in Spanish. The problem is, I don't know very many baby and child related Spanish words and phrases, since I've never had to use them before! I know that online dictionaries are not always reliable and don't usually give colloquial sayings, and I don't want my son learning anything incorrect, so I am appealing to other Bilingual moms for help.

Here are some phrases I have recently found myself trying to awkwardly piece together in Spanish or simply skipping altogether. Can anyone provide good translations for these?

"Let's change your diaper!"
* (or any phrases related to diaper changes, like "Oh, just pee," etc.)
"Give Mommy a burp" or "Do you need to burp?"
Nursing/ Breastfeeding
"Tummy time"
Wrap/ Carrier

Or if there are other phrases you use often in your home with your kids, please post them here! Thank you so much for your help! I hope this post becomes a valuable resource for other Moms in my position.
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I'd gladly help you! Be aware that some words vary (A LOT) from one spanish speaking country to the other. What country is you husband/partner from?

"let's change your diaper": "Cambiemos tu pañal"
Just pee = Sólo pipí
Give mommy a burp = Un erupto para mamá
Do you need to burp = Tienes gases?
Nursing/breastfeeding = amamantar
Tummy time = no really good translation, but you could say something like.... "jugamos en esta posición?" = let´s play in this position?
Wrap/carrier = portabebé
stroller = coche /carreola (in mexico)
crib = cuna

I´d be glad to help with any other words!
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phrases from our home (DH is Peruvian)
tummy time- echandote de barriga - laying on your tummy

in our house we say "chancho" for burp- and when we would burp him we'd say "chanchea" or "chancheate" "quires chanchear"

nurse the baby- "dale de lactar"
I'm nursing him "le estoy dando de lactar"

pichi and caca for pee and poop
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There really is quite a lot of variety! My partner is Spanish. I don't know how to say all these things in Spanish because it's not my first language and because some of these things are just words that DP doesn't know!

Cambiamos el pañal
Tienes que hacer eruptos?
Darle el pecho (sounds perhaps a bit formal?); Amamantar
Tummy time--no idea!
wrap/carrier--no idea!
stroller - cochecito

It's so true that even if you are fluent in a language, you don't always learn the specialized language for every context--ie business vocabulary, or how to talk to children! It's very interesting for me as a Spanish student to listen to my dp speak to our child (children--he speaks in Spanish to my dd, too--his dsd).
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FWIW: This is a dictionary I have found that I think is an EXCELLENT resource in terms of giving multiple usage examples and variations of translations for the different spoken Spanish (and English--it will have British and American English words/phrases/expressions). All dictionaries have their limitations but this one I think is particularly good:

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also Peruvian family here, but i thought i'd add my translation as I have some differences:

"Let's change your diaper!" vamos a cambiar tu pañal
* (or any phrases related to diaper changes, like "Oh, just pee, just poop, you peed, you pooped," etc.) solo pichi, solo caca, te orinaste, te hiciste caca
"Give Mommy a burp" or "Do you need to burp?" To burp is eructar or eruptar, but a burp itself is a chanchito
Nursing/ Breastfeeding Dar teta, so I would say "quieres teta?" to my son to ask if he needed to nurse. Other words for nursing include amamantar, dar pecho, dar de lactar, dar leche
"Tummy time" Dunno...estar echado bocabajo? Never used this one much in English or Spanish...
Wrap/ CarrierManta (wrap style carrier)
Stroller Coche, cochecito
Crib Cuna
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